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High purity Benzyl benzoate 98% TOP1 suppliers in China

Cas No: 120-51-4 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Kilogram

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of chemicals in China, DayangChem not only supply popular chemicals, but also DayangChem’s R&D center offer custom synthesis according to the contract research and development services for the fine c

Testosterone Phenylpropionate TPP Muscle Gaining Testosterone Decanoate Email:

Cas No: 1255-49-8MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price:

. Best prices with satisfied quality; 2. It's clients' right to choose the package's Courier (EMS, DHL, FedEx, UPS); 3. It's clients' right to choose the packing way for his produccts from many recent effective packing w


Cas No: 501-36-0MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price:

Natural extract without additives,providing the free samples for testing. Appearance:white powder,brown powder, Storage:PRESERVED IN TIGHT, LIGHT-RESISTANT CONTAINERS. Package:25kg/drum, inner package two plastic bags Application:Function:Resver

Ademetionine disulfate tosylate

Cas No: 97540-22-2MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price: / Kilogram

CAS No.: 97540-22-2 Other Names: Ademetionine Disulfate Tosylate MF: C15H22N6O5S.2(H2SO4).C7H8SO3, C22H32N6O15S4 EINECS No.: / Place of Origin: Shaanxi, China (Mainland)


Cas No: 19111-87-6 Min.Order: FOB Price:

How May We Serve You We can Supply HPLC\HMMR\MS report for you ,pls feel free to contact us! Capability on chemical synthesis ● Shanghai High-Tech Enterprises ● Strong R&D Team from USA, Japan, Korea ● 65000M2+ Facto

Local Anesthetics Drug Benzocaine 100% Safely Pass UK Customs

Cas No: 94-09-7 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Gram

Benzocaine is a topical anesthetic that helps to numb the pain and itching for wounds, pain, ulcer and hemorrhoids, as well as intermediates of cough suppressants. Usage: As an ingredient in cough syrups To treat cold sores

China factory 3,4-Dihydroxybenzaldehyde CAS NO.139-85-5 stock 2 tons

Cas No: 139-85-5 Min.Order: FOB Price:

our advantages 1. Rich Experience in produce----26 years experiences in chemical products and 6years experiences in Pharmaceutical Intermediate products and APIS. 2.Competitive price ---The competitive price is avalible owing to low labor cost

High quality Sodium borohydride for hot sale/ cas 16940-66-2

Cas No: 16940-66-2MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price: / Metric Ton

1.Professional sodium borohydride suppliers from China. 2.Fast shipment by well-reputed shipping line; 3.Packaging with pallets according to buyers’ special request; 4.Providing best service after shipment by e-mail; 5.Cargoes togethe

policosanol octacosanol

Cas No: 557-61-9 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Kilogram

policosanol/ octacosanol Product name Octacosanol/policosanol MF C28H58O CAS NO. 557-61-9 Ingredient Octacosanol, policosanol Specificat

Dehydroepiandrosterone Cas 53-43-0

Cas No: 53-43-0 Min.Order: FOB Price:

1. Rich experience: Our company is a professional production leading factory in China in pharmaceutical area of many years. 2. Discreet package :The packing suits you best would be choosen to cross customs safely. Or if you have your own ide

High quality Doxylamine succinate with cas no. 562-10-7 most competitive price worldwidely directly from factory ,purity 99%,FREE SAMPLE AVAILABLE

Cas No: 562-10-7MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price: / Kilogram

1.High quality: we guarantee the quality and can accept any 3rd party inspection. 2. Free sample available 3. Competitive price: We own technology and factory,so production cost is the lowest one. 4.Experienced service team 5.Fast deliv

Thiourea CAS#62-56-6 99%min producer

Cas No: 62-56-6MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price: / Metric Ton

1.We have been in this field since 2004. 2.Our products are exported to United States, South American countries, and had a very good feedback. 3.We are manufacture,with the superior quality and competitive price. Appearance:WHITE COLOR CRYSTALS

