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6104-59-2 Usage

Chemical Properties

dark bordeaux to dark purplish-brown cryst. powder


Different sources of media describe the Uses of 6104-59-2 differently. You can refer to the following data:
1. Acid Blue 83 is a dye commonly used in laboratories or quantify proteins.
2. Brilliant Blue R is used for detection of protein bands following electrophoresis. It is a sensitive stain for protein detection in polyacrylamide gels, typically giving blue bands on a clear background with a sensitivity of 50-100 ng/band. It may be combined with other stains, such as silver stain, to distinguish different types of proteins. It displays metachromasia by appearing pink-red, rather than blue, when binding certain proteins, such as collagen and histone H1.
3. For detection of protein bands following electrophoresis.


p-Chlorobenzaldehyde?(1 Moore) and 3-(Ethyl(phenyl)amino)methyl)benzenesulfonic acid (2 Moore) condensation, and heavy chromate salt-oxalic acid oxidation its product, again with 4-Ethoxybenzenamine condensation.

Biochem/physiol Actions

Brilliant Blue R is a methanol based stain. It can also stain agarose gels. It consists of methanol and acetic acid.

Properties and Applications

blue. Dark blue powder. Not soluble in cold water, slightly soluble in hot water and ethanol for light blue. The strong sulfuric acid for orange red, diluted into blue. In water solution to join sodium hydroxide purple precipitation. Used for wool, silk, polyamide fiber fabric dyeing and printing directly, can also be used for leather and feathers dyeing. Standard Light Fastness Soaping Persperation Fastness Oxygen bleaching Fastness to seawater Fading Stain Fading Stain Fading Stain ISO 3 4 4 4 1 1-2 4 4-5 AATCC 2-3 3-4 3-4 4-5 1 1-2 4-5 4-5


Light Fastness







Check Digit Verification of cas no

The CAS Registry Mumber 6104-59-2 includes 7 digits separated into 3 groups by hyphens. The first part of the number,starting from the left, has 4 digits, 6,1,0 and 4 respectively; the second part has 2 digits, 5 and 9 respectively.
Calculate Digit Verification of CAS Registry Number 6104-59:
72 % 10 = 2
So 6104-59-2 is a valid CAS Registry Number.

6104-59-2 Well-known Company Product Price

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  • Packaging
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  • TCI America

  • (B3194)  Coomassie Brilliant Blue R-250 [for Electrophoresis]  

  • 6104-59-2

  • 5g

  • 250.00CNY

  • Detail
  • TCI America

  • (C0700)  Brilliant Blue R  

  • 6104-59-2

  • 25g

  • 320.00CNY

  • Detail



According to Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) - Sixth revised edition

Version: 1.0

Creation Date: Aug 12, 2017

Revision Date: Aug 12, 2017


1.1 GHS Product identifier

Product name Acid Blue 83

1.2 Other means of identification

Product number -
Other names Coomassie brilliant blue R250

1.3 Recommended use of the chemical and restrictions on use

Identified uses For industry use only.
Uses advised against no data available

1.4 Supplier's details

1.5 Emergency phone number

Emergency phone number -
Service hours Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm (Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +8 hours).

More Details:6104-59-2 SDS

6104-59-2Synthetic route

N-[4-[[4-[(4-ethoxyphenyl)amino]phenyl][4-[ethyl[(3-sulfophenyl)methyl]amino]phenyl]methylene]-2,5-cyclohexadien-1-ylidene]-N-ethyl-3-sulfobenzenemethanaminiummonosodium salt

N-[4-[[4-[(4-ethoxyphenyl)amino]phenyl][4-[ethyl[(3-sulfophenyl)methyl]amino]phenyl]methylene]-2,5-cyclohexadien-1-ylidene]-N-ethyl-3-sulfobenzenemethanaminiummonosodium salt


m-toluenesulfonic acid

m-toluenesulfonic acid




With 2,2'-azinobis(3-ethylbenzthiazolinesulfonate); laccase from blumea malcolmii hook In aq. acetate buffer at 30℃; pH=4.8; Enzymatic reaction;

6104-59-2Upstream product

6104-59-2Downstream Products

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