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EINECS 232-554-6
CAS No. 9000-70-8 Density
Solubility SOLUBLE IN HOT WATER Melting Point
Formula Unspecified Boiling Point
Molecular Weight 0 Flash Point
Transport Information Appearance light yellow to yellow fine grain
Safety Risk Codes
Molecular Structure Molecular Structure of 9000-70-8 (Gelatin) Hazard Symbols

Gelatin;225 Bloom;250 Bloom;260B;260B (gelatin);A 1956;AP 150(gelatin);AP 200 (gelatin);AP 250;AP 250 (gelatin);AP 30;AP 30(gelatin);APB-H;APH 100;APH 150;APH 200;APH 250;AU-P;Bloom 0;Bloom 180;Bloom 225;Bloom 330;CLV;CLW;CP (gelatin);Collagens, gelatins;Cryogel220/440;DAB 7;DAB 7 (gelatin);E 200 (gelatin);E 260;E 290;E300 (gelatin);EGDI 1;Emagel;F 275;FCR 500;FGH 2001;FYB 150S;FYB 200S;FYB 250S;FreAlagin AD;FreAlagin M;G 0282K;G 0283K;G 0284K;G 0545P;G0637K;G 0665K;G 0666K;G 0667K;G 0668K;G 0701K;G 1642P;G 9382;GBL 100;GBL 100 (gelatin);GBL 150;GBL 200;GE 3V;GLD 2;GLD 3;GPA-A 0;GSN;GX45L404;Gel Up J 3557;Gel-Lac;Gelafusal;Gelatin 200;Gelatin AU-P;GelatinBloom 30;Gelatin NNH;Gelatine;Gelatine Bloom 250;Gelfoam;Gelita CollagelBS;Gelita Sol E;Gelita T 7838;Gelita-Collagel;Gelita-Sol P;Gelita-Tec;Gelodan G;Gelofusine;Geltec UG;Glutins (gelatins);Grenetine;Grindsted G;IJ-SKW;IK;IK (gelatin);IK 2000;IK 3000;IXOS Gel FGL 200SP;IXOS Gel HDL 50SP;JS 110;JS 190;Jellice;K 16096;K 7598;K 911216;K Jelly;KPF 16353;KV 3000;KV 3000 (gelatin);KV 3029;M 394;M 396;M 400;M 400(gelatin);MGP 9066;Neosoft GE 82;Nikkol CCP 4;Nitta 750;Nitta 810;NittaMJ;Nitta RR;Nittait GF 600A;Nyushiruba Karyu;Oetker;Ossein Gelatin HOS 1;P 100 (gelatin);P 104;P 2115;P 2225;P 487;PA 10 (gelatin);PA 100;PA 100 (peptide);PM 46D;PM 64;PM 64 (gelatin);PSK Gelatin;PSPGelatin;PZ (gelatin);Pharmagel A;Pharmagel AdB;Pharmagel B;Plantis RD;Plantis RD Fine;Plantis WT;Polypro 5000;Pulviclar S;Rousselot 200FG30;Rousselot 200PS;Rousselot 3046;Rousselot 53676;S 1286;S 510;S 510(gelatin);S 692;S-A 354-1;SB-GEL SLW;SN (protein);SRC;SRC (gelatin);Spongiofort;Surgiflo;Surgifoam;VYSE;ViniGel FL;Z-KN 707;


Gelatin Chemical Properties

Product Name: Gelatin
Synonyms of Gelatin (CAS NO.9000-70-8): Absorbable gelatin sponge ; Collagens, Gelatin ; EINECS 232-554-6 ; Emagel ; FreAlagin AD ; FreAlagin M ; GT ; Gelatin foam ; Gelatine ; Gelatin ; Gelfoam ; Gelofusine ; HSDB 1902 ; Pharmagel A ; Pharmagel Adb ; Pharmagel B ; Puragel ; Spongiofort ; UNII-2G86QN327L ; Vee gee gelatin
CAS NO: 9000-70-8
Classification Code: Pharmaceutic aid [encapsulating agent] ; Pharmaceutic aid [suspending agent] ; Pharmaceutic aid [tablet binder] ; Pharmaceutic aid [tablet coating agent] ; Reproductive Effect ; TSCA Flag XU [Exempt from reporting under the Inventory Update Rule] ; TSCA UVCB

Gelatin Uses

   Gelatin (CAS NO.9000-70-8) is thickener; stabilizing agent; clarifying agent; foaming agent.Gelatin is a hydrophilic colloid, the nature of the protective colloid can be used as hydrophobic colloidal stabilizer, emulsifier. Also for the ampholyte Therefore, in an aqueous solution can be charged particles coagulate into blocks, used alcohol, alcohol clarifying agent.

Gelatin Production

Bone and skin of animals such as lime emulsion, after full immersion, with hydrochloric acid and, after washing, at 60 ~ 70 ℃ gelatin, and then by antiseptic, bleaching, Freezing, plane film, drying derived. Product called "B-type gelatin," or "alkaline gelatin."Acid material in the pH value of 1 to 3 of cold sulfuric acid solution acidification 2 ~ 8h, after rinsing flooding 24h, at 50 ~ 70 ℃ under the gelatin in 4 ~ 8h, and then gel, squeeze of dry formed. Product called "A-type gelatin," or "acid gelatin."Enzymatic digestion with protease after the raw material skin treatment with lime 24h, after neutralization, gelatin, concentrated, Freezing, drying derived.

Gelatin Safety Profile

Safety Description of Gelatin (CAS NO.9000-70-8): 24/25 
S24/25: Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

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