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127099-85-8 Usage

Check Digit Verification of cas no

The CAS Registry Mumber 127099-85-8 includes 9 digits separated into 3 groups by hyphens. The first part of the number,starting from the left, has 6 digits, 1,2,7,0,9 and 9 respectively; the second part has 2 digits, 8 and 5 respectively.
Calculate Digit Verification of CAS Registry Number 127099-85:
148 % 10 = 8
So 127099-85-8 is a valid CAS Registry Number.

127099-85-8Relevant articles and documents



, p. 2239 (1921)




, p. 351 (1917)


A New Method for Converting Thiourea and Monosubstituted Thioureas into Cyanamides: Desulphurisation by Superoxide Ion

Crank, George,Makin, Mahommad I. H.

, p. 53 - 54 (1984)

Superoxide ion, in aprotic media, converts thiourea and monosubstituted thioureas into cyanamides.

Nitrosation of Cyanamide: Preparation and Properties of the Elusive E- and Z-N'-Cyanodiazohydroxides

Guethner, Thomas,Huber, Evi,Sans, Juergen,Thalhammer, Franz

supporting information, (2020/04/29)

Nitrosation of cyanamide leads to unstable E/Z-cyanodiazohydroxides that easily deprotonate to E/Z-cyanodiazotates. Pursuing observations of E. Drechsel 145 years ago, the structure and reactivity of those products was determined, mainly in aqueous solution. Depending on the pH, three different thermal decomposition pathways give either N2O + HCN or N2 + HNCO. They were evaluated experimentally and by quantum mechanical calculations.

Formation of pyrimidin-2-ylcyanamide and 2-aminopyrimidine in the reaction of aniline derivatives with cyanamide and dimethylamino-1-pyridyl-2-propenone

Koroleva,Ignatovich, Zh.V.,Ignatovich,Gusak

scheme or table, p. 1222 - 1226 (2011/12/01)

Substituted o- and p-nitroanilines and m-benzylaminoanilines in the reaction with cyanamide failed to yield the corresponding arylguanidines, and in the presence of 3-dimethylamino-1-(3-pyridyl)-2-propen-1-one formed 4-pyridyl-substituted pyrimidin-2-ylcyanamides and 2-amino-pyrimidines.

Cationic phenyl and chloro-platinum(II) complexes with cyanamides and cyanoguanidine. X-ray structure of trans-[Pt(Ph)(NCNMe2)(PPh 3)2][BPh4]

Ferreira, Cristina M.P.,Guedes Da Silva, M. Fátima C.,Duarte, Teresa,Fraústo Da Silva, Jo?o J.R.,Pombeiro, Armando J.L.,Michelin, Rino A.,Kukushkin, Vadim Yu.

, p. 395 - 402 (2008/10/08)

The phenyl-platinum(II) organocyanamide trans-[Pt(Ph)(NCNR 2)(PPh3)2][BPh4] (R=Me 1a, Et 1b) or cyanoguanidine cis-[Pt(Ph){NCNC(NH2)2}(PPh 3)2][BPh4] (2) complexes have been prepared by treatment of cis-[PtCl2(PPh3)2] in THF with NCNR2 or NCNC(NH2)2, respectively, in the presence of Na[BPh4], whereas the cyanoguanidine chloro-complex cis-[PtCl{NCNC(NH2)2}(PPh3)2] [BF4] (3) has been obtained by using Tl[BF4] instead of Na[BPh4]. Complex 3 reacts further with cyanoguanidine, in the presence of Na[BPh4], to produce the di(cyanoguanidine) cis-[Pt{NCNC(NH2)2nf>)2][BPh 4]2 complex 5, whereas the amine complex cis-[PtCl(NH 2R′)(PPh3)2][BF4] (R′=CH2C6H4Me-4, 4) is formed on reaction of the former with NH2R′ in CH2Cl 2. The X-ray structure of 1a is also reported.

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