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Berberine HCL


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Berberine HCL learn more
  • CAS:633-65-8
  • Purity:90%,97%
  • Package:25Kg/barrel
  • Molecular formula:C20H18NO4
  • Delivery Time:spot goods

Basic Information

  • Product NameBerberine HCL
  • CAS No:633-65-8
  • Alias:Berberine, Berberine Hydrochloride
  • Molecular formula:C20H18NO4
  • Purity:90%,97%
  • Appearance:This product is of yellow crystalline powder
  • Package:25Kg/barrel
  • Delivery Time:spot goods
  • Vapor pressure:3.41E-05mmHg at 25°C
  • Density:1.17
  • Boiling point:354.2°C at 760mmHg
  • Melting point:145°C
  • Flash point:151.8°C
  • Safety term:S24/25 Avoid contact with skin and eyes
  • Production cycle:One cycle of soaking method usually needs 25-28 days.

Product Application

1) Berberine has been used clinically as an over-the-counter medicine for the treatment of diarrhea, but modern pharmacological studies have confirmed that berberine has significant anti-heart failure, anti-arrhythmic, lowering cholesterol, resistance to vascular smooth muscle proliferation, anti-platelet, Anti-inflammatory and other effects, so it may have a wide range of important application prospects in cardiovascular system and nervous system diseases, and it is being paid more and more attention.

2) In addition, because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, berberine is involved in cosmetics, health products, and anti-inflammatory for external application. In recent years, its application and development have become more and more extensive.In addition to human medicine, food, cosmetics (special cosmetics, pharmaceutical cosmetics, etc.), veterinary medicine (chicken, duck, fish, shrimp), biological pesticides (instead of pesticides), protection for green plant and vegetable, in recent years, especially in Europe, America and Canada , Australia, New Zealand and other regions, medicines are also generally replaced by berberine, which is more environmentally friendly

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  • pesticide

  • Health products

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Production Process

Purchase raw material vegetation (bark) Crushing workshop Powder raw material feeding Full Dissolving the target product with lytic enzyme Filtrating and separating Refining and purifying Drying Packing of the finished product

Production cycle: One cycle of soaking method usually needs 25-28 days.

Factory advantage

1. Complete and perfect equipment configuration:

1) For the reason that the soaking process involved, the amount of solvent in the production process is huge, and the workshop is equipped with an ethanol distillation recycling tower;

2) Six 6500-liter stainless steel refiner reactors, four 6500-liter enamel reactors;

3) Two 30-meter fully automatic countercurrent dissolution production lines;

4) As there is huge amount of steam involved in the distillation and a large amount of solvent recycling, the factory uses the steam uniformly distributed from the industrial park (normal steam pressure is 8 kg, which is 8 atmospheres), and the factory owned boiler is used in a small amount;

2. Cost advantages:

the origin of medicinal materials for the low purchase price

3. Huge Scale Production Workshop:

For the extraction of berberine, the factory owns 5,000 square meters infiltrating warehouses with the capacity to soak 80 tons of raw material one-time. When the raw materials are soaked until the bark is white (when the target product of berberine is fully dissolved in a solvent, usually ethanol, the original bark turning white means sufficient soaked), the soak liquid is concentrated, refined and purified, and dried (it can be delivered in the form of powder or not in the form of powder, up to the buyer’s request) to obtain the finished berberine.

4. Quality advantages:

The content difference between titrametric method and HPLC inspection is small. The content of palmatine and jatrorrhizine meets the standards of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2015, and the heavy metals meet the standard for export.

Service guarantee

1Stable Supply:Stable supply throughout the year, product delivery on time, full refund for delayed delivery.

2Quality Assurance:The platform transaction will follow up throughout the procedure, and the quality is controlled. If the quality is inconsistent or defective, we will refund you in full amount.

3Safety of Trade:The platform guarantees full payment and guarantees transaction security.


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