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Henan Allgreen Chemical Co.,LtdWater//www.lookchem.com/300w//2010/0626/7732-18-5.jpg

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Water CAS NO.7732-18-5

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1 Kilogram
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Product Details


  • 7732-18-5
  • Water
  • H2O

Quick Details

  • ProName: Water
  • CasNo: 7732-18-5
  • Molecular Formula: H2O
  • Appearance: White or off-white Solid
  • Application: Organic synthesis
  • DeliveryTime: 10day
  • PackAge: According to the demand of customer
  • Port: shanghai
  • ProductionCapacity: 20 Metric Ton/Week
  • Purity: 99.0%
  • Storage: Sealed, dry, microtherm , avoid light ...
  • Transportation: by air or by sea
  • LimitNum: 1 Kilogram
  • Grade: Industrial Grade,Pharma Grade,Electron...


t he company has advanced technology, as well as a large number of excellent r & d team, to provide customers from the grams to one hundred kilograms and tons of high-quality products, competitive prices and quality service


located in zhengdong new district, zhengzhou of henan province, henan allgreen chemical co.,ltd is comprehensive high-tech modern enterprises integrating professional r&d, production and sales. strong technical force, with a long-term professional development team engaging in the fine chemicals, henan allgreen chemical co.,ltd is mainly engaged in development and customized of organic electronic chemical materials, metal catalysts, phosphorus ligands, medical intermediate , chemical reagent and other fine chemical products.we have multifunctional production conditions and could offer high quality products from grams to kilograms and tons. in addition, we absorb new technology actively from colleges and also have established good relations of cooperation with huazhong university of science and technology ,henan institute of engineering and some other well-known domestic enterprises. our products have been exported to japan, south korea, europe, america and other countries and regions, well received by customers.

with sound management system, we've been authorized the import&export qualification by the government and also has passed the “iso 9001-2008 quality management system” certification. we always stand on the quality of product as our life, develop in the direction of customers requirement and aim at creating greater value for customers.innovation and honesty, we will make common development with the masses of customers at home and abroad hand in hand by our best service.

water basic information
product name: water
synonyms: alkaline transfer solution;liquid soda;lye;doctor solution;doctors solution;doctor's solution;dihydrogen oxide;dihydrogenoxide
cas: 7732-18-5
mf: h2o
mw: 18.01
einecs: 215-185-5
product categories: inorganic & organic chemicals;refrigerants;miscellaneous;inorganics;solvents for speciation analysis (lc-icp-ms)atomic absorption spectroscopy (aas);ultrapure reagents for wet digestion (trace selectultra);digestion reagents;icp-oes/-ms;spectroscopy;chromasolv solvents (hplc, lc-ms);chromasolv(r) plussemi-bulk solvents;chromasolv(r) plussolvents;lc-ms plus and gradient;nowpak(r) products;buffers a to zsolvents;water and water solutions;biological buffers;alphabetical listings;stable isotopes;u-z;buffers a to zspecialty media systems;reagents and media supplementssolvents;embryo culture;capillary zone electrophoresis;capillary electrophoresis;protein electrophoresis;analytical reagents;analytical/chromatography;trace analysis reagents;gc headspace;solvents - gc/sh;chromasolv for hplcdrums product line;water and water solutionsmore...close...;chromasolv for hplcsemi-bulk solvents;chromasolv(r) for hplcsolvents;chromasolv(r) hplc grade solventssolvents;composite drums;versa-flow products;chromasolv lc-mschromasolv solvents (hplc, lc-ms);lc-ms solventsanalytical reagents;solvents - hplcsolvents;amber glass bottles;chromasolv(r) lc-msspectroscopy;chromatography/ce reagents;mass spectrometry (ms)&lc-ms;solvent bottles;cosmetic ingredients & chemicals;pestanal/residue analysis;buffers a to zcell culture;miscellaneous reagents and supplementsplant tissue culture;solventssolvents;plant growth regulators;reagents and supplements;pcr reaction componentssolvents;pcr/amplification;cdna labelingplant molecular biology;reagentssolvents;biochemicalsbiological buffers;buffers a to zmolecular biology;gene expression&analysis;molecular biology;molecular biology reagents;plant nucleic acid purification;t-z, puriss p.a.analytical/chromatography;analytical reagents for general use;puriss p.a.;solutionsolvents;water and water solutionschromatography/ce reagents;water for ic;hplc buffer;ion chromatography;acs grade solventsbiological buffers;solvents;t-z, puriss p.a.;dna&rna purification;reagents;waste watersolvents;water test;chromatography reagents &;hplc &;hplc grade solvents (chromasolv);hplc/uhplc solvents (chromasolv);uhplc solvents (chromasolv);analytical reagents;solvent by application;water and water solutions;acs and reagent grade solvents;acs grade solvents;biological buffers;buffers a to z;plastic bottles;solvent bottles;solvent by type;solvent packaging options;analysis;gene expression &;life science reagents for cloning;life science reagents for dna/rna electrophoresis;life science reagents for northern and southern blotting;life science reagents for nucleic acid purification;life science reagents for protein electrophoresis;life science reagents for protein expression and purification;life science reagents for rnai;life science reagents for transfection;life science reagents for western blotting;molecular biology reag;biochemicals;core bioreagents;general reagents;life science reagents for pcr;molecular biology;pcr reaction components;research essentials;atomic absorption spectroscopy (aas);bioethanol;bioethanol: testing for chloride and sulfate contamination;biofuels manufacturing and testing;chemical standards;digestion reagents;elemental analysis;gc-ms solvents;reagents for inorganic trace analysis;solvents for metal speciation analysis;solvents for speciation analysis (lc-icp-ms);ultra high purity reagents (traceselect);ultrapure reagent;applications;gc solvents;trace analysis reagents &;pharmacopoeia;pharmacopoeia a-z;miscellaneous reagents and supplements;plant tissue culture;cell culture;life science reagents for cell culture;plant biotechnology;plant growth regulators;reagents and supplements;pesticide and metabolite residues;uhplc-ms grade solvents (chromasolv);uhplc-ms solvents;veterinary drug residues;beverage analysis;beverages;food &;hplc solvents;lc-ms solvents &;reagents (chromasolv);gc headspace solvents;solvents for gc applications;hplc buffers;ion chromatography reagents;water for ic;solution;embryo culture;reagents and media supplements;specialty media systems;non-nutritional ingredients and;3-mcpd;acrylamide;adulterants;allergens;amino acids;and noge;and triglycerides;artificial sweeteners;badge;bfdge;bisphenol a (bpa);carbohydrates (sugars;chromasolv plus;di-;dietary fiber;edible oils;fames;fats (fatty acids;food dyes;glycerides);hplc plus grade solvents (chromasolv);melamine;mono-;mycotoxins;nowpak products;saccharides);sterols
mol file: 7732-18-5.mol
water structure
water chemical properties
mp 318 °c(lit.)
bp 100 °c(lit.)
density 1.515 g/ml at 20 °c
vapor density <1 (vs air)
vapor pressure 3 mm hg ( 37 °c)
refractive index n20/d 1.34(lit.)
fp 100°c
storage temp. 2-8°c
solubility h2o: 1 m at 20 °c, clear, colorless
form powder
merck 14,10039
stability: stable. incompatible with reactive metals.
cas database reference 7732-18-5(cas database reference)
safety information
hazard codes c
risk statements 36/38
safety statements 26
ridadr un 1824 8/pg 2
wgk germany 1
rtecs wb4900000
f 34

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