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EAST CHEMSOURCES LIMITEDLower price of STEVIA EXTRACT POWDER//www.lookchem.com/300w//2010/0626/57817-89-7.jpg
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Lower price of STEVIA EXTRACT POWDER CAS NO.57817-89-7

FOB Price:
USD 29.00-80.00 /Kilogram Get Latest Price
Min.Order Quantity:
1 Kilogram
Any Port,China
Payment Terms:
L/C,T/T,Western Union

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Product Details


  • Stevia extract powder

Quick Details

  • ProName: Lower price of STEVIA EXTRACT POWDER
  • CasNo: 57817-89-7
  • Molecular Formula: C38H60O18
  • Appearance: white to off-white powder
  • Application: food additive
  • DeliveryTime: In one week
  • PackAge: 25KG DRUM
  • Port: Any Port,China
  • ProductionCapacity: 20 Metric Ton/Month
  • Purity: 99%
  • Storage: Store in a cool, dry, ventilated envir...
  • Transportation: BY SEA, BY AIR, BY COURIER
  • LimitNum: 1 Kilogram
  • Valid Period: 2 year


PRODUCT DATA SHEET Product Name: Stevia Extract Origin: Stevia Leaves Description: This stevia extract is white to off-white powder at room temperature with sweet taste and no characteristic odor. It consists of stevioside, The product is extracted from stevia. Product Identification Chemical Structure Molecular Formula: C38H60O18 Molecular Weight: 804.9 Solubility: Soluble in water and alcohol. Function: Stevia extract is a new typed natural sweetener extracted from the composite herbage stevia. Stevia extract is a kind of good sweetener instead of cane sugar that can treat diabetes, hypertension partly and can also treat adiposity, cardiovascular disease, gastritis and acid stomach as an auxiliary method, resulting in multiple physiological functions: 1. Safety: The residents of place of origin of stevia extract (South American Paraguay, Malaysia and so on) have eaten it for several hundred years without finding any poisonous substance. 2. Low calorie: Low calorie food and beverage made by stevia extract is suitable for the people of diabetes, adiposity and arteriosclerosis. 3. The stevia extract is compatible with water and alcohol. It is more flavorful to take mixed with cane sugar, fruit sugar, dissimilation candy and so on… 4. The stevia extract is the non fermented substance with stable and fresh features. The people do not come down with the decayed tooth depending on eating for a long time. 5. The stevia extract can be used to produce corrective to control the peculiar smell of some food, to produce pharmaceuticals, syrup, medicinal granules and pill as well as used in seasoning, pickles, toothpaste, cosmetic, cigarettes and so on. 6. Economical efficiency the cost of the stevia extract is equivalent to 30-40% of the cane sugar. Storage Conditions: Keep tightly closed in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place, out of light. Don’t place it together with tinder, explosive or corrosive goods. Shelf Life: The product is stable for 2 years if container has not been opened. If container has been opened for sampling or use, the bag should be resealed to re-storing.


Common name STEVIA EXTRACT Molecular Formula C38H60O18 Molecular weight 804.9 CAS Number 57817-89-7 Chemical and physical data Appearance White to off-white Powder Melting point N/F Assay >90% solubility It is soluble in water. Chemical Class Food Additive Health harmfulness It is food additive, harmlessness Fire It is not easy to be burned. Ignition, may burn, react inaccurate. When burned, it gave out CO2 and steam. Once fire, close off the locale, having gas mask to put out. Leak When leak a few, please sweep and put in corresponding vessel. When leak a lots, please concentrate to retrieve, and contact with manufacturer in time. Packing Double-deck plastic packed inside, and drum or carton outside, sealed. Storage Keep tightly closed in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place, out of light. Don’t place it together with tinder, explosive or corrosive goods. Ecological information Not available Regulatory information Not available

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