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Henan Tianfu Chemical Co., Ltd.TIANFU-CHEM CAS:7732-18-5 Water//www.lookchem.com/300w//2010/0626/7732-18-5.jpg

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TIANFU-CHEM CAS:7732-18-5 Water CAS NO.7732-18-5

Min.Order Quantity:
1 Gram
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L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram

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Product Details


  • 7732-18-5
  • Water
  • Water

Quick Details

  • ProName: TIANFU-CHEM CAS:7732-18-5 Water
  • CasNo: 7732-18-5
  • Molecular Formula: H2O
  • Appearance: white powder
  • Application: For API & Intermediate
  • DeliveryTime: PROMPT
  • PackAge: IN 25kg drums
  • Port: SHANGHAI
  • ProductionCapacity: 1 Metric Ton/Day
  • Purity: 99%
  • Storage: In Room Temperature
  • Transportation: by sea or air
  • LimitNum: 1 Gram
  • Heavy metal: N/A
  • Grade: Industrial Grade,Food Grade,Pharma Gra...
  • N/A: N/A


water basic information
product name: water
synonyms: alkaline transfer solution;liquid soda;lye;doctor solution;doctors solution;doctor's solution;dihydrogen oxide;dihydrogenoxide
cas: 7732-18-5
mf: h2o
mw: 18.01
einecs: 215-185-5
product categories: inorganic & organic chemicals;refrigerants;miscellaneous;inorganics;solvents for speciation analysis (lc-icp-ms)atomic absorption spectroscopy (aas);ultrapure reagents for wet digestion (trace selectultra);digestion reagents;icp-oes/-ms;spectroscopy;chromasolv solvents (hplc, lc-ms);chromasolv(r) plussemi-bulk solvents;chromasolv(r) plussolvents;lc-ms plus and gradient;nowpak(r) products;buffers a to zsolvents;water and water solutions;biological buffers;alphabetical listings;stable isotopes;u-z;buffers a to zspecialty media systems;reagents and media supplementssolvents;embryo culture;capillary zone electrophoresis;capillary electrophoresis;protein electrophoresis;analytical reagents;analytical/chromatography;trace analysis reagents;gc headspace;solvents - gc/sh;chromasolv for hplcdrums product line;water and water solutionsmore...close...;chromasolv for hplcsemi-bulk solvents;chromasolv(r) for hplcsolvents;chromasolv(r) hplc grade solventssolvents;composite drums;versa-flow products;chromasolv lc-mschromasolv solvents (hplc, lc-ms);lc-ms solventsanalytical reagents;solvents - hplcsolvents;amber glass bottles;chromasolv(r) lc-msspectroscopy;chromatography/ce reagents;mass spectrometry (ms)&lc-ms;solvent bottles;cosmetic ingredients & chemicals;pestanal/residue analysis;buffers a to zcell culture;miscellaneous reagents and supplementsplant tissue culture;solventssolvents;plant growth regulators;reagents and supplements;pcr reaction componentssolvents;pcr/amplification;cdna labelingplant molecular biology;reagentssolvents;biochemicalsbiological buffers;buffers a to zmolecular biology;gene expression&analysis;molecular biology;molecular biology reagents;plant nucleic acid purification;t-z, puriss p.a.analytical/chromatography;analytical reagents for general use;puriss p.a.;solutionsolvents;water and water solutionschromatography/ce reagents;water for ic;hplc buffer;ion chromatography;acs grade solventsbiological buffers;solvents;t-z, puriss p.a.;dna&rna purification;reagents;waste watersolvents;water test;chromatography reagents &;hplc &;hplc grade solvents (chromasolv);hplc/uhplc solvents (chromasolv);uhplc solvents (chromasolv);analytical reagents;solvent by application;water and water solutions;acs and reagent grade solvents;acs grade solvents;biological buffers;buffers a to z;plastic bottles;solvent bottles;solvent by type;solvent packaging options;analysis;gene expression &;life science reagents for cloning;life science reagents for dna/rna electrophoresis;life science reagents for northern and southern blotting;life science reagents for nucleic acid purification;life science reagents for protein electrophoresis;life science reagents for protein expression and purification;life science reagents for rnai;life science reagents for transfection;life science reagents for western blotting;molecular biology reag;biochemicals;core bioreagents;general reagents;life science reagents for pcr;molecular biology;pcr reaction components;research essentials;atomic absorption spectroscopy (aas);bioethanol;bioethanol: testing for chloride and sulfate contamination;biofuels manufacturing and testing;chemical standards;digestion reagents;elemental analysis;gc-ms solvents;reagents for inorganic trace analysis;solvents for metal speciation analysis;solvents for speciation analysis (lc-icp-ms);ultra high purity reagents (traceselect);ultrapure reagent;applications;gc solvents;trace analysis reagents &;pharmacopoeia;pharmacopoeia a-z;miscellaneous reagents and supplements;plant tissue culture;cell culture;life science reagents for cell culture;plant biotechnology;plant growth regulators;reagents and supplements;pesticide and metabolite residues;uhplc-ms grade solvents (chromasolv);uhplc-ms solvents;veterinary drug residues;beverage analysis;beverages;food &;hplc solvents;lc-ms solvents &;reagents (chromasolv);gc headspace solvents;solvents for gc applications;hplc buffers;ion chromatography reagents;water for ic;solution;embryo culture;reagents and media supplements;specialty media systems;non-nutritional ingredients and;3-mcpd;acrylamide;adulterants;allergens;amino acids;and noge;and triglycerides;artificial sweeteners;badge;bfdge;bisphenol a (bpa);carbohydrates (sugars;chromasolv plus;di-;dietary fiber;edible oils;fames;fats (fatty acids;food dyes;glycerides);hplc plus grade solvents (chromasolv);melamine;mono-;mycotoxins;nowpak products;saccharides);sterols;beauty peptides
mol file: 7732-18-5.mol
water structure

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water chemical properties
mp 318 °c(lit.)
bp 100 °c(lit.)
density 1.515 g/ml at 20 °c
vapor density <1 (vs air)
vapor pressure 3 mm hg ( 37 °c)
refractive index n20/d 1.34(lit.)
fp 100°c
storage temp. 2-8°c
solubility h2o: 1 m at 20 °c, clear, colorless
form powder
merck 14,10039
stability: stable. incompatible with reactive metals.
cas database reference 7732-18-5(cas database reference)

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