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 The Benefits of Red Wine
  • The Benefits of Red Wine
  • Most of us have already been warned that drinking can seriously hurt our health and cause various diseases. However, nothing is absolute. Now, you should change your attitude toward wine. A glass of red wine per day can effectively improve our health and prevent heart disease and diabetes for us. The compositions of red wine are all effective in maintaining the health of human body. 

    The compositions of red wine mainly include vitamins, mineral substances, polyphenols, flavonoids and Resveratrol. Both vitamins and mineral substances are effective antioxidants which can protect the cells from the damage of oxidation and metabolic process and prevent the chronic diseases for human body. Polyphenols can be abundantly found in grapes. As grape is the main raw material of red wine, the content of polyphenols contained in red wine is rather high. Polyphenols can resist free radicals and protect cells to keep human body healthy. Just like polyphenols, flavonoids can also protect the body cells from the damage of free radicals and oxidation. Resveratrol plays an important role in resisting aging for us. It can decrease the viscosity of blood, restrain the expansion of blood vessels and prevent cancer, atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease. At the same time, resveratrol can resist bacteria, inflammation, oxidation and free radicals. Nowadays, resverstrol has already been utilized to treat various diseases like breast cancer. The existence of such beneficial compositions can explain why red wine is so effective in maintaining our health.

    The moderate intake of red wine can effectively help us defer the aging, prevent cardiovascular disease, resist cancer and beautify the skin. The antioxidants like vitamin E mentioned above can effectively eliminate or resist free radicals to prevent premature aging and maintain the normal functions of internal organs. Polyphenols can help us prevent cardiovascular disease by restraining platelet aggregation and decreasing serum cholesterol. Resverstrol can help us prevent cancer by restraining the cancerization of normal cells and the expansion of cancerous cells. Tartaric acid contained in red wine is effective in alleviating wrinkles and cleaning skin. Thus, our skin can be effectively protected and beautified.

    Although the benefits of red wine are unique, people should drink wine moderately. According to the research, the excessive intake of red wine can seriously restrain the synthesis of protein endothelin-1, which can worsen atherosclerosis. Therefore, the intake of red wine must be strictly controlled. In our daily life, we can drink one glass of red wine a day.

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