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EINECS 200-774-1
CAS No. 72-19-5 Density 1.307 g/cm3
Solubility 90 g/L (20 °C) in water Melting Point 256 °C (dec.)(lit.)
Formula C4H9NO3 Boiling Point 345.803 °C at 760 mmHg
Molecular Weight 119.12 Flash Point 162.936 °C
Transport Information Appearance White crystalline powder
Safety 24/25-37/39-26 Risk Codes 36/37/38
Molecular Structure Molecular Structure of 72-19-5 (L-Threonine) Hazard Symbols IrritantXi

Butanoic acid, 2-amino-3-hydroxy-, (R-(R*,S*))-;Thr;Threonine [USAN:INN];L-Threonin;(2S,3R)-2-azaniumyl-3-hydroxy-butanoate;Treonina [Spanish];(2R,3R)-2-amino-3-hydroxy-butanoic acid;Threonine, L-;(2S,3R)-2-Amino-3-hydroxybutyric acid;Valine,3-hydroxy-;L-alpha-Amino-beta-hydroxybutyric acid;(2S,3S)-2-azaniumyl-3-hydroxy-butanoate;(2S)-threonine;Threoninum [Latin];Threonine (VAN);L-2-Amino-3-hydroxybutyric acid;L-Threonine(Feed Grade);L-Thr-OH;L-Threonine Aji97;Threonine, L- (8CI);(2S,3R)-2-amino-3-hydroxy-butanoic acid;L-(-)-Threonine;Threonin;[R-(R*,S*)]-2-Amino-3-hydroxybutanoic acid;L-Threonine (9CI);Threonine (USP);


L-Threonine Chemical Properties

Structure of L-Threonine (CAS NO.72-19-5):

IUPAC Name: (2S,3R)-2-amino-3-hydroxybutanoic acid 
Empirical Formula: C4H9NO3
Molecular Weight: 119.1192 
EINECS: 200-774-1 
Index of Refraction: 1.507
Molar Refractivity: 27.13 cm3
Molar Volume: 91.1 cm3
Polarizability: 10.75×10-24cm3
Surface Tension: 60 dyne/cm
Density: 1.307 g/cm3
Flash Point: 162.9 °C
Enthalpy of Vaporization: 68.32 kJ/mol 
Melting Point: 256 °C (dec.)(lit.)
Boiling Point: 345.8 °C at 760 mmHg
Vapour Pressure: 3.77E-06 mmHg at 25°C 
Storage temp: Store at RT. 
Water Solubility: 90 g/L (20 ºC) 
Stability: Stable. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents. 
Physical Appearance: White crystalline powder
Product Categories: Miscellaneous Biochemicals;Amino Acid Derivatives;Threonine [Thr, T];Amino Acids and Derivatives;alpha-Amino Acids;Amino Acids;Biochemistry;Nutritional Supplements;L-Amino Acids;Amino Acids 
Synonyms of L-Threonine (CAS NO.72-19-5): (S)-Threonine ; 2-Amino-3-hydroxybutanoic acid, (R-(R*,S*))- ; Butanoic acid, 2-amino-3-hydroxy-, (R-(R*,S*))- ; Threonin ; Threonine ; Threoninum ; Treonina
Canonical SMILES: CC(C(C(=O)O)N)O
Isomeric SMILES: C[C@H]([C@@H](C(=O)O)N)O
InChI: InChI=1S/C4H9NO3/c1-2(6)3(5)4(7)8/h2-3,6H,5H2,1H3,(H,7,8)/t2-,3+/m1/s1

L-Threonine Uses

 L-Threonine (CAS NO.72-19-5) is an essential amino acid, but not synthesized in humans.

L-Threonine Toxicity Data With Reference

Organism Test Type Route Reported Dose (Normalized Dose) Effect Source
rat LD50 intraperitoneal 3098mg/kg (3098mg/kg) BEHAVIORAL: MUSCLE CONTRACTION OR SPASTICITY)

Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics. Vol. 58, Pg. 253, 1955.

L-Threonine Safety Profile

Hazard Codes: Xi
Risk Statements: 36/37/38: Irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin 
Safety Statements: 24/25-37/39-26
24/25:  Avoid contact with skin and eyes 
37/39:  Wear suitable gloves and eye/face protection 
26:  In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice 
WGK Germany: 3
Hazard Note: Irritant
HS Code: 29225000

L-Threonine Specification

1. First Aid Measures of L-Threonine (CAS NO.72-19-5):
Ingestion: If victim is conscious and alert, give 2-4 cupfuls of milk or water. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. Get medical aid.
Inhalation: Remove from exposure to fresh air immediately. Get medical aid if cough or other symptoms appear.
Skin: Get medical aid if irritation develops or persists. Flush skin with plenty of soap and water.
Eyes: Flush eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes, occasionally lifting the upper and lower eyelids. Get medical aid.
2. Handling and Storage:
Storage: Store in a tightly closed container. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible substances.
Handling: Wash thoroughly after handling. Use with adequate ventilation. Minimize dust generation and accumulation. Avoid breathing dust, vapor, mist, or gas. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, and clothing. Keep container tightly closed. Avoid ingestion and inhalation.

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