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Lithium iodide Manufacturer/High quality/Best price/In stock
Cas No: 10377-51-2
USD $ 3.0-3.0 / Kilogram 1 Kilogram 1-100 Metric Ton/Month Hangzhou Dayangchem Co., Ltd. Contact Supplier
High purity LiI with high quality and best price cas:10377-51-2
Cas No: 10377-51-2
USD $ 450.0-500.0 / Kilogram 1 Kilogram 99999 Kilogram/Year Hangzhou Dingyan Chem Co., Ltd Contact Supplier
UIV CHEM CAS No. 10377-51-2
Cas No: 10377-51-2
No Data 1 Gram 100 Metric Ton/Month Yurui(Shanghai)Chemical Co.,Ltd Contact Supplier
Amadis Chemical offer CAS#10377-51-2;CAT#A896364
Cas No: 10377-51-2
No Data 10 Milligram Amadis Chemical Co., Ltd. Contact Supplier
Lithium Iodide Anhydrous
Cas No: 10377-51-2
No Data 1 Metric Ton Metric Ton/Day Nanjing Chemical Material Corp.(NCMC) Contact Supplier
Lithium iodide CAS: 10377-51-2
Cas No: 10377-51-2
USD $ 1.0-2.0 / Metric Ton 5 Metric Ton 1000 Metric Ton/Year Henan Sinotech Import&Export Corporation Contact Supplier
Cas No: 10377-51-2
USD $ 8900.0-8900.0 / Gram 1 Gram 200 Gram/Day Henan Tianfu Chemical Co., Ltd. Contact Supplier
Cas No: 10377-51-2
No Data 1 Gram 300 Kilogram/Month HENAN SUNLAKE ENTERPRISE CORPORATION Contact Supplier
Factory supply LITHIUM IODIDE cas 10377-51-2 with best price
Cas No: 10377-51-2
No Data No Data 1000 Metric Ton/Month Crovell Biotech (Hebei) Co., Ltd. Contact Supplier
leading factory Lithium iodide
Cas No: 10377-51-2
No Data 1 Kilogram 1000 Kilogram/Day Weifang Tansen Yiang international trading co., LTD Contact Supplier

10377-51-2 Usage




Controls regioselectivity in palladium catalyzed allylic alkylation reactions.1


Lithium iodide (chemical formula: LiI) is the compound of lithium and iodine. It can be used as an electrolyte in high-temperature batteries, long-life batteries which is required, e.g. by artificial pacemaker as well as in the electrolyte of dye-sensitized solar cells. In organic synthesis, it can be used for C-O bonds cleavage such as converting methyl esters to carboxylic acids. In addition, it can be used as a radio contrast agent for X-ray computed tomography imaging studies.

Chemical Properties

White to off-white crystalline powder

Purification Methods

Crystallise it from hot water (0.5mL/g) by cooling in a CaCl2-ice EtOH or from an acetone-Dry-Ice bath. Dry it under a vacuum over P2O5 for 1hour at 60o and then at 120o. It is deliquescent and should be stored in a tightly stoppered vessel in the dark.

10377-51-2 Well-known Company Product Price

Brand (Code)Product description CAS number Packaging Price Detail
Aldrich (518018)  Lithiumiodide  crystalline powder, 99.9% trace metals basis 10377-51-2 518018-50G 2,068.56CNY Detail
Aldrich (518018)  Lithiumiodide  crystalline powder, 99.9% trace metals basis 10377-51-2 518018-10G 601.38CNY Detail
Aldrich (218219)  Lithiumiodide  beads, 99% 10377-51-2 218219-250G 12,179.70CNY Detail
Aldrich (218219)  Lithiumiodide  beads, 99% 10377-51-2 218219-50G 1,226.16CNY Detail
Aldrich (218219)  Lithiumiodide  beads, 99% 10377-51-2 218219-10G 346.32CNY Detail
Aldrich (439746)  Lithiumiodide  anhydrous, beads, −10 mesh, 99.99% trace metals basis 10377-51-2 439746-25G 5,724.81CNY Detail
Aldrich (439746)  Lithiumiodide  anhydrous, beads, −10 mesh, 99.99% trace metals basis 10377-51-2 439746-5G 1,377.09CNY Detail
Aldrich (450952)  Lithiumiodide  anhydrous, beads, −10 mesh, 99.999% trace metals basis 10377-51-2 450952-25G 2,516.67CNY Detail
Aldrich (450952)  Lithiumiodide  anhydrous, beads, −10 mesh, 99.999% trace metals basis 10377-51-2 450952-5G 636.48CNY Detail
Alfa Aesar (40666)  Lithium iodide, anhydrous, 99.95% (metals basis)    10377-51-2 500g 12994.0CNY Detail
Alfa Aesar (40666)  Lithium iodide, anhydrous, 99.95% (metals basis)    10377-51-2 100g 3069.0CNY Detail
Alfa Aesar (40666)  Lithium iodide, anhydrous, 99.95% (metals basis)    10377-51-2 25g 1229.0CNY Detail



