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Monohydric Alcohol

    Monohydric Alcohol
    Detailed information:
    An alcohol in which a hydroxyl group (—OH) has replaced one of the hydrogen atoms of a hydrocarbon, for example: C2H5H C2H5OH






    alkyl alcohol

    There are a number of classifications analogous to those of hydrocarbons: (1) paraffinic or simple alcohols, whose formula may be represented as CnH2n+1; (2) olefinic or fatty alcohols that contain one or more double bonds; (3) alicyclic alcohols, closed-ring structures that may or may not contain a double bond, e.g., cyclohexanol; (4) aromatic alcohols in which the hydroxyl group is attached to a benzene nucleus as in phenol; (5) heterocyclic alcohols, based on the pentagonal furan ring; and (6) polycyclic alcohols of high molecular weight, known collectively as sterols. Any of these types that contain 12 or more carbon atoms are semisolid to solid and have a waxlike consistency; the others are colorless liquids. Monohydric alcohols are also classified as primary, secondary, or tertiary on the basis of the number of alkyl (methyl) groups substituted for the hydrogen atoms on the central or methanol carbon atom.See Primary.