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How to make sure the information of your partner?

  • Make sure the information of your partner, you can do it like follows:

    Searching the information with Google or Baidu.com. You could take the basic information, such as their company names, their telephone numbers, their company addresses. And you can also check the member levels of this suppliers on our platform. The higher of the grade it has, the more of the integrity it owes. So when you want to contact the supplier, you'd better contact the supplier who has the higher of the grade and the integrity. 

    And how to know the members' grade, you can do it as follows:

    First, you need to input the CAS number of the product which you want at www.lookchem.com ,such as with 120-74-1:

    Then, click the bottom "search" , and you will get into the web, now, you can find all of the suppliers' list of the product 120-74-1.You can filter the product by choose the filter box of what you want as follows: 


    When put your mouse on the mark   which is on right of every company, it will display the grade of this supplier: Platinum supplier or free supplier.The number shows on the top of the mark is the duration of the cooperative operation.The longer the duration is,the more reliable it is.

    Also, you can put the suppliers' name into the link: http://www.lookchem.com/forbuyer/ :

    Then click the bottom "search",and then you can find the supplier.

    Then click the bottom "search", and then you can find the supplier.

    At At last, you can get into his location:

    And also, you can get the grade of this supplier at "Company Information".
    If you can't make sure the suppliers' information, we think you'd better contact us: the customers' service department: http://www.lookchem.com/about/Contacts.htm .We will do our utmost to aid you.