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 Four Kinds of Food Not Beneficial for Children's Intelligent Development
  • Four Kinds of Food Not Beneficial for Children's Intelligent Development
  • In modern life, parents pay more and more attention to the physiological and psychological health of their children, especially their intelligent development. They always provide their children with a lot of nutritious food which can invigorate brain development and improve intelligence. Beside, parents should also note that, there are some kinds of food which are not beneficial for children's intelligent development. As a result, they should not let their children eat too much of these kinds of food.

    First, white sugar:
    White sugar is a typical acidic food. If people eat a lot of high-sugar food, it is particularly harmful to their body. Because if there is excessive sugar in the body, it can make the level of blood sugar rise quickly, and lead to abdominal discomfort. What's more, eating plenty of white sugar in a long time can cause liver dysfunction. As for the children, if they eat too much sugar, it not only will easily make them fat, but is also likely to cause tooth decay. More seriously, if children eat excessive white sugar in a long-term, it will be easy to cause acidic physique and acidic brain, thus seriously influencing children's intelligent development. As a result, in order to protect children's intelligence, parents should try to let their children less white sugar or food made from white sugar, including cakes, biscuits, beverages, and so on.

    Second, high milled rice and refined flour
    High milled rice and refined flour are common food in our daily life, and they are welcomed by a lot of people. However, during the process of production, a lot of beneficial ingredients contained in the rice and flour have already lost, and the rest are mostly carbohydrates. While carbohydrates can only serve as "fuel" in the body, and too much carbohydrates may even hinder the development of children's brain. As a result, if parents want to improve children's intelligence, they should not provide too much high milled rice or refined flour to children.

    Third, meat:
    Meat plays an indispensable part in our daily diet. In order to make their children healthy and strong, many parents provide a variety of meat to their children every, such as pork, chicken, beef, mutton, dark, and so on. According to the scientific analysis, if people eat too much meat, it will make the body fluid become acidic. If the acidity accumulates day by day, it may cause lags in response of the brain. Scientific experiment has proved that, if children eat too much meat in daily diet, it can severely affect their mental development.

    Fourth, coffee:
    Coffee is one of the three most popular drinks in the world (coffee, cocoa, tea). According to the scientific analysis, coffee has the function of refreshing people's mind. Some people think that, coffee is a stimulant, which can make people clear-headed. Actually it is not the case. Because coffee contains a large number of caffeine, which is a kind of alkaloid. This kind of alkaloid has a stimulation on the brain, so it can make people excited. Under the effect of caffeine, the blood transported to the brain will decrease. As a result, if the parents let their children drink too much coffee, it will seriously affect children's mental development.

    After the above discussion, we have known what kinds of food are not beneficial to children's mental development. So parents should try to let their children eat less of these four kinds of food in daily life. Of course, there are many kinds of food which can promote the development of brain and improve intelligence, such as spinach, kelp, red turnip, beans, milk and so on.

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