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Nitrous Acid

Base Information Edit
  • Chemical Name:Nitrous Acid
  • CAS No.:7782-77-6
  • Deprecated CAS:17310-27-9,62498-15-1,62641-25-2,78686-39-2,81744-89-0,88454-09-5,2375630-68-3,62498-15-1,62641-25-2,78686-39-2,81744-89-0,88454-09-5
  • Molecular Formula:HN O2
  • Molecular Weight:47.0134
  • Hs Code.:
  • European Community (EC) Number:231-963-7
  • DSSTox Substance ID:DTXSID7064813
  • Nikkaji Number:J4.496B
  • Wikipedia:Nitrous acid
  • Wikidata:Q207895,Q211891
  • ChEMBL ID:CHEMBL1161681
  • Mol file:7782-77-6.mol
Nitrous Acid

Synonyms:Acid, Nitrous;Nitrous Acid

Suppliers and Price of Nitrous Acid
Supply Marketing:Edit
Business phase:
The product has achieved commercial mass production*data from LookChem market partment
Manufacturers and distributors:
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  • American Custom Chemicals Corporation
  • NITROUS ACID 95.00%
  • 5MG
  • $ 499.11
Total 17 raw suppliers
Chemical Property of Nitrous Acid Edit
Chemical Property:
  • PKA:pK (25°) 3.35 
  • PSA:49.66000 
  • Density:1.54±0.1 g/cm3(Predicted) 
  • LogP:0.14200 
  • XLogP3:-0.3
  • Hydrogen Bond Donor Count:1
  • Hydrogen Bond Acceptor Count:3
  • Rotatable Bond Count:0
  • Exact Mass:47.000728275
  • Heavy Atom Count:3
  • Complexity:10.3

99%, *data from raw suppliers

NITROUS ACID 95.00% *data from reagent suppliers

Safty Information:
  • Pictogram(s):  
  • Hazard Codes: 
MSDS Files:

SDS file from LookChem

  • Chemical Classes:Toxic Gases & Vapors -> Acids, Inorganic
  • Canonical SMILES:N(=O)O
  • Uses Nitrous acid is a diazotizing agent. The acid diazotizes primary aromatic amines to diazo derivatives in manufacturing azo dyes. Nitrous acid is a nitrogen oxoacid. It is a conjugate acid of a nitrite. It (as sodium nitrite) is used as part of an intravenous mixture with sodium thiosulfate to treat cyanide poisoning. There is also research to investigate its applicability towards treatments for heart attacks, brain aneurysms, pulmonary hypertension in infants, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections. Formation of diazotizing compounds by reaction with primary aromatic amines, source of nitric oxide.
  • Description Nitrous acid (molecular formula?HNO2) is a weak and monobasic acid known only in solution and in the form of nitrite salts. Nitrous acid rapidly decomposes into nitrogen oxide, nitric oxide and water when in solution: 2HNO2 ? NO2 + NO+H2O It can also decompose into nitric acid and nitrous oxide and water. 4HNO2 ? 2HNO3 +N2O +H2O Nitric acid (HNO3), also known as “aqua fortis” and “spirit of nitre”, is a highly corrosive and toxic strong acid that can cause severe burns. It is colorless when pure and a slight yellow when “glacial”. Older samples tend to acquire a yellow cast due to the accumulation of various oxides of nitrogen. If the solution contains more than 86% nitric acid, it is referred to as “fuming nitric acid”.
  • Physical properties Pale blue solution; stable only in solution; weak acid, Ka 4.5x10-4.
Technology Process of Nitrous Acid

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