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    (1) A general term applied to two groups of plant glycosides that on shaking with water form colloidal solutions giving soapy lathers; they form oil/ester emulsions and are used as protective colloids. They also have the ability to hemolyze red blood corpuscles at very great dilutions. The two groups are triterpenoid and steroid saponins; the latter are used in research on sex hormones. (2) Specific term refers to saponin derived from Saponaria or Quillaja.
    White, amorphous glucoside; pungent, disagreeable taste and odor. It foams strongly when shaken with water. Soluble in water.
    Crude, purified, highest purity.
    Highly toxic by injection; destroys red blood cells. Moderately toxic by ingestion.
    Foam producer in fire extinguishers, detergent in textile industries, sizing, substitute for soap, emulsification agent for fats and oils.

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