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Cas No: 54910-89-3
USD $ 3.0-3.0 / Kilogram 1 Kilogram 1-100 Metric Ton/Month Dayang Chem (Hangzhou) Co.,Ltd. Contact Supplier
Fluoxetine CAS NO.54910-89-3
Cas No: 54910-89-3
USD $ 1.0-3.0 / Metric Ton 1 Metric Ton 10 Metric Ton/Day Hebei yanxi chemical co.,LTD. Contact Supplier
54910-89-3 Fluoxetine
Cas No: 54910-89-3
USD $ 40.0-50.0 / Gram 1 Gram 1000 Metric Ton/Day WUHAN MULEI NEW MATERIAL CO., LTD Contact Supplier
Supply 99% CAS 54910-89-3 Fluoxetine Hydrochloride Fluoxetine HCL Powder
Cas No: 54910-89-3
USD $ 60.0-80.0 / Kilogram 1 Kilogram 1000 Kilogram/Day Xi'an Julong Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. Contact Supplier
Fluoxetine (base and/or unspecified salts)
Cas No: 54910-89-3
No Data No Data No Data Chemwill Asia Co., Ltd. Contact Supplier
Cas No: 54910-89-3
USD $ 8.0-8.0 / Kilogram 1 Kilogram 500 Kilogram/Month Enke Pharma-tech Co.,Ltd. (Cangzhou, China ) Contact Supplier
Cas No: 54910-89-3
USD $ 1.0-1.0 / Kilogram 1 Kilogram 1000 Metric Ton/Year Henan Sinotech Import&Export Corporation Contact Supplier
Pharmaceutical Intermediate Fluoxetine CAS 54910-89-3for Antidepressant with Factory Price
Cas No: 54910-89-3
No Data 100 Gram 50 Metric Ton/Day Hebei miaobian Biotechnology Co., Ltd Contact Supplier
Pharmaceutical Grade CAS 54910-89-3 with best quality
Cas No: 54910-89-3
USD $ 146.0-176.0 / Gram 10 Gram 1000 Kilogram/Day Zhuozhou Wenxi import and Export Co., Ltd Contact Supplier
Cas No: 54910-89-3
USD $ 10.0-1000.0 / Gram 10 Gram 8000 Kilogram/Month HUBEI AOKS BIO-TECH CO.,LTD Contact Supplier

54910-89-3 Usage

Chemical propertis

Fluoxetine Hydrochloride: White or white crystalline solids with a melting point of 158.4 to 158.9℃. Soluble in methanol or ethanol, dissolved in acetonitrile, acetone, or chloroform, and slightly soluble in ethyl acetate, dichloromethane, or water(with sonication at pHl.2,4.5,7.0).Almost insoluble in cyclohexane, hexane or toluene.
Solubility(mg/m1):Methanol and ethanol > 100, Acetone, acetonitrile and chloroform 33~100, dichloromethane 5~10, water 1~2, ethyl acetate 2 ~ 2.5, Cyclohexane, hexane and toluene 0.5 ~ 0.67. The maximum solubility in water: 14mg/ml. UV maximum absorption (methanol):227,264,268,275nm (E1cm1%372.0,29.2,29.3,21.5).
Acute toxic of LD50 for large rate and small rat (mg/kg): 248, 452 oral administrations.


Rivastigmine Metabolite


  1. There are a lot of side effects and the common adverse reactions are: systemic or local irritation, gastrointestinal disorders (such as nausea, vomiting, indigestion, diarrhea, dysphagia), anorexia, dizziness, headache, fatigue, sleep disorders, abnormal mental status, sexual dysfunction, abnormal vision, dyspnea etc..
  2. Fluoxetine should be banned for those who are using drugs such as monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI).
  3. For hepatic insufficiency, the half-life of fluoxetine and norfluoxetine is increased to 7 days and 14 days respectively. Therefore, it is important to consider reducing the dosage or reducing the frequency of drug use.




Fluoxetine is an antidepressant of the selective serum reabsorption inhibitor (SSRI) type.The drug takes the form of Fluoxetine hydrochloride. Its trade name is "Prozac". The drug was developed by the Eli Lilly and Company. It has been launched into market for sale since the 1990s. This drug is used for the treatment of adult depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bulimia nervosa and the panic disorder that has or does not have the phobia of the square. It has good antidepressant effect and is widely used in clinical practice as a first-line antidepressant.The main pharmacological effect is to selectively inhibit the reuptake of 5 hydroxytryptamine (HT), which is released before the synapse of the central nervous system.It is also known as a selective 5- serotonin reuptake inhibitor. For other receptors, such as alpha adrenergic, beta adrenergic, 5- serotonin, and dopamine, fluoxetine had almost no binding force. Fluoxetine is well absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract after oral administration.The plasma concentration is about 6~8 hours, and eating does not affect its bioavailability. About 95% are combined with plasma proteins and are widely distributed.After taking the medicine for several weeks, the steady plasma concentration will be reached.By metabolism of the liver, the active metabolite, norfluoxetine is generated by demethylation. The half-life of fluoxetine is 4-6 days, and norfluoxetine is 4-16 days.It was mainly excreted by kidney. Because it can be secreted to breast milk, it is suggested to be cautious to pregnant women and breast-feeding women.



According to Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) - Sixth revised edition

Version: 1.0

Creation Date: Aug 13, 2017

Revision Date: Aug 13, 2017


1.1 GHS Product identifier

Product name Fluoxetine

1.2 Other means of identification

Product number -
Other names Adofen

1.3 Recommended use of the chemical and restrictions on use

Identified uses For industry use only.
Uses advised against no data available

1.4 Supplier's details

1.5 Emergency phone number

Emergency phone number -
Service hours Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm (Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +8 hours).

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