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10-83-3 Usage

General Description

Color is a mixture of several chemicals commonly used in various industries such as food, textiles, and cosmetics to enhance the appearance of products. It typically consists of a combination of pigments, dyes, and other colorants that are carefully formulated to achieve specific hues and shades. These chemicals are designed to provide bright, stable, and long-lasting color to products, while also being safe for use in consumer goods. Additionally, color chemicals are often subject to strict regulations and quality control to ensure they meet safety and environmental standards. Overall, color chemicals play a vital role in creating visually appealing and marketable products in a wide range of industries.

Check Digit Verification of cas no

The CAS Registry Mumber 10-83-3 includes 5 digits separated into 3 groups by hyphens. The first part of the number,starting from the left, has 2 digits, 1 and 0 respectively; the second part has 2 digits, 8 and 3 respectively.
Calculate Digit Verification of CAS Registry Number 10-83:
23 % 10 = 3
So 10-83-3 is a valid CAS Registry Number.

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10-83-3Related news

Intrinsic Color (cas 10-83-3) correction for stereo matching07/28/2019

The improvement of color similarity between stereo images can bring better performance to stereo matching algorithms. For this purpose, we present a color correction method to alleviate the color discrepancy between a pair of stereo images, so that the color appearance of one image, i.e., the ta...detailed

Measuring Color (cas 10-83-3) memory in a Color (cas 10-83-3) glass condensate at electron–ion colliders07/27/2019

The color memory effect is the non-abelian gauge theory analog of the gravitational memory effect, in which the passage of color radiation induces a net relative SU(3) color rotation of a pair of nearby quarks. It is proposed that this effect can be measured in the Regge limit of deeply inelasti...detailed

Evaluation of Color (cas 10-83-3) differences in natural scene Color (cas 10-83-3) images07/25/2019

Since there is a wide range of applications requiring image color difference (CD) assessment (e.g. color quantization, color mapping), a number of CD measures for images have been proposed. However, the performance evaluation of such measures often suffers from the following major flaws: (1) tes...detailed

Color (cas 10-83-3) polarization multiplexing metalens based on cross nanoholes07/24/2019

We propose color polarization multiplexing metalenses composed by two sets of cross nanoholes etched on the silver film. Cross nanoholes are arranged on the concentric rings and they are optimized to be equivalent to half wave plates for two different wavelengths. This design can ensure the effe...detailed

Shoot high-quality Color (cas 10-83-3) images using dual-lens system with monochrome and Color (cas 10-83-3) cameras07/22/2019

In the dual-lens system with monochrome and color cameras, the gray image captured by the monochrome camera has better quality than the color image from the color camera, but does not have color information. To get high-quality color images, it is desired to colorize the gray image with the colo...detailed

Novel Color (cas 10-83-3) standards for digital Color (cas 10-83-3) analysis of optochemical sensor arrays07/20/2019

The indicator-based polymeric color standards for color referencing in digital color analysis (DCA) of optical chemical sensors (optodes) are proposed. In the novel standards, the colors referring to the actual absorption bands of the protonated and deprotonated forms of the indicator are mixed ...detailed

Instagram user characteristics and the Color (cas 10-83-3) of their photos: Color (cas 10-83-3)fulness, Color (cas 10-83-3) diversity, and Color (cas 10-83-3) harmony07/19/2019

This study aims to explore the relationships between Instagram user characteristics and color features of their photos. Based on the assumption that individuals who are similar in characteristics would exhibit a similar style in their social media photos, this study pays attention to color as on...detailed

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