General Questions
What is Escrow Service? Why should I use Escrow Service? What are the steps to use Escrow service? Do I have to be a member of LookChem.com? How long does the escrow process take? Will it be safe using Escrow? How does Escrow protects you against fraud? Does our service favor either Buyer or Seller? Which countries do Escrow service support? How much does it cost to use Escrow? How do I know if Seller accepts payment thru Escrow? Who should pay for the Escrow fee? Are there any other charges for Escrow Payment? What is the verification of "good funds" or "secured funds"? How do Sellers get paid? How long does it take for Sellers to get paid? How quickly is the payment processed? As a buyer, what happens to my money when I send it to Escrow? How does Escrow protect against fraud? Will LookChem.com Escrow convert my local currency to USD? Who will pay for currency conversion rates? How can I know my status? What is an inspection period, when does it start, and how long does it last? What if I require more inspection days than previously agreed on? What if the Buyer is dissatisfied with the items? What if the Buyer does not pay? What if the Seller does not ship the item? When do I ship the goods? How should I ship the goods? What if goods are damaged during shipping? What if the Seller did not ship the items? Who should pay the shipping cost? Should I insure the shipment? Does Escrow keep goods or drop shipment for Buyer and Seller? How long does the Buyer have to inspect the items? How does the Buyer decline or reject items sent by the Seller? How does the Buyer decline some of the items sent by the Seller? What if the Buyer rejects the items? How are buyers refunded? What are the tips for using Escrow? Are services offered through Escrow safe? Will LookChem.com Escrow release my email address or any private information to other companies?
How to Place an Escrow Order
  1. 1.Buyer gets Escrow Order Form from service@lookchem.com
  2. 2.Buyer & Seller discuss Transaction Agreement
  3. 3.Buyer sends Purchase Order to Seller
  4. 4.Seller issues Buyer Pro-Forma Invoice
  5. 5.Buyer sends either by fax (86)-571-87562572 or email (service@lookchem.com) to the attention of Escrow Dept.three documents: Escrow OrderForm, Purchase Order & Pro-Forma Invoice
  6. 6.Escrow Dept. will contact Buyer upon receiving the documents and prepare Escrow Agreement and send to Seller

For more information, please contact Escrow Department Email:service@lookchem.com
Tel:(86)-571-87562578 Fax:(86)-571-87562572