Ceftiofur HCL

Cas No: 103980-44-5 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Product Name: Ceftiofur hydrochloride CAS RN.: 103980-44-5 Molecular Weight:

3-Carboxyphenylboronic acid

Cas No: 25487-66-5 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Customization Our Key Technology: 1. Low Temperature Reactions 2. Coupling Reactions 3. Fluorine Chemistry 4. Asymmetric HydrogenationNot dangerous goods Our Advantages: Rich experience in loading

High purity product Dapoxetine hydrochloride

Cas No: 129938-20-1 Min.Order: FOB Price:

1.Payment We recommend T/T or L/C 2.Delivery prompt shippment<1kg, large quantity please double check with us 3.Package Drum&plastic bags or Aluninium foiled bag&zip lock bag 4.The main reactions hydrogenation, nitration

Meglumine manufacturer

Cas No: 6284-40-8 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Liter

1 We are a business group listed on the Chinese Stock Market with more than 20 years of experience providing customized services. 2.A broad range of high quality products, manufactured by leading producers, and supported with outstanding quality

Nintedanib Ethanesulfonate

Cas No: 656247-18-6MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price: / Gram

1, Bulk in stock, Factory price, Top quality guarantee 2, Fast delivery 3, COA/HPLC/HNMR Available 4, Reliable Supplier & satisfactory service Core-Tech's R&D center can offer custom synthesis according to the contract research and

Methyl di(2-thienyl) glycolate

Cas No: 26447-85-8 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Kilogram

As a leading and professional manufacturer of APIs and API intermediates in China,Anhui Dexinjia Biopharm Co., Ltd founded in 2006, Except for the R&D center, our company has built a close cooperation relation with Chinese Academy of Sciences,


Cas No: 164656-23-9 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Gram

CAS Number:164656-23-9 Name:Dutasteride Formula:C27H30F6N2O2 Molecular Weight:528.53 Synonyms:Avodart;5'-xylidide Density:1.303 g/cm3 Melting Point:242-250 °C Boiling Point:620.3 °C at 760 mmHg Flash Po


Cas No: 1134-47-0MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price: / Kilogram

Product advantages: 1. Professional R&D manufacturer 2. Best price,best quality and fast delivery assurance 3. Available in sample product and customization 4. Have own export right 5. Guang

3,3'5,5’-Tetramethylbenzidine (TMB) CAS#54827-17-7

Cas No: 54827-17-7 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Metric Ton

Our company was built in 2008 with an ISO certificate.In the past 8 years, we have grown up as a famous fine chemicals supplier in China and we had established stable business relationships with Abbott laboratories, Siemens, and so on.Our main busi

high quality of 2,2'-Bis(diphenylphosphino)-1,1'-binaphthyl

Cas No: 98327-87-8 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Puyang Huicheng Electronic Material Co., Ltd was founded in 2002, which is focus on high complex new type intermediates and fine chemical custom synthesis, LED&OLED materials and related intermediates, catalyst design and synthesi

L-Prolinamide manufacturer

Cas No: 7531-52-4MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price:

Sichuan Tongsheng is the most strongest manufacturer and exporter of amino acids and their derivatives in China, we have the best quality and price. Guarantee high quality, competive price and reliable service. We fully compliance with ISO9001:20

The China supplier of Caspofungin API Cas:179463-17-3

Cas No: 179463-17-3MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price: / Kilogram

DMF file; commercialized; storerage available Biological Activity: Caspofungin Acetate(Cancidas; L 743872; L 743873; MK 0991). Chemical Properties: Cas No. 17946

high quality Iron sucrose manufacturer

Cas No: 8047-67-4MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price:

Zibo Haiding Chemical is one of the biggest manufacrurers of iron sucrose in China,specializing in the production of pharmaceutical raw material for more than ten years.We have our own research institute and Dr.research team to meet customer requir

