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  • Ethyl 3-bromo-1-(3-chloro-2-pyridinyl)-4,5-dihydro-1H-pyrazole-5-carboxylate cas no. 500011-91-6 98%

    Cas No: 500011-91-6

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500011-91-6 Usage


5-Bromo-2-(3-chloro-pyridin-2-yl)-3,4-dihydro-2H-pyrazole-3-carboxylic acid ethyl ester is a synthetic organic compound that is part of the pyrazole carboxylic acid ester family. It features a pyrazole ring, a bromine atom, and a chloro-pyridin-2-yl group, making it a versatile building block in the synthesis of biologically active molecules.


Used in Pharmaceutical Industry:
5-BROMO-2-(3-CHLORO-PYRIDIN-2-YL)-3,4-DIHYDRO-2H-PYRAZOLE-3-CARBOXYLIC ACID ETHYL ESTER is used as a building block for the synthesis of various biologically active compounds, contributing to the development of new pharmaceuticals.
Used in Agrochemicals Production:
In the agrochemical industry, 5-BROMO-2-(3-CHLORO-PYRIDIN-2-YL)-3,4-DIHYDRO-2H-PYRAZOLE-3-CARBOXYLIC ACID ETHYL ESTER is used as an intermediate in the production of agrochemicals, aiding in the research and development of new products for agricultural applications.
Used in Medicinal Chemistry Research:
5-BROMO-2-(3-CHLORO-PYRIDIN-2-YL)-3,4-DIHYDRO-2H-PYRAZOLE-3-CARBOXYLIC ACID ETHYL ESTER is utilized as a lead compound in medicinal chemistry, serving as a starting point for the exploration and development of novel drug candidates with potential therapeutic applications.

Check Digit Verification of cas no

The CAS Registry Mumber 500011-91-6 includes 9 digits separated into 3 groups by hyphens. The first part of the number,starting from the left, has 6 digits, 5,0,0,0,1 and 1 respectively; the second part has 2 digits, 9 and 1 respectively.
Calculate Digit Verification of CAS Registry Number 500011-91:
66 % 10 = 6
So 500011-91-6 is a valid CAS Registry Number.

500011-91-6Relevant articles and documents

Preparation method of bromopyrazole carboxylate compound


Paragraph 0026-0033, (2022/02/24)

A preparation method for a bromopyrazole carboxylate compound. The chemical formula is as shows below, formula (I), formula (II), and the definition of each group in the formula is shown in the specification. A method for preparing a bromopyrazole carboxylate compound as a key intermediate in benzamide insecticides. The method is simple and easy to operate, safer, more reliable, and easier for industrial production.

Diamides conformationally restricted with central amino acid: Design, synthesis, and biological activities

Chen, Rui-Jia,Cheng, Jia-Gao,Dong, Le-Feng,Feng, Ting-Ting,Gu, Yu-Cheng,Li, Zhong,Shao, Xu-Sheng,Wang, Gang-Ao,Wang, Jun-Jie,Xu, Xiao-Yong,Xu, Zhi-Ping,Zhou, Cong

, (2022/02/03)

Diamide insecticides, represented by chlorantraniliprole (CHL), were widely applied in the control of lepidopteran insects. In efforts to develop bioactive diamides with novel scaffolds, we design and synthesized a series of diamides containing central amino acids to conformationally simulate CHL. Bioassay results indicated that most compounds containing 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid exhibited excellent larvacidal potency against Mythimna separate and Plutella xylostella. After a systematic structure–activity relationship study, 1–23 was identified as a potential insecticidal candidate with LC50 values of 34.920 mg·L?1 against M. separate and 61.992 mg·L?1 on P. xylostella. Finally, molecular docking revealed the possible binding mode of 1–23 with the target protein, ryanodine receptors.

Preparation method of chlorantraniliprole


, (2021/03/30)

The invention relates to the field of insecticide synthesis, and discloses a preparation method of chlorantraniliprole. The preparation method comprises the following steps: synthesis of an intermediate I, synthesis of an intermediate II and synthesis of chlorantraniliprole. The method comprises the following steps: reacting 2, 3, 6-trichloropyridine serving as a raw material with hydrazine hydrate under the action of a catalyst A to obtain 3, 6-dichloro-2-hydrazinopyridine, carrying out hydrogenation reduction reaction under the action of a catalyst B to obtain an intermediate I, reacting theintermediate I with diethyl maleate, and preparing the 2-(3-chloropyridine-2-yl)-5-hydroxypyrazole-3-ethyl formate under the action of a catalyst C, and hydrolyzing after bromination to obtain an intermediate II, and preparing chlorantraniliprole from the intermediate II. According to the invention, 2, 3, 6-trichloropyridine is adopted to replace 2, 3-dichloropyridine as a raw material to preparethe intermediate I, so that the defects of difficulty in obtaining the 2, 3-dichloropyridine raw material, harsh synthesis conditions, low yield and the like are avoided, the total reaction yield ofthe intermediate I is improved, the intermediate II is prepared by a one-pot method, the post-treatment operation is reduced, and the synthesis cost of chlorantraniliprole is reduced.

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