Basic information

  • Product Name::Vanyl Butyl Ether
  • Other names:Vanillyl butyl ether, vanillyl butyl ether, 2-methoxy-4-(butoxymethyl)phenol
  • Molecular formula:C12H18O3
  • CAS NO:82654-98-6
  • Molecular weigh:210.2695
  • Appearance:Colorless transparent liquid
  • Melting point:
  • Purity:99%
  • The product is shown as the picture below:

Product performance:1. The principle of heat generation is mainly to penetrate into the skin surface layer, and heat slowly from the inside to the outside through the action of the transfer catalyst 2. The heat-sensing effect provided is several times that of general chili extract, but its heat-sensing effect is mild 3. It has better thermal effect than hot pepper tincture, but low irritation 4. It has the characteristics of not being red, not spicy and not allergic to the skin, with high skin safety and safe quality. 5. A strong heat sensation can be obtained at a very low dosage. 6. This product has a slightly vanilla-like aroma

Package and storage:1kg aluminum bottles / 10kg fluorinated drums / 25kg fluorinated drums

Mainly used in slimming products, breast-building products, skin care products, bath products, soap products, washing products, health products, medical treatment. Cream, lotion, facial mask, eye patch, lotion, FEI reducing essential oil, gel, etc. It can also be used in various plasters, black plasters, pain relief creams, rheumatism creams, weight loss creams, chili slimming creams, scraping oil, scraping essential oils, scraping various heat-generating water-based liniments, defense products, do not use chili water, gas, etc.

Purityappearance specifications
99%Colorless transparent liquid1kg aluminum bottles / 10kg fluorinated drums / 25kg fluorinated drums

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