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high purity Cobalt hydroxide

Cas No: 21041-93-0 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Simagchem, your partner in China as a premier supply of bulk specialty chemicals for industry and life science. We introduce experienced quality product and exceptional JIT service with instant market intelligence in China to benefit our customers

Hydroxypropyl methacrylate

Cas No: 27813-02-1MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price:

Applications HPMA is mainly applied in the production of thermosetting resin, hydroxyacrylic resin, cementing compound, fibre treating agent and synthetic resin copolymer modifier. Package 200KG/DRUM, 1000KG/IBC, ISO-tank Or re

Factory Supply Methylcyclopentadienylmanganese Tricarbonyl(MMT)

Cas No: 12108-13-3 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Metric Ton

ProName: carbon monoxide,manganese,5-methylcycl... CasNo: 12108-13-3 Molecular Formula: C9H7MnO3 Appearance: appearance Yellow powder or Orange oil... Application: Gasoline additive DeliveryTime: 7days PackAge: 200kg/drum


Cas No: 69444-47-9 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Metric Ton

High Qualiy TRIETHYLMETHYLAMMONIUM TETRAFLUOROBORATE Supplier ProName: TRIETHYLMETHYLAMMONIUM TETRAFLUOROBORA... CasNo: 69444-47-9 Appearance: detailed see specifications Application: It is an important raw material and in... D

Antimex Chemical Limied

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Cadmium Zinc Telluride(CZT) 6N

Cas No: 13494-80-9 Min.Order: FOB Price:

1. Physical properties: Atomic weight: 127.60 Electronegativity: 2.1 Density: 6.24g /cm3 Melting point: 449.51 ℃ Boiling point: 998 ℃ 2. Specification: Chemical purity: High purity tellurium: TE-05 pu

Lithium Difluorophosphate (LiPO2F2) 99.5% competitive product

Cas No: 24389-25-1MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price: / Kilogram

Coreychem competetive product High quality and favourable price reliable quality and fast delivery Perfect logistics system Advanced and completed testing facilities High Cost-Effective and stable supplying Coreychem focus on high

Career Henan Chemical Co

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Cas No: 538-58-9MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price:

High quality,stable supply chain. Xi'an Future Biotechnology Co.,Ltd is mainly dedicated to the technology development of phosphorus compounds and related functional intermediates. The aim we pursue is to meet the modern and future demands of ne

Hot Sale Titanium dioxide

Cas No: 13463-67-7 Min.Order: FOB Price:

BaiFuChem is a Professional chemical raw material supplier in China, our main products include Biochemical , Pharma Intermediate and Organic chemical etc. BaiFuChem have wealth of products,experience , expertise and state-of-the-art equ

Undecanedioic acid

Cas No: 1852-04-6 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Amoychem is committed to providing the top-quality chemical products and services Internationally. We offer our customers with friendly, professional service and reliable, high performance products that have been manufactured according to the accre


Cas No: 1714-29-0 Min.Order: FOB Price:

1. High quality 2. The best price 3. The fastest delivery 4. Offer high quality fine chemicals, accroding to customer’s need Springchem can quickly and efficiently provide a variety of organic compounds, OLED intermediates . Main inc

Carbon Black

Cas No: 1333-86-4MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price:


skin whitening powder cas 123-31-9 Supply pharmaceutical grade hydroquinone powder /HQ /1,4-Benzenediol

Cas No: 123-31-9 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Kilogram

Hebei Yanxi Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professional research, development and production of lead acetate benzene acetamide enterprise backbone members by local well-known entrepreneurs and professional senior engineers in the party's "low car

Trioctylphosphine 4731-53-7

Cas No: 4731-53-7MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price: / Kilogram


2-Ethylhexyl glycidyl ether

Cas No: 2461-15-6 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Kilogram

Biggest manufacturer of Reactive Diluents in China, produce all kinds of reactive diluents.Best quality and price. Yearly capacity is up to 35000 tons. We would like to take this opportunity to give you a brief introduction of our company. We are

4,4'-(Hexafluoroisopropylidene)diphthalic anhydride

Cas No: 1107-00-2 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Appearance:White powder Storage:Store in an air-tight and light-resistant container, avoid heat and moisture Package:aluminum plastic composite bag or on request Application:PI film,solar,aerospace field,etc Transportation:by air,by sea,by courier

99% high purity Polypropylene CAS NO.9003-07-0 CAS NO.9003-07-0

Cas No: 9003-07-0 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Price, service, company and transport advantage: 1. Best service, place of origin China, high quality, and reasonable price. 2. It's customers' right to choose the package (EMS, DHL, FEDEX, UPS). 3. It's customers' right to choo

High Quality PET Resin

Cas No: 25038-59-9 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Metric Ton

PET is among those plastics which are an important part of your everyday life. It is an important commercial polymer having applications ranging from packaging, fabrics, films to molded parts for automotive, electronics and many more. You can find th

Carbon nanotubes

Cas No: 308068-56-6 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Gram

NO. Name OD (nm) Length (um) Purity (%) SSA (m2/g) Density g/cm3


Cas No: 1268519-74-9MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price: / Metric Ton

1)Entity factory, can batch production 2)Sample service 3)the most competitive price with good quality: we do this products so many years with Skilled craft can control the cost. so we can provide the most competitive price for our customers. 4)Af

Factory Supply Bismuth powder/Bismuth particle CAS NO.7440-69-9

Cas No: 7440-69-9 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Size can be customized according to customer requirements 1) Quick response and timely delivery 2) Quality assurance: provide product analysis sheet 3) Reasonable and competitive price Appearance:Gray-black powder/silvery white granules S

calcium carbonate

Cas No: 471-34-1 Min.Order: FOB Price:

