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 Do not Eat Six Fruits with an Empty Stomach
  • Do not Eat Six Fruits with an Empty Stomach
  • Fruits are very beneficial to human health. There are a variety of fruits in our daily life, each with its specific nutrition and health-care effect. However, when you eat fruits, you should also note that, if your stomach is empty, it is not suitable to eat some kinds of fruits. Otherwise, it may cause serious damage on your body. And these fruits are mainly as follows:

    1. Tomato:
    Tomato contains a lot of pectin, phenols and soluble astringents, which are easy to react with the gastric acid and coagulate into insoluble lumps. These lumps can block the pylorus, which is the exit of stomach, so that the pressure in the stomach will increase rapidly, resulting in acute gastric dilatation and making people feel stomach pain.

    2. Persimmon:
    If the stomach is empty, there will be a lot of gastric acid in the stomach. The gastric acid will easily react with the phenols, pectin and soluble astringents contained in persimmon, and then lead to gastrolithiasis, causing epigastric pain, nausea, vomiting, gastric dilatation, gastric ulcer and even gastric perforation, stomach bleeding and other disorders.

    3. Banana:
    Banana contains a high content of magnesium. If you eat a lot of bananas with an empty stomach, it will make the amount of magnesium suddenly increase in the blood, and then lead to the imbalance of magnesium and calcium in human blood. This will bring an inhibitory effect on the cardiovascular and cause damage on the health of human body.

    4. Orange:
    Orange contains a large amount of sugar and organic acids. If you eat a lot of orange with an empty stomach, it will stimulate the gastric mucosa, which will increase the gastric acid, and then cause damage on the spleen and stomach.

    5. Black date:
    Black date contains a large number of pectin and tannic acid, which will easily combine with the gastric acid in the human body, and produce insoluble lumps in the stomach. In particular, do not eat too much black date before going to bed. What's more, the patients who suffer from chronic gastrointestinal diseases should not eat black date.

    6. Fresh litchi:
    Litchi contains a high content of sugar, which will stimulate the gastric mucosa if you eat it with an empty stomach, thus resulting in stomach pain or gasteremphraxis. In addition, eating too much fresh litchi with an empty stomach will make the body suddenly take in a large number of sugars, which may cause coma.

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