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Rimonabant for Weight Loss CAS NO.168273-06-1

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10 Gram
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Product Details


  • Rimonabant
  • for Weight Loss
  • 168273-06-1

Quick Details

  • ProName: Rimonabant for Weight Loss
  • CasNo: 168273-06-1
  • Appearance: white powder
  • Application: Fat Burning Powder
  • DeliveryTime: 2-7days
  • PackAge: Disguised package
  • Port: HongKong
  • ProductionCapacity: 1000 Kilogram/Week
  • Purity: 99
  • Storage: Cool and dry
  • Transportation: by air
  • LimitNum: 10 Gram


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product description

effective fat burning powder rimonabant for weight loss

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rimonabant info:

name: rimonabant
synonyms:acomplia;5-(4-chlorophenyl)-1-(2,4-dichlorophenyl)-4-methyl-n-piperidinopyrazole-3-carboxamide;1h-pyrazole-3-carboxamide, 5-(4-chlorophenyl)-1-(2,4-dichlorophenyl)-4-methyl-n-1-piperidinyl-;5-(4-chlorophenyl)-1-(2,4-dichlorophenyl)-4-methyl-n-1-piperidinyl-1h-pyrazole-3-carboxamide
mf: c22h21cl3n4o

usage:rimonabant is a selective antagonist of cb1 with ic50 of 13.6 nm and ec50 of 17.3 nm in hcb1 transfected hek 293 membrane.

rimonabant for fat loss:

rimonabant is a weight loss drug, can significantly reduce weight, reduce waist circumference and reduce
risk factors for cardiovascular disease, but also can improve blood lipids and insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome, especially for the presence of clinical obesity or heart disease people at risk.
rimonabant as a new weight loss drug, can also be used to quit smoking. not only lose weight, but also lower blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar, clinical study found that subjects taking one to two months later, the weight can be reduced on average six to eight kilograms.

rimonabant application:

(1) rimonabant is a weight loss drug, can significantly reduce weight, reduce waist circumference and reduce risk factors for cardiovascular disease, but also can improve blood lipids and insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome,

(2) rimonabant effective in assisting some smokers to quit smoking.

cetilistat coa:
test items specification test results
appearance white to off white powder complies
odor and taste odorless complies
identification positive reaction complies
mesh size 100% pass 80 mesh complies
melting point 272.25ºc complies
loss on drying 1%max 0.78%
water ≤2.0% 0.1%
residue on ignition 0.1%max complies
single impurity 0.1%max complies
boiling point 627.69ºc complies
ph 5.0~70. 6.5
solubility soluble in ethanol(-20 mg/ml). dmso(25 mg/ml). dmf(-20 mg/ml) and water (<1 mg/ml) complies
heavy metals nmt 10ppm complies
assay(hplc) 99%~101% 99.43%
total plate count fungi salmonella coli 1000 cfu/g max <100/g
78 cfu/g
shelf life 2 years when properly stored

effective fat burning powder rimonabant for weight loss

uses/potential uses

a) obesity
in a 2006 (2 year) study reported in jama, "compared with the placebo group, the 20 mg of rimonabant group produced greater mean (sem) reductions in weight (-6.3 [0.2] kg vs -1.6 [0.2] kg; p<.001), waist circumference (-6.1 [0.2] cm vs -2.5 [0.3] cm; p<.001), and level of triglycerides (percentage change, -5.3 [1.2] vs 7.9 [2.0]; p<.001) and a greater increase in level of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (percentage change, 12.6 [0.5] vs 5.4 [0.7]; p<.001)."

b) smoking cessation
rimonabant may also be found to be effective in assisting some smokers to quit smoking. sanofi is currently conducting studies to determine the possible value of rimonabant in smoking-cessation therapy. the studies with rimonabant and tobacco use (stratus) program involves more than 6,000 subjects. stratus is designed to explore two smoking-related therapies: first, to use rimonabant directly to aid in smoking cessation; second, to help prevent weight gain in former smokers. initial results apparently suggest rimonabant is effective for both uses. however, the fda has explicitly stated to sanofi that, without additional studies, rimonabant cannot be approved in the united states for smoking cessation therapy. according to a cochrane collaboration review in 2007, rimonabant "may increase the odds of quitting approximately 11/2-fold".

c) addiction behaviors
rimonabant reduced resumption of cocaine-seeking responses triggered by two of the three most common triggers of relapse in humans: priming and cues. it may also reduce ethanol and opiate-seeking behavior.

d) short-term memory
(thc) is known to impair short-term memory. it was therefore hypothesised that rimonabant may reduce or inhibit the atrophic effects of cannabinoids. indeed, in animal studies, it significantly improved the ability of rats to encode information into short-term memory.

e) blockage of effects
rimonabant blocks the psychoactive and some of the cardiovascular effects of δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (thc) in humans without affecting the pharmacokinetics.rimonabant has been described colloquially as "reverse ", having a depressing effect on appetite inverse to the increased appetite created by cannabinoids.

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