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Trade Dispute

  • LookChem.com is just a trading network platform for suppliers and purchasers.And the buying lead is posted by purchaser and the selling lead is posted by supplier. Lookchem.com is not responsible or liable for the accuracy, propriety, legality or truthfulness of any such information.
    In addition, Lookchem.com is not responsible or liable for the conduct of any of our members in relation to their business activities or the information they posted on the site. And we must to tell you, all the buying and selling leads are reliable because every lead is strictly audited by our verification department.
                      1. The dishonest transaction is strictly chastised.
                      2. If the same company have been complained for three times,this company will be placed into                                the Black list.
                      3. If the company make one fraud, it will be immediately gotten into the Black list.
    About the trade dispute, you could contact us directly with Email or Tel . We will contact you timely and try our best to help you! 

    Buyers' service :

                 Email: service@lookchem.com

                 skype: james@lookchem.com

                 Tel: +86-571-87562578

    Suppliers' service :

                 Email: service@lookchem.com

                 QQ: 915823846、2990435086

                 Tel: +86-571-87562588