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 Do Not Eat These Foods Together in Spring
  • Do Not Eat These Foods Together in Spring
  • Introduction: in our daily diet, some foods can not be eaten together. Otherwise, it may bring harmful effects to the health. Then what we should pay attention to in the diet during the spring? Following are some kinds of food that you should not eat at the same time.

    First, tomato and cucumber
    Tomato is rich in vitamin C, while the catabolic enzyme contained cucumber will destroy vitamin C. As a result, if you eat these two kinds of food together, it is not conducive to the absorption of vitamin C.

    Second, cucumber and peanut
    Cucumber is a kind of cold-natured food, while peanut contains a lot of oil and fat. If cucumber and peanut interact with each other, it is easy to cause diarrhea.

    Third, pepper and cucumber or pumpkin
    Pepper contains a large number of vitamin C. While cucumber and pumpkin contain a lot of vitamin C catabolic enzyme. As a result, if you eat pepper and cucumber or pumpkin at the same time, it will affect the absorption of vitamin C by the body.

    Fourth, bean curd and green onion or spinach
    Because the oxalic acid contained in green onion and spinach is easy to combine with the calcium in bean curd, and then form calcium oxalate, which is difficult to dissolve, and this will affect the absorption of calcium by human body.

    Fifth, spinach and cucumber
    Spinach contains a high content of vitamin C. If you eat spinach and cucumber together, it will destroy the absorption of vitamin C by the body.

    Sixth, spinach and shrimp
    As we have mentioned above, spinach contains great amounts of oxalic acid, while shrimp is rich in calcium. So if these two kinds of foods are eaten together, it is easy to form calcium oxalate precipitation, which is not helpful for the human body to absorb calcium.

    Seventh, liver and tomato or pepper
    Liver contains copper and iron, which can oxidize the vitamin C contained in tomato and pepper, thus the original function of vitamin C will be lost.

    Eighth, soybean milk and egg white
    Soybean milk contain caseins, which can inhibit the absorption of the protein contained in egg white by the body.

    In addition, millet and almond, red beans and salt, pumpkin and mutton, etc, also should not be eaten at the same time. In a word, these foods are very common in our daily diet, so we should pay more attention.

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