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Iodoacetamide Manufacturer/High quality/Best price/In stock
Cas No: 144-48-9
USD $ 3.0-3.0 / Kilogram 1 Kilogram 1-100 Metric Ton/Month Dayang Chem (Hangzhou) Co.,Ltd. Contact Supplier
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Cas No: 144-48-9
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Iodoacetamide CAS: 144-48-9
Cas No: 144-48-9
USD $ 1.0-2.0 / Metric Ton 5 Metric Ton 1000 Metric Ton/Year Henan Sinotech Import&Export Corporation Contact Supplier
144-48-9 2-Iodoacetamide
Cas No: 144-48-9
USD $ 8900.0-8900.0 / Gram 1 Gram 200 Gram/Day Henan Tianfu Chemical Co., Ltd. Contact Supplier
Iodoacetamide/2-Iodoacetamide CAS 144-48-9
Cas No: 144-48-9
No Data 100 Gram 20000 Kilogram/Day Hubei XinRunde Chemical Co., Ltd Contact Supplier
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Cas No: 144-48-9
USD $ 139.0-210.0 / Kilogram 1 Kilogram 1000 Kilogram/Day Zhuozhou Wenxi import and Export Co., Ltd Contact Supplier
BLOOM TECH Advanced API/Technology support 2-Iodoacetamide CAS 144-48-9
Cas No: 144-48-9
No Data 1 Gram 3 Metric Ton/Month Shaanxi BLOOM TECH Co.,Ltd Contact Supplier
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Cas No: 144-48-9
Acetamide, 2-iodo- 144-48-9
Cas No: 144-48-9
No Data 1 Kilogram 10000 Metric Ton/Month Shanghai Upbio Tech Co.,Ltd Contact Supplier
Cas No: 144-48-9
No Data No Data No Data Chemwill Asia Co., Ltd. Contact Supplier

144-48-9 Usage

Chemical Properties

White solid in amber, foil sealed microtubes. Soluble in hot water, easily soluble in ethanol.


2-Iodoacetamide is an alkylating reagent for cysteine residues in peptide sequencing. Its actions are similar to those of iodoacetate. By virtue of reaction with cysteine, it is an irreversible inhibitor of enzymes with cysteine at the active site. It reacts much more slowly with histidine residues, but that activity is responsible for inhibition of ribonuclease.


Alkylating agent used in peptide mapping because it covalently binds with the thiols in cysteine to prevent disulfide bond formation 2-Iodoacetamide is used as an electrophile for covalent modification of nucleophilic residues on proteins such as cysteine, methionine and histidine. It is used to bind with thiol group of cysteine, thereby it protects the formation disulfide bonds. It is involved as an inhibitor of deubiquitinase enzymes (DUBs). Further, it acts as an alkylating sulfhydryl reagent.


2-Iodoacetamide is synthesized by reacting chloroacetamide with sodium iodide. The chloroacetamide, anhydrous acetone, and anhydrous sodium iodide were refluxed on the bath for 15h. Cool to room temperature, filter out sodium chloride, recover acetone, pour into ice water of sodium bisulfate after a little cooling, and then neutralize to pH 6 with saturated sodium sulfate solution. Cool to crystallize and filter to obtain crude product. The crude product is recrystallized with water to obtain the finished product.

Purification Methods

Crystallise it from water or CCl4. It is used for tagging proteins. [Gurd Methods Enzymol 25 424 1972, Beilstein 2 IV 536.]

Preparation and handling

Alkylation ProcedureIodoacetamide is unstable and light-sensitive. Prepare solutions immediately before use and perform alkylation in the dark. If iodoacetamide is present in limiting quantities and a slightly alkaline pH, cysteine modification will be the exclusive reaction. Excess iodoacetamide or non-buffered iodoacetamide reagent can also alkylate amines (lysine, N-termini), thioethers (methionine), imidazoles (histidine) and carboxylates (aspartate, glutamate).1. Add 5 μl of 2% SDS and 45 μl of 200 mM ammonium bicarbonate (pH 8.0) to 20-100 μg of protein sample. Adjust volume to 100 μl with ultrapure water.2. Add 5 μl of 200 mM Tris(2-carboxyethyl) phosphine hydrochloride (TCEP.HCl, Product No. 20490) and incubate sample at 55°C for 1 hour.3. Immediately before use, dissolve one tube of iodoacetamide (9.3 mg) with 132 μl of 200 mM ammonium bicarbonate (pH 8.0) to make 375 mM iodoacetamide. Protect solution from light.4. Add 5 μl of the 375 mM iodoacetamide to the sample and incubate for 30 minutes protected from light.5. Proceed to proteolytic digestion before MS analysis or other processing.


Store in a cool place. Light and moisture sensitive. Keep the container tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place. Incompatible with strong acids, strong bases, strong oxidizing agents and strong reducing agents.

144-48-9 Well-known Company Product Price

Brand (Code)Product description CAS number Packaging Price Detail
TCI America (I0741)  2-Iodoacetamide [for Biochemical Research]  >98.0%(N) 144-48-9 5g 395.00CNY Detail
TCI America (I0044)  2-Iodoacetamide  >98.0%(N) 144-48-9 25g 670.00CNY Detail
TCI America (I0044)  2-Iodoacetamide  >98.0%(N) 144-48-9 100g 1,990.00CNY Detail
TCI America (I0044)  2-Iodoacetamide  >98.0%(N) 144-48-9 500g 6,700.00CNY Detail
Alfa Aesar (A14715)  2-Iodoacetamide, 98%, stab. with ca 5-8% water    144-48-9 5g 163.0CNY Detail
Alfa Aesar (A14715)  2-Iodoacetamide, 98%, stab. with ca 5-8% water    144-48-9 25g 568.0CNY Detail
Alfa Aesar (A14715)  2-Iodoacetamide, 98%, stab. with ca 5-8% water    144-48-9 100g 1945.0CNY Detail
Sigma (I6125)  Iodoacetamide  ≥99% (NMR), crystalline 144-48-9 I6125-5G 462.15CNY Detail
Sigma (I6125)  Iodoacetamide  ≥99% (NMR), crystalline 144-48-9 I6125-10G 1,058.85CNY Detail
Sigma (I6125)  Iodoacetamide  ≥99% (NMR), crystalline 144-48-9 I6125-25G 1,827.54CNY Detail
Sigma (I6125)  Iodoacetamide  ≥99% (NMR), crystalline 144-48-9 I6125-100G 5,528.25CNY Detail
Sigma (I6125)  Iodoacetamide  ≥99% (NMR), crystalline 144-48-9 I6125-1KG 33,040.80CNY Detail



According to Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) - Sixth revised edition

Version: 1.0

Creation Date: Aug 10, 2017

Revision Date: Aug 10, 2017


1.1 GHS Product identifier

Product name 2-Iodoacetamide

1.2 Other means of identification

Product number -
Other names carbamoylmethyl iodide

1.3 Recommended use of the chemical and restrictions on use

Identified uses For industry use only.
Uses advised against no data available

1.4 Supplier's details

1.5 Emergency phone number

Emergency phone number -
Service hours Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm (Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +8 hours).

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