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 Vitamin C Helps You Resist Premature Aging
  • Vitamin C Helps You Resist Premature Aging
  • Vitamin C is an important family member of vitamins. It plays an important role in improving our health. It is rather effective in improving the immunity, preventing arteriosclerosis and cancer, protecting liver and dealing with anemia for human body. In addition, it can effectively protect other antioxidants including vitamin A, vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acid to protect the human body from the damage of free radicals. Can you imagine that vitamin C can even help you resist premature aging? Now, the anti-aging effect of vitamin C will be introduced as follows. 

    Vitamin C is considered as a kind of important nutrient to affect the aging of skin. The adequate supplementation of vitamin C can not only whiten the skin, but also resist aging. When people get older and older, the collagen in the skin can be lost gradually. Vitamin C can accelerate the formation of collagen, resist ultraviolet rays, restrain the production of melanin and defer the aging. At the same time, it can reduce freckles.

    Vitamin C can also resist aging for senile people. As for the old, they can be seriously endangered by the deficiency of vitamins. The deficiency of vitamins can seriously hurt the human body and accelerate the aging. The anti-oxidation of vitamin C can effectively maintain the normal functions of internal organs and protect the body cells.

    If we do not supplement adequate vitamin C, we can be tortured by weariness, inappetence, anemia, arthralgia, and so on. Vitamin C can not be synthesized by itself in human body. Therefore, we must supplement the nutrient by eating specific foods. In fact, various foods like fresh vegetables and fruits contain abundant vitamin C. According to the research in America, the best amount of the nutrient for people to absorb should be 200 to 300 milligrams per day. Vitamin C can be easily destroyed, so we must be rather careful when cooking vegetables. Water, heat, light, oxygen and smoke can all destroy the nutritional value of the nutrient. In addition, smoking can also consume the nutrient.

    Some people like to supplement vitamin C by taking pills of the nutrient. When buying the pills, we must be rather careful. We should remember that the human body can not absorb pure vitamin C. We must supplement the nutrient and flavanoids at the same time. In addition, we should choose vitamin C made from plants so as to realize perfect absorption.

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