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Home > Molecule Formula Directory > Sb2O3
  • Name:Antimony (III) oxide
  • Cas:1309-64-4
  • Formula:Sb2O3
  • Synonyms:A 120 (corrosion inhibitor);AN 800;AP 50 (metal oxide);AT 3B;AT 3CN;Antimony Bloom100A;Antimony oxide;Antimonyoxide (SbO1.5);Antimony white;Atox R;Atox S;C.I. 77052;Chemetron Fire Shield;Exitelite;F 45 (oxide);FSPO 405;FireShield H;Fireshield FSPO 405;Flame Cut 610R;Flameguard VF 59;HM 203P;KN (oxide);LS-FR;LSB 80;MSA(flame retardant);Nyacol A 1510LP;Patox A;Patox C;Patox H;Patox K;Patox L;Patox MK;Patox P;Patox S;Performax 401;Polysafe 100T;Pyroguard AN 800;Pyroguard AN 900;RAC 1;SHLB 80;Sanka Anchimonzol C;Stibital;TMS (flameretardant);Thermoguard B;Thermoguard S;Timonox RT;Timonox Red Star;Triox Blanc;Trutin 40;UF;Ultrafine II;White Star N;Antimony(III) oxide;Diantimony trioxide;
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