We supply high purity Calcium Carbonate at competitive price. Our calcium carbonate contains lowmetal impurities .It is being used in high quality optical glass industry. Appearance:white powder Storage:COOL DRY PLACE Package:25kgs net PP woven


Cas No: 2924-09-6 Min.Order: FOB Price:

low price and best quality Appearance:light yellow solid or liquid Application:Organic chemicals

Melamine cyanurate 37640-57-6 99.5% fire retardant

Cas No: 37640-57-6 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Melamine cyanurate 37640-57-6 99.5% fire retardant Application:Melamine cyanurate 37640-57-6 99.5% fire retardant Transportation:sea or air shipping Port:shanghai

Silica fumes high quality/in stock

Cas No: 69012-64-2MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price: / Kilogram

Dayangchem’s R&D center can offer custom synthesis according to the contract research and development services for the fine chemicals, pharmaceutical, biotechnique and some of the other chemicals. Near 20 years DayangChem has provided dif


Cas No: 15873-42-4 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Xi'an Kono Chem Co., Ltd., founded in 2014, is a holding enterprise of Hongkong Pioneer Biotech Group. It is an export-oriented manufacturing enterprise supported by the Ministry of Commerce. Kono Chem is located in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province,

APG 0810 0814 1214

Cas No: 161074-97-1MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price:

Alkyl Poly Glucosides (APG) is a kind of polyol non-ionic, environment-friendly, biodegradable surfactant, which is non-toxic, mild to skin, because it is made from renewable raw materials - glucose derived from corn, and fatty alcohols from coconu

Manufacturer supply N-Isopropylacrylamide CAS 2210-25-5

Cas No: 2210-25-5 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Kilogram

Manufacturer supply N-Isopropylacrylamide CAS 2210-25-5 1. Guaranteed purity; 2. Large quantity in stock; 3. Largest manufacturer; 4. Best service after shipment with email; 5. High quality & competitive price; ...... Appearance:White to

2-Bromovaleric acid

Cas No: 584-93-0 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Kilogram

2-bromovaleric acid Molecular Formula: C5H8BrO2 Molecular Weight: 180.0204 Appearance: Melting point: Boiling point: 232.2°C at 76

High quality D(+)-Malic acid CAS 636-61-3,Malic acid, D- Malic acid 99%

Cas No: 636-61-3 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Kilogram

1.A strong technical force and advanced processing equipments. The quality of the products has been strictly inspected and all kinds of index have reached or exceeded domestic and international standards. 2. Now we have established long-term stable r

Itaconic acid 99.6%min factory

Cas No: 877397-65-4 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Metric Ton

Itaconic acid or methylene succinic acid Molecular Weight: 130.1 Molecular Formula: C5H6O4 Structural Formula: Usage (1) Itaconic acid and its polymers can be made into effective deodorant by adding a little natural substance, they

2-Methyl-2-adamantyl acrylate 249562-06-9, 99% good producer

Cas No: 249562-06-9 Min.Order: FOB Price:

2-Methyl-2-adamantyl acrylate 249562-06-9, 99% good producer English synonyms: 2-METHYL-2-ADAMANTYLACRYLATE; 2 - METHYL - 2 - ADAMANTYLACRYLATE [249562-06-9] C14H20O2FW220. 31. 2 - Propenoicacid2 - methyltricyclo [7], dec - 2 - ylester; 2-

Hydrogenated Bisphenol A Epoxy Resin

Cas No: 30583-72-3 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Appearance:Powder Storage:Room temperature Package:25kg/Barrel Application:Polymers Transportation:Express/Sea/Air Port:Any port in china

Manufacturer price Pvc Powder Pvc Paste Resin

Cas No: 9002-86-2 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Metric Ton

Our service: 1) We can provide a certain quantity of free sample. 2) We can provide qualified chemical prodcuts to you. 3) Delivery is prompt once got your order. 4) We can guarantee the quality stability and technology advancement as well. 5) Reason

In stock Fast delivery CMC / Carboxymethyl cellulose 9000-11-7 CAS

Cas No: 9000-11-7 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Packing: According to customer requirements Delivery time: In stock or depands Port of shipment: Ningbo/Shanghai/Qingdao OEM/ODM:Welcome Sample:We can offer our existing samples at once Appearance:Fine Crystalline Powder and Chunks Storage:keep

High Quality 5-Benzyl-1h-Tetrazole CAS No. 18489-25-3

Cas No: 18489-25-3 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Kilogram

Our company specializes in processing and selling chemical raw materials, chemical products, pharmaceutical intermediates, veterinary medicine intermediates, dye intermediates, pigments, cosmetics raw materials and chemical reagents, Our company h

Hand Sanitizer Material Thickener Carbopol 940 / Carbomer940

Cas No: 9003-01-4MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price:

arbopol 940,also called Carbomer or Carboxypoly-methylene is a generic name for synthetic high molecular weight polymers of acrylic acid used as thickening, dispersing, suspending and emulsifying agents in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. They may

The best quality intermediates,Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid,cas:60-00-4

Cas No: 60-00-4 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Kilogram

Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid is an organic compound having a chemical formula of C10H16N2O8 and a white powder at normal temperature and pressure. It is a chelating agent capable of binding to divalent metal ions such as Mg2+, Ca2+, Mn2+, Fe2


Cas No: 18737-40-1 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Kilogram

4-Bromotetraphenylsilane Basic information Product Name: 4-Bromotetraphenylsilane Synonyms: 4-Bromotetraphenylsilane;Benzene, 1-broMo-4-(triphenylsilyl)- Silane, (4-broMoph

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