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Brazil , officially the Federative Republic of Brazil (Portuguese: República Federativa do Brasil, About this sound listen , is the largest country in both South America and Latin America. As the world's fifth-largest country by both area and population, it is the largest country to have Portuguese as an official language and the only one in the Americas.Bounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the east, Brazil has a coastline of 7,491 kilometers It borders all other South American countries except Ecuador and Chile and covers 47.3% of the continent's land area.Its Amazon River basin includes a vast tropical forest, home to diverse wildlife, a variety of ecological systems, and extensive natural resources spanning numerous protected habitats.This unique environmental heritage makes Brazil one of 17 megadiverse countries, and is the subject of significant global interest and debate regarding deforestation and environmental protection.

Company About us Message
Lanza Pharma Ltda.
Contact person: Mr. sir
Tel: + 55 11 5533-2181
Street address: Chácaras Marco - Barueri - SP, Brazil Brazil
Chromate Chemicals
Contact person: Mr. Sir
Tel: 55-11-21130200
Street address: Rubens Rua Pedroso, 81 - Casa Grande - Diadema - SP Diadema Sao Paulo Brazil
    The Chromate Chemicals, headquartered in Diadema in S?o Paulo, strategically chosen location in a region with easy access to major highways through the ring road providing a wide logistical advantage. Meets nationwide marketing products manufactured by the more..Message
Contact person: Mr. sir
Tel: 55-11-34364471
Street address: Rua Angelo Del Vecchio, 166 - Room 01 - CEP 07120-210 - Paraventi, Guarulhos - SP - Brazi Paraventi Guarulhos Brazil
    The MAGNACHEM LTD. is a trading company established since January 2002, initially in the city of Rio de Janeiro, now based in Guarulhos, S?o Paulo, with the goal of representing international companies that produce raw materials and equipment for the cosmetic more..Message
Analista Quimica
Contact person: Mr. Alvaro Guimaraes
Tel: (11) 4341-4155
Street address: Analista Quimica Brazil
indukern do brasil quimica ltda
Contact person: Mr. sir
Tel: +55.11.3689.76.66
Street address: avda vivente rodrigues da sliva,757 jd.piratininga cep 06230-096 osasco-sao paulo-brasil Brazil
    About Us Indukern Química Ltda of Brazil, a company belonging to the Group Indukern with 42 years of history, focuses its activity on the distribution of fine chemicals for various industries: Pesticides, Food, Rubber, Ceramics, Specialty Chemicals, Pharmac more..Message
Contact person: Mr. Sir
Tel: 55-12-31576531
Street address: F Street, No.: 77 - Portugal Vila - Lorena - SP Lorena Sao Paulo Brazil
    Starting their work in 2000, the Alquibrás been producing nitric acid in its various industrial concentrations and supplying the domestic market. In 2007, work began distribution of a range of other chemicals such as alcohols, other acids, phosphates, sulpha more..Message
Contact person: Mr. Sir
Tel: 55-19-31152800
Street address: Rua Andre Adolfo Ferrari, 488 - Distrito Industrial Nova Era - Indaiatuba, SP - CEP 13347-395 - Brasil Indaiatuba Sao Paulo Brazil
    Aksell is a manufacturer of inorganic and hybrids salts for over 14 years. Located in Indaiatuba (25 km from Campinas and 95 km from Sao Paulo), one of the best points of logistics in Brazil, Aksell has expertise in the production of high purity salts, meetin more..Message
Makeni Chemicals
Contact person: Mr. makeni
Tel: (55)(11)4360-6400
Street address: Makeni Chemicals Brazil
Contact person: Mr. sir
Tel: 11-4615-8100
Street address: Avenida Coronel Luiz Rodrigues de Barros, 500, Jardim Eliane, Cotia, SP Brazil
    Coremal is one of the main chemical distributors of Brazil, with units in S?o Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Bahia, Pernambuco and Ceará. Founded in 1952, the company trades a wide range of goods made by the most important national and international pr more..Message
Contact person: Mr. Sir
Tel: 55-47-34333375
Street address: INCASA S/A Rua Saguacu, 140 Saguacu 89221-010 - Joinville - SC - Brazil Joinville Santa Catarina Brazil
    In 1954, Joinville had just over 40,000 inhabitants and only a few dozen industries, working predominantly in the textile and metallurgical sectors. That same year, precisely on January 5th, Harry Weege, with his enterprising spirit and business vision, fo more..Message
Buschle & Lepper S.A.
