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Home > Molecule Formula Directory > Na2SiO3
  • Name:Sodium silicate
  • Cas:1344-09-8
  • Formula:Na2SiO3
  • Synonyms:Silicate G;Silicate GD;Stabisol 300/12;Star;Supercerac;TEX-SIL BP 42;VR-T;Vitrosol No 40;Water glass;Water glass 3;ZhS 3(silicate);Britesil H 24;Britesil H 265 LC;Carsil;Carsil 2000;Chemsilate;Crystal 0100S;Crystal 100N;Crystal 52;Crystal 96;DAB VI;DP 222;Dryseq;Expantrol 2;FLC 1L;Flochek A;GM 10;HK 30;HK 30 (silicate);Ineos 079;Inosil Na 4237;J Sodium Silicate No. 3;Kremnezol KZ-TM;L2 (silicate);L 96;Mejorsil;N 38;N 38 (silicate);N55;N 55 (silicate);Nasil 38/40;P 3 Saxin 5502;PQ N Clear;Portil A;Portil K;Pyramid 1;Pyramid P 40;Pyramid P 70;RA 430;RU Silicate;SB 41 (silicate);SCS 1 (silicate);SP 90 (silicate);Active Poly Sodium Metasilicate;
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