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  • LT-008 Reactor
  • 1. Definition of a chemical reactor: Reactor means a device for containing and controlling a chemical reaction. 2. Specification of LT-008 Reactor: 1). Material:
  • JS500 Twin Horizontal Shaft Concrete Mixer
  • Specification of JS500 Twin Horizontal Shaft Concrete Mixer 1. Features: 1). Arc lining board adapts high chromium waterproof cast iron and end lining board
  • TFD Jacketed Glass Reactor
  • Specification of TFD Jacketed Glass Reactor Features: 1. AC Induction Motor with Stepless speed regulation, no dynamo brush, spark-free; 2. G3.3 Pyrex Gl
  • F type Glass Lined Reactor
  • Specification of F type Glass Lined Reactor: 1. Design pressure: Vessel: 0.2Mpa, 0.4Mpa, 0.6Mpa, 1.0Mpa Jacket: 0.6Mpa 2. Design temperature: 0-
  • Glass Lined Reactor
  • Specification of Glass Lined Reactor Features: 1. Design pressure: 0.1-1.6Mpa 2. Design temperature: 0~200 temperature 3. Operating temperatur
  • TFD-50L Jacketed Jlass Reactor
  • Specification of TFD-50L Jacketed Jlass Reactor Features: Jacketed glass reactor is an ideal instrument for pharmacy, biology, fine chemistry and material synthes
  • Hydrothermal Synthesis Reactor KH-25
  • Specifications of Hydrothermal Synthesis Reactor KH-25: 1. Properties: Max pressure:3MPa Specification 25-200ml Sealing of the system is good
  • Hydrothermal Synthesis Vessel KH-100
  • Specifications of Hydrothermal Synthesis Vessel KH-100: Hydrothermal synthesis reactor, also known as polymerization reactors, digestion tanks, high pressure digestion ta
  • Digital Display Jacketed Glass Reactor TFD-2L
  • Specifications of Digital Display Jacketed Glass Reactor TFD-2L: 1. Features: Unique Flute Designed Super anti-corrosive ISO9001:2000 CE
  • High Pressure Reactor KH
  • Specifications of High Pressure Reactor KH: 1. Properties: 1). High pressure vessel 2). Specification 20-200ml 3). Sealing of the system is good ,high v
  • Rressure Container Bombs KH-100
  • Specifications of Rressure Container Bombs KH-100: 1. Properties: 1). Max pressure 3MPa 2). 25-200ml capacity 3). Safe temp350'c 4).
  • Hydrothermal Synthesis Reactor KH-200
  • Specifications of Hydrothermal Synthesis Reactor KH-200: High Pressure Reactor 1.Max pressure:3MPa 2.Specification 25-200ml 3.Sealing of the system is goo
  • DC Motor Peristaltic Pump
  • Specifications of DC Motor Peristaltic Pump 1. Feature: 1)  DC motor pump 2)  Wide range flow rate selection
  • JK-RD-50 Room Temperature Reactor/Separator
  • Specifications of JK-RD-50 Room Temperature Reactor: Technical information:  Model
  • Metal Tube Rotameter
  • Specifications of Metal Tube Rotameter: 1. Application: Metal Tube Variable Area Flow Meters (Rotameters) are intended for application where high pressure, temper
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