Contact person: Mr. sir
Tel: 55-47-34612700
Street address: Rua Inacio Bastos 984 Joinville Joinville Brazil
    Buschle & Lepper is a Company with more than 6 decades of experience in manufacturing, distribution and marketing of chemicals, agricultural and building materials. The branches serve all the southern region of Brazil. Located in Joinville (SC), Curitiba ( more..Message
Contact person: Mr. Sir
Tel: 55-11-40569500
Street address: R. Alvares Cabral, 1.150 Serraria Cep: 09980-160, Diadema - SP Diadema Sao Paulo Brazil
    For over 40 years distributing chemicals in Brazil. matrix that is located with headquarters in Diadema-SP, has an area of 40 000 m2. The company has an extensive portfolio serving several market segments, having as main Pharmacist cosmetics, paints and cl more..Message
JB Chemicals Industry and Trade Ltd.
Contact person: Mr. sir
Tel: 55 11 4741 3550
Street address: Sources Raphael's Annunciation Street, 407 Chácara Ceres CEP 08655-243 Suzano SP Suzano Suzano Brazil
    The JB Chemicals Industry and Trade Inc. produces metal powders and metal oxides under meticulous quality control and high reliability. With lab testing and analysis, and Body Technician Specializing in Powder Metallurgy, JB Chemicals maintains ongoing dev more..Message
Geroma Brazil's Industry and Trade Ltd.
Contact person: Mr. Sir
Tel: 55-42-32281100
Street address: Rua Anna Scremin, 1111 - Industrial District Cyro Martins Ponta Grossa Parana Brazil
    Founded in 1979 and initiating industrial activities in 1982, Geroma do Brasil made its founder′s dream come true in consolidating its activities in Brazil. The company was set up in Ponta Grossa - Parana State due to its proximity to the producing region. more..Message
Atias Mihael Ltda.
Contact person: Mr. sir
Tel: 55-11-31223222
Street address: Rua da Consolacao, 293 7o andar (Centro) Sao Paulo Sao Paulo Brazil
    Atias Mihael Ltda. is a privately held Company founded in 1966 with Headquarters in Sao Paulo city and a well structured and privileged Warehouse to complement its operations in Supply Chain Management.Message
Cotia Foods
Contact person: Mr. sir
Tel: 55--28423000
Street address: Pasadena Street, 100 - Pq. Indl. San Jose Cotia SP Brazil
    The Agoutis Foods is headquartered in the city of Cotia, to 29 km from S?o Paulo and a few of quil?'metros DISTA ¢ ncia the beltway. This localiza? § ? £ o privileged allows us flexibility and efficacy a ncia in delivering products that we sell.Message
Fortinbras Advertising and Ltda Industrial
Contact person: Mr. Sir
Tel: 55-19-38674051
Street address: Rua Valdomiro Rovaron, 43 - Capotuna - Jaguariuna - SP Jaguariuna Sao Paulo Brazil
    The Fortinbras is an industry of fine and specialty chemicals that meets the various segments. We serve the entire national territory, and we export to South America, North America and Europe. Among the several divisions can cite essences, essential oils, Ama more..Message
Contact person: Mr. Sir
Tel: 55-19-38856600
Street address: Rua Valezim Moses, 341 Bairro Boiler 13347-520 - Indaiatuba - SP Indaiatuba Sao Paulo Brazil
    It is with great pride and satisfaction that Norquima in 2012 celebrates 25 years in the Brazilian market of chemicals. Located in Indaiatuba, 103 km from the city of S?o Paulo, is ISO 9001 certified since 1999, and is always updated with market requirements more..Message
Contact person: Mr. sir
Tel: 55-21-34489150
Street address: Avenue 20001 Brazil - Distrito Industrial Farm Botafogo - Coelho Neto Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro Brazil
    Sumatex The company is a reseller and distribution of chemicals, acting as a reseller and distributor of chemicals for industrial nationwide since 1980. The performance of Sumatex is always based on ethical conduct, concerned about customer satisfaction with more..Message
Chemi Market Comercial Exportadora Ltda.
Contact person: Mr. sir
Tel: 55-11-3845.2767
Street address: Rua Cel. Joaquim Ferreira Lobo, 306 04544-150 - S?o Paulo - SP - BRAZIL Brazil
    Chemi Market has been dealing with the export/import market since 1988. It is focused on the chemical and petrochemical sector, as a supplier of raw materials, such as polymers, plasticizers, solvents and many others, to both foreign and domestic market. It a more..Message
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