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EINECS 200-680-0
CAS No. 68-19-9 Density
Solubility soluble in water Melting Point >300 °C
Formula C63H88CoN14O14P Boiling Point
Molecular Weight 1355.38 . Flash Point
Transport Information Appearance Crystalline
Safety 22-24/25 Risk Codes
Molecular Structure Molecular Structure of 68-19-9 (Cyanocobalamin) Hazard Symbols

Rubramin PC;Dodex;Betaline-12;Cotel;Byladoce;Depinar;Anacobin;Betalin 12, crystalline;Cyanobalamin concentrate;Plecyamin;Cabadon M;Cycobemin;Distivit (B12 peptide);Dodecabee;Embiol;Cyanocob(III)alamin;Crystimin;component of Endoglobin;Rubripca;Redisol;Cynobal;Dicopac;Cyanocobalamin (JP14/USP);Hemomin;Cytacon;Virubra;Erythrotin;CN-Cbl;5, 6-Dimethylbenzimidazolylcobamide cyanide;Factor II (vitamin);component of Vitron-C-Plus;Vitral;Cyredin;Prestwick_564;Cobalamin, cyanide;Coobalamed;CN-B12;Cytamen;Crystwel;Hepagon;Cykobemin;Euhaemon;Nagravon;Dodecavite;Vitarubin;Crystamine;Covit;Vitamin B12b;Cyomin;Cosmo-Rey;Cobione;Docemine;Redamina;SRI 2215;Cobinamide, cyanide hydroxide, dihydrogen phosphate;Vita-rubra;Cobadoce Forte;Poyamin;Fresmin;Factor II (vitamin B12);Erycytol;Bevidox;Hemo-b-doze;Cobamin;Normocytin;Biocobalamine;vitamin B-12;Dimethylbenzimidazoylcobamide;Hepcovite;Cobamide, .alpha.-5,6-dimethyl-1H-benzimidazolyl-, cyanide;B-Twelv-Ora;VB12;Vitamin B 12;Cobalin;Vitamin B12 preparation;Vibalt;Macrabin;Rebramin;cyano-5,6-dimethylbenzimidazole-;Vi-Twel;Rhodacryst;Cobalamin, cyano-;Cyomin (TN);Cyanocobalamine;LLD factor;Lactobacillus lactis dorner factor;Cykobeminet;Bevidox concentrate;Rubramin;Docigram;Dobetin;Betolvex;Vitamin B12 complex;Pernaevit;Factor II;Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12);


Cyanocobalamin Chemical Properties

Molecular Structure of Cyanocobalamin (CAS NO.68-19-9):

Molecular Formula: C63H88CoN14O14P
Molecular Weight: 1355.3652
IUPAC Name: Cobalt(2+); formonitrile; 3-[2,7,18-tris(2-amino-2-oxoethyl)-17-[3-[2-[[5-(5,6-dimethyl-3H-benzimidazol-1-ium-1-yl)-4-hydroxy-2-(hydroxymethyl)oxolan-3-yl]oxy-hydroxyphosphoryl]oxypropylamino]-3-oxopropyl]-3,13-bis(3-imino-3-oxidopropyl)-1,2,5,7,12,12,15,17-octamethyl-3,8,13,18,19,22-hexahydrocorrin-8-yl]propanimidate
Synonyms of Cyanocobalamin (CAS NO.68-19-9): Cyanocobalamin [INN:BAN:JAN] ; Vitamin B12 ; CaloMist ; Chromagen ; Geriplex ; Tolfrinic ; Troph-Iron ; Trophite ; Trophite + Iron
CAS NO: 68-19-9
Classification Code: Drug / Therapeutic Agent ; Growth Substances ; Micronutrients ; Mutation data ; Reproductive Effect ; Vitamin B Complex ; Vitamin [hematopoietic] ; Vitamins
Melting point: >300°C 
H bond acceptors: 28
H bond donors: 16
Freely Rotating Bonds: 29
Polar Surface Area: 487.66 Å2

Cyanocobalamin Toxicity Data With Reference

Organism Test Type Route Reported Dose (Normalized Dose) Effect Source
mouse LD oral > 5gm/kg (5000mg/kg)   Arzneimittel-Forschung. Drug Research. Vol. 42, Pg. 114, 1992.
mouse LD50 intravenous 2gm/kg (2000mg/kg)   Gekkan Yakuji. Pharmaceuticals Monthly. Vol. 9, Pg. 759, 1967.
mouse LDLo intraperitoneal 1364ug/kg (1.364mg/kg) BEHAVIORAL: CONVULSIONS OR EFFECT ON SEIZURE THRESHOLD

Archives of Pathology. Vol. 49, Pg. 278, 1950.
mouse LDLo subcutaneous 2727ug/kg (2.727mg/kg) LUNGS, THORAX, OR RESPIRATION: CHRONIC PULMONARY EDEMA

Archives of Pathology. Vol. 49, Pg. 278, 1950.

Cyanocobalamin Consensus Reports

Cobalt and its compounds are on the Community Right-To-Know List. Reported in EPA TSCA Inventory. EPA Genetic Toxicology Program.

Cyanocobalamin Safety Profile

Poison by subcutaneous route. Moderately toxic by intraperitoneal route. An experimental teratogen. Experimental reproductive effects. When heated to decomposition it emits very toxic fumes of POx and NOx. See also COBALT COMPOUNDS.
Safety Statements of Cyanocobalamin (CAS NO.68-19-9): 22-24/25 
S22: Do not breathe dust. 
S24/25: Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
WGK Germany: 1
RTECS: GG3750000
F: 3-8-10

Cyanocobalamin Standards and Recommendations

NIOSH REL: (Cobalt) Insufficient evidence for recommending limit

Cyanocobalamin Specification

 Cyanocobalamin , its cas register number is 68-19-9. It also can be called Cyano-5,6-dimethylbenzimidazole-cobalamin ; and Vitamin B12 .

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