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EINECS 228-506-9
CAS No. 6284-40-8 Density 1.375 g/cm3
Solubility 100 g/100 mL (25 ºC) Melting Point 129-131.5 °C(lit.)
Formula C7H17NO5 Boiling Point 490.4 °C at 760 mmHg
Molecular Weight 195.22 Flash Point 251.6 °C
Transport Information Appearance white to almost white crystalline powder
Safety 24/25 Risk Codes 36/37/38
Molecular Structure Molecular Structure of 6284-40-8 (D-Glucitol,1-deoxy-1-(methylamino)-) Hazard Symbols

Glucitol,1-deoxy-1-(methylamino)-, D- (8CI);Sorbitol, 1-deoxy-1-methylamino- (6CI);1-Deoxy-1-(methylamino)-D-glucitol;D-(-)-N-Methylglucamine;Meglumin;Meglumine;Methylglucamin;Methylglucamine;N-Methyl-D(-)-glucamine;N-Methylglucamine;N-Methylsorbitylamine;NSC 52907;NSC 7391;


N-Methyl-D-Glucamine Specification

N-Methyl-D-Glucamine , with the CAS register number 6284-40-8, is also known as 1-deoxy-1-(methylamino)-d-glucito;1-deoxy-1-(methylamino)hexitol ; glucitol, 1-deoxy-1-(methylamino)-, d- ; meglumin ; methylglucamin ; methylglucamine ; d-glucitol, 1-deoxy-1-(methylamino)- ; d(-)-n-methylglucamine .

The characteristics of this kind of chemical are as below: (1)#H bond acceptors:  6  ; (2)#H bond donors:  6  ; (3)#Freely Rotating Bonds:  11  ; (4)Polar Surface Area:  49.39   ; (5)Index of Refraction:  1.555  ; (6)Molar Refractivity:  45.58 cm3  ; (7)Molar Volume:  141.9 cm ; (8)Polarizability:  18.07 ×10-24cm3  ; (9)Surface Tension:  70.8 dyne/cm  ; (10)Density:  1.375 g/cm3  ; (11)Flash Point:  251.6 °C  ; (12)Enthalpy of Vaporization:  87.2 kJ/mol  ; (13)Boiling Point:  490.4 °C at 760 mmHg  ; (14)Vapour Pressure:  1.12E-11 mmHg at 25°C  .

It is white to almost white crystalline powder. It is soluble in the H2O: 0.1 g/mL(clear, colorless liquid) while in the water 100 g/100 mL (25 ºC). The raw materials are acetaldehyde ammonia and 1-glucose-methylamine schiffbase . Beside, it is sensitive to air and hygroscopic.

Being a kind of irritant chemical, it is harmful to eyes, respiratory system and skin. And while using this chemical, remember to avoid contacting with skin and eyes. If you need more safety information, you could refer to the WGK Germany  3. When it comes to storing method, it should be kept under argon and in a dry place.

N-Methyl-D-Glucamine's product categories are in the below listing of anilines, aromatic amines and nitro compounds, aminosugars, biochemistry, and sugars. As for its uage, it is usualy used as the cosolvent and the surface active agent for contrast agent. We could make it as the following steps:
condense glucose and Monomethylamine and then have the catalytic hydrogenation, finally, you could get  this chemical.

In addition, you could obtain the molecular structure by converting the following data information:

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