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Humic acid Manufacturer/High quality/Best price/In stock
Cas No: 1415-93-6
USD $ 3.0-3.0 / Kilogram 1 Kilogram 1-100 Metric Ton/Month Dayang Chem (Hangzhou) Co.,Ltd. Contact Supplier
High purity Humic Acid with high quality and best price cas:1415-93-6
Cas No: 1415-93-6
USD $ 1.0-5.0 / Kilogram 1 Kilogram 99999 Kilogram/Year Hangzhou Dingyan Chem Co., Ltd Contact Supplier
high quality leonardite humic acid fertilizer CAS No.: 1415-93-6
Cas No: 1415-93-6
USD $ 3.0-3.0 / Metric Ton 1 Metric Ton 10 Metric Ton/Month Hebei yanxi chemical co.,LTD. Contact Supplier
Humic Acid
Cas No: 1415-93-6
No Data 1 Metric Ton 1000 Metric Ton/Year Hefei TNJ chemical industry co.,ltd Contact Supplier
CHemwill -- Humic acid
Cas No: 1415-93-6
USD $ 1.0-1.0 / Metric Ton 1 Metric Ton 5 Metric Ton/Day Chemwill Asia Co., Ltd. Contact Supplier
Humic acid
Cas No: 1415-93-6
USD $ 1.0-1.0 / Kilogram 1 Kilogram 1000 Metric Ton/Year Henan Sinotech Import&Export Corporation Contact Supplier
TIANFU-CHEM CAS:1415-93-6 Humic acid
Cas No: 1415-93-6
No Data 1 Gram 1 Metric Ton/Day Henan Tianfu Chemical Co., Ltd. Contact Supplier
Pharmaceutical Grade CAS 1415-93-6 with competitive price
Cas No: 1415-93-6
USD $ 139.0-210.0 / Kilogram 1 Kilogram 1000 Kilogram/Day Zhuozhou Wenxi import and Export Co., Ltd Contact Supplier
Humic Acid crystal flake formula CAS:1415-93-6
Cas No: 1415-93-6
USD $ 70.0-100.0 / Kilogram 1 Kilogram 100 Metric Ton/Month HUBEI AOKS BIO-TECH CO.,LTD Contact Supplier
Humic acid 1415-93-6
Cas No: 1415-93-6
No Data 1 Kilogram 10000 Metric Ton/Month Shanghai Upbio Tech Co.,Ltd Contact Supplier

1415-93-6 Usage

Drilling fluid

Humic acid is the effective component of the coal alkali solution for the fluid loss additive of slurry. It is not a single compound, but a mixture of a variety of compounds with different molecular sizes and inconsistencies in the structure. These compounds contain nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and other elements. From the analysis of functional groups and structural, it is proved that they are the multifunctional chain polymers containing aromatic rings and alkene bonds. These functional groups contain carboxyl, alcohol hydroxyl, phenolic hydroxyl, methoxy, quinoxy, nitrogen-containing group and so on. Carboxyl, phenolic hydroxyl and methoxy play the leading role in mud treatment agents. Molecular weight from 1900~4900, such as:


  1. Used as a filtrate reducer with resistance to high temperature for fresh water drilling fluid with the effect of reducing viscosity. But the salt resistance is poor.
  2. Used as fertilizer and soil acid regulating agent
  3. The raw material for the production of humic acid compound fertilizer, the raw material for the production of drilling additive and pesticides.
  4. Biochemical research
  5. Plant growth stimulating hormone. Humic acid macromolecule is connected with carboxyl, hydroxyl, carbonyl, benzoquinonyl, methoxy and other functional groups. Exchange with metal ions, adsorption, complexation, chelation and so on. In a dispersive system, as the polyelectrolytes, it has the effects on condensation, peptisation and dispersion, etc.


The reaction of lignite and caustic soda [lignite: caustic soda = 100: (10~20) (mass ratio)]. The product can be obtained after the reaction liquid is filtered, concentrated and dried.

