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  • Rotary Coating Machine
  • Specification of Rotary Coating Machine 1. Features of Rotary Coating Machine: 1). A kind of fertilizer unit used to cover protection film on the surface of ferti
  • BGB High Efficiency Film Coating Machine
  • Specification of BGB High Efficiency Film Coating Machine 1. Working principles: 1). Feed tablet cores into the film coating drum and tablet cores make continuous
  • GP-G series Viscosity Liquid Filler Machine
  • Specification of GP-G series Viscosity Liquid Filler Machine 1. Features: 1). Filling precision: ±1% 2). Easy to adjust filling measure 3
  • TMFL380 Coating Compound Machine
  • Specification of TMFL380 Coating Compound Machine  1. Application: 1). Suitable for high viscosity and high melting point sheet materials applications, such
  • MLCM2200 Coating Machine
  • Specification of MLCM2200 Coating Machine Features: 1). Main technical parameter 2). Maximum mecnical speed: 100, 180 and 200/min 3). Working s
  • BG-10 Coating Machine
  • Specification of BG-10 Coating Machine 1. Basic working principle: 1). Tablets make complicated and constant track movement with easy and smooth turn frequent exc
  • High-speed Coating Machine (DLTB1300)
  • Specification of DLTB1300 High-speed Coating Machine: 1. Main features: 1). Gravure coating 2). Single or dual shaft rewinder, unwinder 3). Auto
  • THV-B800/1100 Coating Machine
  • Specification of THV-B800/1100 Coating Machine Special Features: 1). Total power: 180kW 2). Effective coating width: 1,050mm 3). Surface width o
  • PVC Wire Coating Plant
  • Specification of PVC Wire Coating Plant Technical information: Model NECO/PW
  • Powder Coating Equipment
  • Colo-610V box feeder machine 1.high powder coating efficiency 2.quick and convenient to change color 3super quality Colo-610V box
  • Electrostatic Powder Coating Machine
  • Powder coating machine - color-800 It is with one-touch intelligent operation button, working good in flat parts, complicated parts, recoat parts,
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