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undecanedioic acid

Cas No: 1852-04-6 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Welcome to Simagchem, your partner in China as a premier supply of bulk specialty chemicals for industry and life science. We introduce experienced quality product and exceptional JIT service with instant market intelligence in China to benefit our


Cas No: 15546-43-7 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Kilogram

ProName: N,N,N',N'-Tetraphenylbenzidine CasNo: 15546-43-7 Molecular Formula: C36H28N2 Appearance: White crystalline powder Application: Pharmaceutical Intermediates DeliveryTime: As order PackAge: 10KG/fibre drum


Cas No: 244761-29-3 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Gram

We promise our customer following items 1.Reasonable price: We provide high quality products with competitive price in China, 2.Low MOQ: No worry about the low MOQ, our MOQ is 1 gram or lower. 3.Good and efficient Service, G

triallyl trimellitate

Cas No: 2694-54-4 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Kilogram

Keywords triallyl trimellitate High quality triallyl trimellitate cas no:2694-54-4 Quick Details ProName: High quality triallyl trimellitate CasNo: 2694-54-4 Molecular Formula:

Diethylene glycol bis-chloroformate

Cas No: 106-75-2 Min.Order: FOB Price:

1 We are a business group listed on the Chinese Stock Market with more than 20 years of experience providing customized services. 2.A broad range of high quality products, manufactured by leading producers, and supported with outstanding quality

Carbon, graphite

Cas No: 7782-42-5 Min.Order: FOB Price:

sub/micron to mesh powders (near/spheres, whiskers, flake, fiber, porous) and grain/ball, thin/ thick metal / alloys pieces / parts, thin and thick (particle) film materials /target, and custom-made crystals, substrates/parts. In the industries

Magnesium aluminum silicate SandGel BL

Cas No: 71205-22-6 Min.Order: FOB Price:

SandGel BL, is supplied as a white powder with optimize purity, whiteness and is stable in diluted acids and bases and is particularly effective in acidic, neutral and alkaline systems. The application of SandGel BL, allows the production of

Carbon nanotubes

Cas No: 308068-56-6 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Gram

NO. Name OD (nm) Length (um) Purity (%) SSA (m2/g) Density g/cm3

2-FLUOROTHIOPHENOL 2557-78-0 in promotion

Cas No: 2557-78-0 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Product Name: 2-FLUOROTHIOPHENOL Synonyms: O-FLUOROBENZENETHIOL;2-FLUOROBENZENETHIOL;2-FLUOROTHIOPHENOL;2-MERCAPTOFLUOROBENZENE;o-Fluoro Thiophenol;o-fluorothiophenol;2-Fluoromercaptobenzene;2-Fluorothiophenol 98% CAS: 2557-78-0 MF: C6H5FS MW:

hot sale low price 2-Chloro-4,6-diphenyl-1,3,5-triazine supplier

Cas No: 3842-55-5 Min.Order: FOB Price:

1. high quality 2. the best price 3. he fastest delivery 4. offer high quality fine chemicals, accroding to customer’s need Appearance:white powder Storage:Normal temperature to avoid light preservation Application:OLED

Trioctylphosphine 4731-53-7

Cas No: 4731-53-7MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price: / Kilogram


12-(Glycidyloxy)oleic acid glycerol ester

Cas No: 74398-71-3MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price:

Yearly Capacity of Solid Epoxy Resin: Over 25000 tons. The Market Share Of Solid Epoxy Resin in China: 10%. Appearance:Colorless to slight yellow Transparent Liquid Storage:cool, dry and well ventilated area Package:200kg Application:low poly epox

4,4'-(Hexafluoroisopropylidene)diphthalic anhydride

Cas No: 1107-00-2 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Appearance:White powder Storage:Store in an air-tight and light-resistant container, avoid heat and moisture Package:aluminum plastic composite bag or on request Application:PI film,solar,aerospace field,etc Transportation:by air,by sea,by courier

Indium acetate

Cas No: 25114-58-3 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Service :Supply MSDS , Free sample, Solutions for material application; Payment terms :T/T 30days after customer approval; Appearance:white needle crystal Package:1Kg/bottle + vacuum packing Application:For the synthesis of adduct Tra


Cas No: 126980-24-3 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Gram

1 Research based. 2 Custom Synthesis. 3 Scale-up production. 4 ISO9001:2008 certificated; CPHI China Exhibitor; SGS quality certificated, your reliable partner! Appearance:OFF-WHITE POWDER Package:as customer demand Application:OPC int


Cas No: 135-48-8MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price: / Gram

MF:C22H14MW:278.35MP:372-374℃, Pentacene(Sublimed) Carbon content:>94.0%( By element analysis) Appearance:dark purple powder solid Storage:keep in dark place Package:1g 5g 10g 50g Application:OPC and OFETs Transportation:General Port:China


Cas No: 50649-59-7 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Various specs available Custom synthesis Prompt and safe shipment Long term supplying Appearance:milky liquid Storage:normal conditions Package:aluminum bottle Application:TN;STN; TFT; PDLC; LC display; LC modules; Paint & Ink; Transportatio


Cas No: 34374-88-4 Min.Order: FOB Price:

2,4,6-Trihydroxy-benzene-1,3,5-tricarbaldehyde supplied by Shanghai Sunway Corp Ltd. has purity not less than 97%, and we can provide various packing sizes with competitive price & short lead time. Appearance:Powder Storage:store in room tempar

bis-cyclopentadienyl titanium dichloride

Cas No: 1271-19-8 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Product Name:bis-cyclopentadienyl titanium dichloride ;Titanocene dichloride ; CAS No.1271-19-8 Formula:C10H10Cl2Ti Appearance:red crystal Appearance:red crystal Storage:dry, cool and ventilated places. Package: 25kg cardboard drum