How it is originated

It is mainly formed by the ancient plants, which accumulated in marshland after death. Through the complex biochemical and physicochemical changes, the decarboxylation and dehydration reaction had occurred in the plant wreckage, releasing gaseous products such as carbon dioxide, water, and methane. Finally, a new brown gelatinous substance - peat was produced. The peat contains a large amount of humic acid, bitumen and a large amount of water.

Chemical Properties

black granules


Humic acid is also known as humus acid. A complex mixture of natural organic polymer compounds. Black or black brown amorphous powder, slightly soluble in water and acid, soluble in hot concentrated nitric acid with dark red. Soluble humic acid can be formed by reacting with alkali solution. It can be also used as dispersion and emulsification agents. It has weak acidity, hydrophilicity, complexation, redox, ion-exchange and physiological activity because it contains elements such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and active groups such as hydroxyl, carbonyl, carboxyl, quinone, methoxy and aromatic nuclei. According to the process of its formation, it is divided into primary humic acid and regenerative humic acid. According to the solubility and color difference, it is divided into humic acid or humus acid (soluble in alkali solution), brown humic acid or melilotic acid (soluble in acetone, ethanol), fulvic acid (soluble in water). It exists in soil humics and lean coal, which is formed by partial decomposition of plant residues in the presence of air and water. Thus, it can be extracted from peat, lignite, or some soil and used as soil modifier, plant growth stimulant, insecticide, fertilizer, herbicide, medicine, mud stabilizer for oil drilling, ion exchanger and also battery plate, etc. Its sodium or ammonium salt can be used to prepared the humic acid coalball as a binder.



According to Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) - Sixth revised edition

Version: 1.0

Creation Date: Aug 14, 2017

Revision Date: Aug 14, 2017


1.1 GHS Product identifier

Product name Humic acid

1.2 Other means of identification

Product number -
Other names Suwannee River Humic Acid

1.3 Recommended use of the chemical and restrictions on use

Identified uses For industry use only.
Uses advised against no data available

1.4 Supplier's details

1.5 Emergency phone number

Emergency phone number -
Service hours Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm (Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +8 hours).

More Details:1415-93-6 SDS

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Effects of dissolved Humic acid (cas 1415-93-6) on fluoroquinolones sorption and retention to kaolinite09/29/2019

Fluoroquinolones (FQs) are widely used in human and veterinary medicaments, and as such are ubiquitous environmental contaminants. Dissolved organic matter (DOM) is widely distributed in natural water and sediment and dissolved humic acid (DHA) is a major component of DOM. The coexistence of DHA...detailed

Inhibition of urease activity by Humic acid (cas 1415-93-6) extracted from sludge fermentation liquid10/01/2019

This study achieved effective extraction of humic acid from sludge fermentation liquid, and the inhibition of urease activity by the extract were investigated in the urea decomposition. The addition of extract could remarkably inhibit urease activity and extend the releasing time of ammonia nitr...detailed

Thermodynamic study of the complexation of Humic acid (cas 1415-93-6) by calorimetry09/27/2019

Although the thermodynamic quantities (Gibbs free energy, reaction enthalpy, and entropy) of the complexation of humic acid are necessary for the discussion of the reaction thermodynamics, their accurate determination, especially concerning dissolved humic acid in deep groundwater, has not been ...detailed

An efficient headspace gas chromatographic technique for determining Humic acid (cas 1415-93-6) content in fertilizer09/26/2019

A fast, convenient and commercially available approach for analyzing humic acid content in fertilizer using headspace gas chromatography (HS-GC) is presented in this paper. Humic acid is converted into carbon dioxide based on the oxidation of humic acid in strong acidic medium and can be measure...detailed

Inhibition of galena flotation by Humic acid (cas 1415-93-6): Identification of the adsorption site for Humic acid (cas 1415-93-6) on moderately oxidized galena surface09/25/2019

The influence of humic acid on the flotation of galena under different redox conditions was studied based on micro-flotation experiment. The results showed that the humic acid was an effective inhibitor for moderately oxidized galena. Adsorption tests indicated that the surface oxidation played ...detailed

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