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supplier 9050-36-6 maltodextrin price producer CAS NO.9050-36-6

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1 Metric Ton
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  • ProName: supplier 9050-36-6 maltodextrin price ...
  • CasNo: 9050-36-6
  • Appearance: brown powder, no irregular shape, no v...
  • Application: Special used for coffee, Chocolate and...
  • DeliveryTime: In 2 weeks
  • PackAge: 25kg kraft paper bag with PE inner
  • Port: Qingdao
  • ProductionCapacity: 20 Metric Ton/Day
  • Purity: 99%
  • Storage: Store in dry & Sheltered warehouse wit...
  • Transportation: The transportation shall be in accorda...
  • LimitNum: 1 Metric Ton


supplier 9050-36-6 maltodextrin price producer

Product Name: Maltodextrin
CAS: 9050-36-6
MF: C12H22O11
MW: 342.29648
EINECS: 232-940-4
Product Categories: thickener;-;Carbohydrates and Starches;Natural Polymers;Polymer Science;Carbohydrates and Starches;Materials Science;Natural Polymers;Polymer Science;Polymers
Mol File: 9050-36-6.mol
Maltodextrin Structure
Maltodextrin Chemical Properties
Melting point 240 °C (dec.)(lit.)
storage temp. room temp
solubility H2O: 0.1 g/mL hot, complete, yellow to very deep yellow
form powder
color yellow
CAS DataBase Reference 9050-36-6
EPA Substance Registry System Maltodextrin(9050-36-6)

Maltodextrin is a spray-dried powder and obtained by the partial hydrolysis of starch and caramel, whereby the basic polymeric structure is retained.


Well fluidity, no particular smell;

Well solubility with proper mucosity;

Low hydroscopicity, less agglomeration, Good carrier for sweeteners, aromatizer, stuffing;

Emulsification and consistency ;

improving the shape and structure of food;

Easy absorption suitable as food stuffing for the invalid as well as the olders and infants;

Good stableness against recrystallization.

Special used for coffee, Chocolate and Cocoa drink.


Maltodextrin Usage And Synthesis
Description Maltodextins are purified, concentrated, nonsweet, nutritive carbohydrates made by hydrolyzing com starch. It occurs as a white, slightly hygroscopic powder, as granules of similar description, or as a clear to hazy solution in water. Powders or granules are freely soluble or readily dispersible in water. A solution of maltodextrin is characterized by a bland flavor, smooth mouthfeel, and short texture, and can partially or totally replace fat in a variety of formulations. Maltodextrins can also be used to replace fats in extruded high fiber cereals and snacks. Theyare currently used commercially for fat replacement in salad dressings, dips, margarine, and frozen desserts. As fat replacers, maltodextrins furnish only four calories per gram, while fats furnish nine calories per gram.
Chemical Properties White powder or solution from partial hydrolysis of wheat or corn starch.
Chemical Properties Maltodextrin occurs as a nonsweet, odorless, white powder or granules. The solubility, hygroscopicity, sweetness, and compressibility of maltodextrin increase as the DE increases. The USP32– NF27 states that it may be physically modified to improve its physical and functional characteristics.
Uses Short-chain saccharide polymers obtained from the partial acid or enzymatic hydrolysis of starch, in the same manner as corn syrup except the conversion process is stopped at an earlier stage. It consists of D-glucose units linked principally by alpha-1,4 bonds, has a dextrose equivalent of less than 20 and basically is not sweet and is not fermentable. It has fair solubility. It functions as a bodying agent, bulking agent, texturizer, carrier, and crystallization inhibitor. It is used in crackers, puddings, candies, and sugar-free ice cream.
Maltodextrin, Caramel
Dextrose Equivalent: 22±2%
Moisture : 6.0% max
pH值 pH : 4.5 – 6.5 Ash : 0.6% max
Solubility : ≥98%
Total plate count ≤3000/g
Coliform ≤30/100g
Salmonella Negative
Appearance: brown powder, no irregular shape, no visible impurities by naked eyes
Smell: With the Flavor of maltodextrin, no odor smell
Taste: Sweetish, no odor tastes

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