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Konjac glucomannan

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Konjac glucomannan

EINECS 253-404-6
CAS No. 37220-17-0 Density
Solubility Melting Point
Formula Boiling Point
Molecular Weight 0 Flash Point
Transport Information Appearance White or cream-color powder
Safety Risk Codes
Molecular Structure Molecular Structure of 37220-17-0 (Konjac glucomannan) Hazard Symbols

3A-PF120;Amophol LG;Amophol TS;GM-A;GM-B;GM-B (mannan);GM-C;GM-C (polysaccharide);Gums, konjak;H 18;Hemannan;Inagel Mannan 100;Konjac K;Konjak mannan;Konjac gum;Konjac mannan;Konjak gum;Mannan 100;Mannan, konjak;Nutricol;Nutricol GP 312;Nutricol GP 6220;Nutricol XP 3464;Propol A;Propol PA;Rheolex LM;Rheolex RS;Rheolex RX-H;Rheolex RX-L;Glucomannan (Konjac Gum KJ-40);


Konjac glucomannan Specification

Konjak mannan , with the CAS register number 37220-17-0, has other names as glucomannan,chinese ; glucomannan ; konjac ; konjac flour ; glucomannan,chinese,powder ; glucomannan,powder ; konjac gel .

Product categories of this kind of chemcial are Nutritional Supplements and Nutraceuticals , and the raw materials of Konjak mannan are hydrogen sulfide, d-mannitol, d-galactose, etc.

It is a kind of white or cream to slighly tan powder and it could be dispersed in the hot water or cold water with the PH value of 4.0~7.0 to form the highly viscosity solution. Heating and mechanical agitation can increase solubility. If add the medium amount of alkali in the solution, it will form the thermal limit gel which will not melt under strong heating. And there is a beige yellow to brown powder which is odourless. The aqueous solution could has very strong drawbench with high denseness. It has certain  capacity of decomposition to the fibre material. Besides, it is soluble in water while insoluble in alcohol and oil.

And you could obtain this kind of chemical through the following method. First, dry the earthnut of the Amorphophallus plant and then remove the peel, cut into slices, dry , crush and then sieve, and you could get the so-called konjaku flour through all these steps, with the productivity of 60%-80%.

However, the making way of Konjac glucomannan is much more complex.  And you need to use the ethanol and petroleum ether to let the D-Galactose and D-mannopyranose have physical modification. First cut slices of the Amorphophallus plant and crush and then soak in the ethanol. Secondly, lessen the pressure and dry under 60℃ and then  degrease with  petroleum ether. Then add sodium hydroxide solvent to dissolve and filter, and get the filtrate. After that, neutralize the filtrate with muriatic acid and then draw the filtrate after adding the lead acetate. Thirdly, remove the lead by accessing hydrothion and then add ethanol to get the sediment. Then make the centrifugal separation  and dry with acetone, and you could get the rough substance. Finally, dissolve with the sodium hydroxide, filter and then condense after the neutralization with muriatic acid to get the substance, centrifuge and dry with acetone. In the end, we could get the Konjak mannan .

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