Best price, Sulfamonomethoxine

Cas No: 1220-83-3 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Sulfamonomethoxine CAS: 1220-83-3 Molecular formula: C11H12N4O3S Molecular weight: 280.30 Product name: sulfamonomethoxin sulfamonomethoxine SMM Standard: CPV2010 Properties: white or off-white crystalline powder Specificati

L-Pyroglutamic acid

Cas No: 98-79-3 Min.Order: FOB Price:

1.Doing amino acid for 13 years .The stable process and advanced technology can provide high quality product 2.we can offer you very Competitve price 3.Good after-sale service Test Item Specification


Cas No: 1377049-84-7 Min.Order: FOB Price:


Bodybuilding Nutrition Supplement Aromasin/exemestane

Cas No: 107868-30-4 Min.Order: FOB Price:

The information you want to know 1. Payment terms:Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T,Paypal,Bitcoin 2. Delivery Time:within 12hours after payment 3. Supply Ability:Plenty in Stock 4. Packing:Special disguised packaging or as your demand 5.

Orlistat factory

Cas No: 96829-58-2 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Kilogram

Orlistat Another name: N-Formyl-L-leucine (1S)-1-[[(2S,3S)-3-hexyl-4-oxo-2-oxetanyl]methyl]dodecyl ester; (-)-Tetrahydrolipstatin CAS No.96829-58-2 Constitutional formula: Molecular formula:C29H53NO5 Molecular weight:495.73 Appearance:w


Cas No: 6284-40-8MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price:

99% Angene supplies the compounds with the most competitive price and the best quality; specializes in custom synthesis & building blocks. Welcome the enquiries & orders around the world. 6284-40-8 Diatrizoic Meglumine, Flunixin Meglu

Methotrexate USP / EP standard factory supplier

Cas No: 59-05-2 Min.Order: FOB Price:

1. We are a specialized manufacturer of chemical raw materials, Pharmaceutical materials, Food additives and Health care products. 2. We can supply products with high quality and low price. Free sample is available for all the customers to test.

Lower price 5,6-Dimethoxy-1-indanone

Cas No: 2107-69-9 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Medicalchem is specialized in manufacturing bulk medicine intermediates,some raw pharmaceuticals and more than 10 series of fine chemicals.MedicalChem gathers a group of technical professionals. And has establishedlong-term relationship with many a

Magnesium tert-butoxide

Cas No: 32149-57-8 Min.Order: FOB Price:

product Name magnesium 2-methylpropan-2-olate Synonyms Magnesium tert-butoxide; 2-propanolate, 2-methyl-, magnesium salt Molecular Formula C4H9MgO Molecular Weight

3,4-Dimethoxyphenethylamine in stock/high quality

Cas No: 120-20-7 Min.Order: FOB Price:

1,8 years exporting experience; 2.Competitive price and quality; 3,Free sample can be provided; 4,We are sincerely responsible for the"sample quality" , "product quality" and "After Service"; 5. prompt delivery;


Cas No: 220119-17-5 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Product Name :Selamectin Synonyms :Selamectin;hypnocarpic acid MF. :C43H63NO11 MW :769.967 Appearance :White or off-white crystalline powder Content :above99.0% CAS NO. 220119-17-15 Quality Standard :Enterprise standard Packing

Iron Dextran 15%

Cas No: 9004-66-4MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price: / Kilogram

1)MANUFACTORY: GUANGXI GUANGHONG PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD 2)GMP Approval, DMF .USP38 standard 3)Can be filtered through 0.2μm membrane,lower viscosity more absorb by animal 4) SGS audited supplier 5)Iron dextran production equipment used

enrofloxacin base

Cas No: 93106-60-6MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price:

Our company specializes in veterinary medicine raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, chemical raw materials, production, sales and agent feed additives and other products. Companies adhering to be "Your most Trusted and Reliable Part

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