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 For the Health of Your Brain, Please Pay Attention to Daily Diet
  • For the Health of Your Brain, Please Pay Attention to Daily Diet
  • This passage will introduce some kinds of food that are beneficial and harmful to the health of brain, which you should pay special attention to. Foods that are beneficial to the health of brain are as follows:

    1. Nuts
    Nuts such as walnuts, almonds, pine nuts, etc, not only are rich in omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, but also contain a large number of antioxidants like vitamin E and selenium. These antioxidants can protect the brain cells from the damage of free radicals. The researchers from United States Department of Agriculture have found out that, nuts also contain a kind of mineral called as "boron". It will affect the electrical activity in the brain, and make people's intelligent reaction become more sensitive. Experts point out that, parents can provide their children with some nuts at breakfast.

    2. Berries
    Berries (such as strawberry, blueberry, cranberry, etc.) contain a lot of antioxidants, which can help reduce the damage of free radicals, as well as delay ageing. Animal experiments have shown that, berries are closely related with the function of motor nerve, memory and cognitive ability. What's more, berries also contain a variety of vitamins. When the brain cells synthesize acetylcholine--the neurotransmitter of memory, vitamins play an indispensible role.

    3. Milk
    Milk not only can supplement great amounts of calcium to the body, but can also provide some important nutrients for brain--protein and vitamin B group. According to the statistics, nowadays most of the primary school students eat too much meat, and this may cause the deficiency of calcium. If parents are worried about the lactose intolerance of their children, they can choose non-sugar yogurt and add some fruits or nuts in it, which can improve the flavor.

    4. Pumpkin
    Pumpkin is the best source of beta-carotene. The Dutch study has found out that, beta-carotene can maintain the thinking ability sensitive. Beside pumpkin, dark green leafy vegetables, carrot, bell pepper, sweet potato, papaya and mango are also rich in beta-carotene. In addition, pumpkin seeds contain a large number of zinc, which can promote the development of brain. If the intake of zinc is insufficient, it will cause memory loss and inattention. Experts point out that, as long as you take in adequate zinc, the memory will be increased by 12%. Sunflower seeds, brown rice and whole grains are also good sources of zinc.

    Then what kinds of food are harmful to our brain?
    1. Food containing caffeine: such as coffee, strong tea, chocolate, soda, and so on. These kinds of food will reduce the blood flow in brain and in many human organs, cause dehydration in the brain, and thus affect the thinking ability. Experts remind parents, children under 12 years old should keep away from caffeine. This is because the metabolic function of children's kidneys has not yet fully developed, so the caffeine will not be easily expelled out of the body, thus it will make the children absent-minded and affect their study.

    2. Fried food: fried food will easily produce a lot of free radicals in the body, and thus cause damages on the brain cells and brain tissue.

    3. Refined sugar: sugar is a kind of carbohydrate, which can be easily decomposed by the body. This may make the level of blood sugar fluctuate, and affect the operation and function of the brain.

    4. Artificial additives: it has been proved that artificial additives such as food colorants and sugar substitutes are very harmful to children's brain. They will affect children's learning ability, and lead to symptoms such as hyperactivity and inattention.

    Besides what we have mentioned above, a nutritious and healthy breakfast also plays an important in the health of the brain. In a word, as long as you pay attention to the above suggestions that we have discussed, you can keep your brain healthy.

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