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Erythritol TOP1 supplier

Cas No: 149-32-6 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Dayangchem’s R&D center can offer custom synthesis according to the contract research and development services for the fine chemicals, pharmaceutical, biotechnique and some of the other chemicals. DayangChem can provide different quant

L(+)-Ascorbic acid/Antioxidant High quality Vitamin C 50-81-7

Cas No: 50-81-7MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price: / Kilogram

CAS No.: 50-81-7 Other Names: Antioxidant Vitamin C MF: C6H8O6 Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Type: Vitamins, Amino Acids and Coenzymes, Antioxidant Type Food Pharm Grade

Raspberry ketone 5471-51-2 manufacturer high purity

Cas No: 5471-51-2MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price:

Union Pharmpro Co., Ltd is in business of raw materials of health industrial for nearly 14 years. Union Pharmpro is now a united group of three companies( Watson Industries, Yasen Biological Technology co., Ltd),with it’s hea

3-bromo-3'-chloro-1,1'-biphenyl 844856-42-4

Cas No: 844856-42-4 Min.Order: FOB Price:

How May We Serve You We can Supply HPLC\HMMR\MS report for you ,pls feel free to contact us! Capability on chemical synthesis ● Shanghai High-Tech Enterprises ● Strong R&D Team from USA, Japan, Korea ● 65000M2+ Factory, 300+ reac

High qiality HMB-Ca, Beta-hydroxy-beta-Methyl Butyrate Calcium Salt 99% cas:135236-72-5

Cas No: 135236-72-5 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Kilogram

USP27 Appearance White crystalline powder Identification Positive Pile up the density 0.4-08g/ml Water bas

factory provide of high quality Potassium Citrate

Cas No: 6100-05-6MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price: / Metric Ton

Jiangsu Kolod Food Ingredients Co.,Ltd. is a medium-scale private enterprise, mainly focusing on manufacturing food additives such as:Potassium Chloride, Sulfates, Potassium Phosphates, Sodium Phosphates, Calcium Phosphates, Magnesium Phosphates, A

sweetener Neotame

Cas No: 165450-17-9 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Neotame Description Neotame is a no-calorie sweetener, which is a derivative of the dipeptide composed of the amino acids, aspartic acid and phenylalanine. The components of neotame are joined together to form a uniquely sweet ingredient.

Phytic acid TOP 1 Supplier 83-86-3

Cas No: 83-86-3MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price:

1. 8 years exporting experience; 2.Competitive price and quality; 3,Free sample can be provided; 4,We are sincerely responsible for the"sample quality" , "product quality" and "After Service"; 5. prompt deliv

Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) for food

Cas No: 9004-32-4 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Metric Ton

widely used in liquid drinks, lactic acid drinks, dairy products, sasoning, etc. with function of thickening,emulsifying, etc. We provide the prodcts in wild range of viscosity. Appearance:white to sligt yellow powder Storage:stored into cle

Disodium succinate (150-90-3)

Cas No: 150-90-3MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price:

1. We are the largest manufacturer of Succinic Acid in China 2. Our certifications: ISO9001:2000; GMP; KOSHER 3. Our factory covers an area of 88,000 m2 and building area of 22,794 m2 4. Our professional group: over 180 staff

Citric Acid monohydrate 5949-29-1

Cas No: 5949-29-1MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price: / Metric Ton

Hebei yanxi chemical co., LTD is a professional research, development and production lead diacetate trihydrate /Lead acetate trihydrateCAS:6080-56-4 2-phenylacetamide CAS:103-81-1 4-Aminophenyl-1-phenethylpiperidine CAS:21409-26-7 Citric acid monoh

Manufacturer /factory supply/ Sodium hyaluronate pharma. grade

Cas No: 9067-32-7 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Manufacturer /factory supply/ Sodium hyaluronate pharma. grade CAS NO.:9067-32-7 Molecular Formula: C28H44N2O23.Na Specification: Cosmetic grade,Food grade, Medicine grade, Low Molecule grade Superiority 1,High q


| Contact Details

2,5-Dimethoxybenzaldehyde CAS: 93-02-7

Cas No: 93-02-7 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Kilogram

ZhiShang Chemical is owned by ZhiShang Group, is a professional new-type chemicals enterprise combined into research and development, production and sales . The company's competitive product is pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates (es

Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid

Cas No: 60-00-4 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Kilogram

English Name: Ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid (EDTA) Molecular Fomula: C10H16N2O8 Molecular Weight: M=292.24 CASNo.: 60-00-4 Properties: white crystal powder melting point 240℃(decomposition) insoluble in cold water ,alcohol and general

Licochalcone A

Cas No: 58749-22-7 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Main Service 1.Own made fine chemical products 2.Out sourcing and quality controlling service in China 3. COM for Chemical synthesis 4.Lab custom synthesis of API and intermadiates Quality Assurance 1. NMR,HPLC and COA can be supplied 2. Fre


Cas No: 56038-13-2 Min.Order: FOB Price:

taosign TaoSign Corporation specializes in research and and manufacture of Sucralose, Trehalose Dihydrate, Neohesperidin Dihydrochalcone, Contact person: Edvin wang TaoSign Corporation (QINGDAO TAOSIGN INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO., LIMITE

High quality D(+)-Glucose

Cas No: 50-99-7 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Properties Appearance & Physical State: White crystalline powder Density: 1.544g/cm3 Melting Point: 146ºC Boiling Point: 527.1&or

High quality EDTA ferric sodium salt supplie at best price

Cas No: 15708-41-5MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price:

Now we are regularly marketing EDTA FeNa in FCC grade. We will surely give you the best price and prompt shipment in good quality. Free samples are available for your testing. Appearance:pale yellow powder Storage:Stole

