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 The Importance of Eggs
  • The Importance of Eggs
  • Egg is a kind of common food in our daily life. It contains abundant vitamins, trace elements, choline, potassium, protein and omega-3 fatty acid for the human body to absorb. The nutritional value of egg yolk is much higher than that of egg white.

    It is very convenient for people to eat eggs in everyday life. The nutrients contained in egg yolk can not be easily changed. This is because the yolk is in the middle of egg and can not contact the oxygen when it is being cooked. As a result, the nutrients can be protected. 

    The nutrients contained in eggs can effectively decrease the risks of getting the heart disease and various senile diseases. The folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 can work together to decrease the level of homocysteine. The lutein, choline and lecithin can help the human body prevent the heart disease. At the same time, the integration of vitamin A, vitamin B2 and lutein can defer the aging of eyes. Therefore, the intake of eggs is rather beneficial to the physical health of the human body. Although some people say that the intake of eggs can increase the cholesterol to endanger the human health, there is no research can directly prove the harmfulness.

    However, people can not supplement folic acid just by eating eggs. In order to supplement folic acid, people can eat eggs and green vegetables at the same time. Green vegetables contain abundant folic acid, lutein and flavonoid. Therefore, the adequate intake of eggs and green vegetables can effectively prevent the heart disease for people. In addition, the content of phosphorus contained in eggs is very high. It is necessary for people to eat the vegetables containing abundant potassium, calcium, magnesium and little phosphorus so as to supplement balanced nutrients for their bodies.

    According to the experts, people can eat fish and meet for 3 or 4 days each week. In the rest 3 or 4 days, people can depend on eggs, soy bean products and nuts to supplement protein. For example, people can eat 200 grams of cooked green vegetables, an egg and a bowl of rice to absorb 27 grams of protein, 350 milligrams of calcium and some other nutrients like lecithin, vitamin B2 and vitamin A. this kind of diet can decrease the risks of getting the heart disease, improve the eyesight, beautify the skin and protect the bones for people.

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