According to Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) - Sixth revised edition

Version: 1.0

Creation Date: Aug 12, 2017

Revision Date: Aug 12, 2017


1.1 GHS Product identifier

Product name Lithium Iodide

1.2 Other means of identification

Product number -
Other names Lithium iodide

1.3 Recommended use of the chemical and restrictions on use

Identified uses For industry use only.
Uses advised against no data available

1.4 Supplier's details

1.5 Emergency phone number

Emergency phone number -
Service hours Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm (Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +8 hours).

More Details:10377-51-2 SDS

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Improved Lithium iodide (cas 10377-51-2) neutron scintillator with Eu2+ activation: The elimination of Suzuki-Phase precipitates08/07/2019

Monovalent alkali halides such as NaI, CsI, and LiI are widely used as inorganic scintillators for radiation detection due to their light yield, the capability for the growth of large single crystals, relatively low cost, and other favorable characteristics. These materials are frequently activa...detailed

Thermoluminescence kinetic features of Lithium iodide (cas 10377-51-2) (LiI) single crystal grown by vertical Bridgman technique08/05/2019

Single crystal of pure Lithium Iodide (LiI) has been grown from melt by using the vertical Bridgman technique. Thermoluminescence (TL) Measurements were carried out at 1 K/s following X-ray irradiation. The TL glow curve consists of a dominant peak at (peak-maximum Tm) 393 K and one low temperat...detailed

Microsolvation of Lithium iodide (cas 10377-51-2) dimer studied by ab initio calculations08/04/2019

The structures of microsolvated (LiI)2−(H2O)n (n = 0–6) clusters and their corresponding neutrals were determined using ab initio calculations. One Li-I distance in (LiI)2−(H2O)n abruptly increases at n = 5, thus a I atom is firstly seperated out from the (LiI)2− unit. For the neutrals, the not...detailed

Scintillation characterization of thallium-doped Lithium iodide (cas 10377-51-2) crystals08/03/2019

The paper discusses scintillation and luminescence properties of thallium-doped LiI crystals, grown by the Bridgman technique. X-ray induced emission spectrum is obtained between 380 nm and 600 nm, and is attributed to the Tl+ ion. The photoluminescence measurement with the excitation wavelength...detailed

Effect of Lithium iodide (cas 10377-51-2) on the performance of dye sensitized solar cells (DSSC) using poly(ethylene oxide) (PEO)/poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) based gel polymer electrolytes08/01/2019

In this work, different concentrations of lithium iodide (LiI) have been added to the gel polymer electrolyte (GPE) containing PEO and PVA in equal ratio, tetrabutylammonium iodide (TBAI), ethylene carbonate (EC), dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) and iodine crystals (I2). The effect of introducing lith...detailed

Improved Rate Performance of Lithium Sulfur Batteries by In-Situ Anchoring of Lithium iodide (cas 10377-51-2) in Carbon/Sulfur Cathode07/31/2019

Lithium sulfur battery is one of the most cost-effective alternatives to meet the requirement of high energy density for power sources due to its high energy density and low cost. However, lithium sulfur battery still suffers from a rapid capacity fading and poor rate performance, which are main...detailed

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