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Wax, Microcrystalline

    Wax, Microcrystalline
    Detailed information:
    A wax, usually branched-chain paraffins, characterized by a crystalline structure much smaller than that of normal wax and also by much higher viscosity. Obtained by dewaxing tank bottoms, refinery residues, and other petroleum waste products; they have an average molecular weight of 500–800 (twice that of paraffin). Viscosity 45–120 sec (SUS at 98.9C), penetration value 3–33. Petroleum-derived products are used for adhesives, paper coating, cosmetic creams, floor wax, electrical insulation, heat-sealing, glass fabric impregnation, leather treatment, emulsions, etc. Some natural products, notably chlorophyll, are classed as microcrystalline waxes.