Pyridoxine HCl

Cas No: 58-56-0 Min.Order: FOB Price:

SUNSANTA We are one of the leading exporters in China in the fields of active pharma ingredients including oncology drug, prostaglandin, anti-HIV drug, cardiovascular drug, diabetes drug, anti-inflammatory drug, urinary system drug, cosmetics

ascorbic acid factory

Cas No: 50-81-7 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Ascorbic Acid 1)BP2009/USP32/FCCV/EP5 2)HACCP KOSHER,HALAL,ISO9001,GMP,SGS 3)HEALTH CERTIFICATE BY EMBAS 4)Purity 99.5% min Our Advantages: Full experience of large numbers containers loading in Chinese sea port Fast shipment by rep

Factory supply Food grade Citric acid CAS:77-92-9

Cas No: 77-92-9MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price: / Kilogram

Quick Details CAS No.: 77-92-9 Other Names: anhydrouscitricacid MF: C6H12O6 EINECS No.: 232-554-6 FEMA No.: 3025 Pl

Gellan Gum

Cas No: 71010-52-1 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Certificate: ISO9001 Free Sample: Available Capacity: 20 tons/year Stock: 2 tons/month Delivery Time: within 15 days Standard Package: 25kg per drum Technical Support: Available TDS & MSDS: Availabl

Sodium dodecyl sulfate. 151-21-3

Cas No: 151-21-3 Min.Order: FOB Price:


High quality Glucono-Delta-Lactone

Cas No: 90-80-2 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Glucono-δ-lactone(GDL) USP26 FCCIV can be used as protein coagulant, sour agent, leavening agent, preservative and used in the production of cosmetic and toothpaste. It is white crystal or crystalline powder, breaks down at about 153℃, easi

Sodium 3-methyl-2-oxobutanoate

Cas No: 3715-29-5 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Anfen Group Limited founded in 2011, is a new professional enterprise engaged in custom syntheses of special fine chemicals as well as researching, developing, manufacturing, and selling of active pharmaceutical ingredients, and novel active pharma

High quality Tartaric acid/dl tartaric acid/133-37-9

Cas No: 133-37-9MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price:

1.ISO ,SGS certificate 2.Directly factory supply 3.Top quality with lowest price Appearance:White crystallized powder Storage:Storage: All products should be stored at a dry and ventilated location away from fire and other dangerous goods, and

Food additive Tartaric acid CAS No.87-69-4

Cas No: 87-69-4 Min.Order: FOB Price:

1.Our own factory in Yingcheng, Hubei province, China. It has strong production capacity, perfect equipments, advanced technique and complete quality supervision system. Welcome to visit our factory at any convenient time for business or coope

Lowest Price Food Grade High Purity Amino Acid CAS 56-40-6 Glycine FCCIV,USP24,BP93

Cas No: 56-40-6 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Product Name: Glycine Other Name:Aminoacetic acid;Gly ;Amino acetic acid;Aminoethanoic acid;Glycine CAS No.: 56-40-6 MF: C2H5NO2 Appearance: White crystalline powder Glycine (abbreviated as Gly or G) is an organic

Manufacturer 99% potassium chloride (Pharmaceutical Grade) 7447-40-7

Cas No: 7447-40-7 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Metric Ton

Specification Composition Content KCl >95% K2O >60% NaCl 1.8%

Food Additives Sweeteners Aspartame

Cas No: 22839-47-0MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price:

Price, Quality ,Service, Company and Transport Superiority: 1. Competitive price   2. Mature technical support 3. Quality Assurance 4. Safe Payment    5. Professional logistic support

Strontium Acetate manufacturer

Cas No: 543-94-2 Min.Order: FOB Price:

CHANGZHOU HANGYU PHARMACEUTICAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. founded in 1984, engages in pharmaceutical research, development, production, process design and technical consultation of synthetic pharmaceutical products. The organizational structure includes

High quality Citric acid supplier CAS NO.77-92-9

Cas No: 77-92-9MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price:

1 Best service, high quality and reasonable price 2. It's customers' right to choose the package (EMS, DHL, FedEx, UPS); 3.It's customers' right to choose the packing way for his produccts from many recent effective pack

Best price xylan CAS NO.9014-63-5

Cas No: 9014-63-5 Min.Order: FOB Price:

xylan CAS NO.9014-63-5 Min Order 10 Gram Supply Ability

hdzhl co., ltd

| Contact Details

Ferrous Sulfate Monohydrate

Cas No: 17375-41-6 Min.Order: FOB Price:

It's a mineral additive in animal feed, as a blood tonic substance to livestock, it can stimulate the growth of animal's body. Appearance:gray granule Storage:Protect from heat and direct sunlight. Package:in 25KG plastic woven bag Applica

Food grade Gelatin

Cas No: 9000-70-8 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Shanghai Jiahealthy Technology Co., Ltd which is subsidary of Jiahe Biotech concentrates on offering products and services to the health industry. Based on our own laboratory and 2 factories in North China and South China,we are able to supply phar

2, 4-Dinitrophenol DNP

Cas No: 9004-34-6 Min.Order: FOB Price:

As a leading exporter and top 1 manufacturer of the chemicals in China, we have rich experience to supply kinds of chemicals, If you are looking for our products, Pls contact us by email or phone freely. GYZchem exported this product to man

Calcium carbonate

Cas No: 471-34-1 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Chemical Name Calcium Carbonate Other name Carbonic acid calcium salt;Limestone; Marble Molecular Formula CaCO3

Diethylene glycol dimethyl ether

Cas No: 111-96-6 Min.Order: FOB Price:

High quality and Competitive Price Appearance:colorless transparent liquid Package:190kg or 200L/drum Application:111-96-6

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