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  • Hydraulic Jaw Crusher
  • Specification of Hydraulic Jaw Crusher 1. Features: 1). Main frame: made of steel plate and heat treatment after welding to provide rigid and strong construction
  • P-60 Horizontal Pusher Centrifuge
  • Specification of P-60 Horizontal Pusher Centrifuge      1. Features: 1). Basket diameter mm.: 560/630. 2). Length of filtering mm.:
  • PE Series Jaw Crusher
  • Specification of PE Series Jaw Crusher Jaw crusher has advantages of simple structure, reliable work, easy to maintain, low cost of production and maintaining. It’s
  • Rubber Crusher XKP-450
  • XKP series can crusher waste rubber into granule. Model XKP 400 XKP480 XKP560 Front-roller speed(mm) 400 480 560 Rear roll dia(channeled roll
  • JC Series of Jaw Crusher
  • Characteristics of the JC Series of Jaw Crushers: 1, World-class skills in making are adopted and the use of high-tech materials. 2, More advanced movable jaw ass
  • Circular Vibrating Screen
  • Product Description Circular vibrating screen vibrates in a circle. It is a kind of effective vibrating screen with multi-layers. Circular vibrating screen emplo
  • Wcsjrough Mill
  • Product Description Main Application The machine is applied by the industries of pharmaceutics, chemical and foodstuff, served as the pretreatment coordinated ma
  • To & From Cutting Machine (WQJ-200)
  • Product Description Main application Cutting machine is suitable for the cutting of Chinese medicinal herbs including rhizomes, fruitages, leaves, and grasses etc before i
  • JCF Series Crusher Set
  • Product Description JCF series Crusher Set is a new-generation crushing equipment suitable for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff industries, which integrates the crus
  • Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor (JSX-15W)
  • Product Description JS ultrasonic cell pulverizer is the multi-functional, multi-purposes laboratory equipment which uses the strong ultrasound in liquid to create the cavitation, a
  • 30B Dust Catcher and Crushing Set
  • Product Description General Applications The machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, it can crush a lot kind of material. The use of t
  • Reciprocating Single-Screw Extruder (PCS70-11D)
  • Product Description PCS70-11D single-screw/single-rod extruder for powder coating kneader suitable for large scale batch production. Technology has been improved based on Switzerlan
  • Reciprocating Single-Screw Kneader (PCS70-8D)
  • Product Description PCS70-8D single-screw /single-rod extruder for powder coatings production line and it is suitable for large scale production. Technology is based on Swiss BUSS k
  • Reciprocating Single Screw Extruder (PCS55-11D)
  • Product Description PCS55-8D/11D single screw extruder for powder coatings making &single-rod extruder. ---Suitable for middle batch production. Technology has been imp
  • Reciprocating Single-Screw Extruder (PCS46)
  • Product Description PCS46 single-screw extruder & powder coating single-rod extruder & kneader PCS46-8D/11D single-screw/single-rod extruder for powder c
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