Cas No: 2924-09-6 Min.Order: FOB Price:

low price and best quality Appearance:light yellow solid or liquid Application:Organic chemicals


Cas No: 7782-42-5MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price: / Gram

Appearance black powder Layers: 3∽10 Purity:98. % BET :≤1450 m2/g Thickness : 8 nm TEM SEMSEM Appearance:Appearance black powder Storage:ordinary temperature Application: research,raw material Transportation:airfreight Port:guan

High quality 4,4’-Thiodiphenol

Cas No: 2664-63-3 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Kilogram

1.High quality and competetive price 1)For Prulifloxacin exported we can offer COA Certificate and official Invoice. 2)We are manufacturer with own lab and factory, can provide high quality products with factory price. 3)Products purit

Fiber Glass Woo lmanufacturer/high quality/in stock

Cas No: 65997-17-3 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Metric Ton

span lang="EN-US" style="font-size:9.0pt; font-family:"Arial",sans-serif;color:#434343">We are a professional exporter for diversity Chinese raw materials and finish products of composite industry. We supply our clients with all kinds of

Tris(triphenylphosphine) chlororhodium CAS NO.14694-95-2

Cas No: 14694-95-2MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price:

How May We Serve You We can Supply HPLC\HMMR\MS report for you ,pls feel free to contact us! Capability on chemical synthesis ● Shanghai High-Tech Enterprises ● Strong R&D Team from USA, Japan, Korea ● 65000M2+ Factory, 300+ react

Titanium dioxide CAS NO.13463-67-7

Cas No: 13463-67-7 Min.Order: FOB Price:

TiO2; Titanium oxide Different type for: 1. Paint, 2. PVC, 3. Paper 4. Rubber, 5. Ink, 6. Cosmetics, etc. 1200mt per month Appearance:White powder Storage:Kept in a well-closed, light-resistant,dry and cool place Package:as your request Application

APG 0810 0814 1214

Cas No: 161074-97-1MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price:

Alkyl Poly Glucosides (APG) is a kind of polyol non-ionic, environment-friendly, biodegradable surfactant, which is non-toxic, mild to skin, because it is made from renewable raw materials - glucose derived from corn, and fatty alcohols from coconu


Cas No: 18737-40-1 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Kilogram

4-Bromotetraphenylsilane Basic information Product Name: 4-Bromotetraphenylsilane Synonyms: 4-Bromotetraphenylsilane;Benzene, 1-broMo-4-(triphenylsilyl)- Silane, (4-broMoph


Cas No: 8068-03-9 Min.Order: FOB Price:

J&H Chemical is dealing with APIs & Intermediates, Heterocyclic compounds, Amino acids and its derivatives, Custom synthesis, and have registered around 50,000 compounds in our database. Our customer includes Merck, Acros, Sigma,Apoll


Cas No: 360-70-3 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Best quality & Attractive price & Professional service; Trial & Pilot & Commercial Henan Fine Chemicals Co., LTD. is a diversified technology - oriented integrated company, which mainly concentrates on fine chemicals. Our company i

dimeryl diisocyanate

Cas No: 68239-06-5 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Metric Ton

Product Name 2-heptyl-3,4-bis(9-isocyanatononyl)-1-pentyl-cyclohexane 68239-06-5 Appearance Sight yellow or brown clear liquid NCO 13.6-14.4% Gardnar Color ≤7


Cas No: 24937-78-8 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Metric Ton

Of the EVA vinyl acetate content of less than 20%, then can only be used as plastic.e EVA plastic raw materials VA has good low temperature resistance, the thermal decomposition temperature is low, at about 230 ℃ or so, with the increase of m

Factory supply Ethyl cyanoacetate

Cas No: 105-56-6 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Metric Ton

Hebei Yanxi Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professional research, development and production of lead acetate benzene acetamide enterprise backbone members by local well-known entrepreneurs and professional senior engineers in the party's "low car

Wholesale 2',5'-Dichloro-2,2,2-trifluoroacetophenone 886371-22-8

Cas No: 886371-22-8 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Gram

We serve for you on the most sincerely service. Product quality is good,We have a professional team. Name:2',5'-Dichloro-2,2,2-trifluoroacetophenone This is our regular product.We always keep 1 to 5kg stocks. Purity:97%min Appeara

Shanghai UCHEM Inc.

| Contact Details

1,5,2,4-Dioxadithiane 2,2,4,4-tetraoxide (MMDS) 99591-74-9 99.0%

Cas No: 99591-74-9 Min.Order: FOB Price:

1,5,2,4-Dioxadithiane 2,2,4,4-tetraoxide (MMDS) 99591-74-9 99.0% Synonym: MMDS CAS: 99591-74-9 Molecular Formula: C2H4O6S2 Molecular Weight: 188.168 Specification: Appearance: white crystals Assay: min 99.0% Appearance:whi

Cas: 337526-85-9 / Bis(2-phenylpyridine-C2,N′ )(acetylacetonato)iridium(III)

Cas No: 337526-85-9 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Our company advantages: 1. The highest quality with the competitive price. 2. Professional human services. 3. The fastest and safest delivery service. 4. The high purity products. 5. We have a sufficient supply of stock. 6. A variety of

Monobutyltin oxide

Cas No: 51590-67-1MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price:

Monobutyltin oxide 1. High quality 2. Competitive price 3. Good service 4. Stock availability 5. Flexible payment Appearance:White powder, insoluble in water and common solvent, single soluble in alkali Storage:Keep away of light,cool place P

Palladium diacetate

Cas No: 3375-31-3 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Gram

Zhejiang J&C Biological Technology Co., Limited is specialized in the production of high complex new type intermediates and chemical custom synthesis, scale-up production and rare chemicals trade. Products category is including Intermediates &a

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