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 It Is Dangerous to Drink Wine and Coffee Together
  • It Is Dangerous to Drink Wine and Coffee Together
  • Nowadays, many people like to drink wine and pungent drinks like coffee and cola together. They think the mixture of wine and coffee has good tastes and beautiful colors. However, according to the medical experts, it is dangerous for people to drink coffee and wine together, as the mixture can seriously hurt the heart and cause the heart disease. 

    In recent days, Food and Drug Administration in America has stated that it is unsafe to add caffeine into alcoholic beverages. Some people have been killed by the beverages containing high contents of caffeine and alcohol. Therefore, Food and Drug Administration has taken several kinds of beverages off shelves. The beverages include Core High Gravity HG、Moonshot、Joose、Max and Four Loko.

    The caffeine contained in pungent drinks can make people refresh themselves. As a result, people always think that they do not drink too much at all. Once the alcohol comes into play, the human body can not bear the excessive drinking any more. The mixture of wine and coffee can also worsen the harms caused by alcohol to the human body. After alcohol is absorbed by the digestive system, it can enter the blood circulation and affect the functions of the internal organs inside the human body, such as stomach, heart, liver, kidney and brain. Among all these internal organs, the brain can be hurt most seriously. Alcohol can make the brain turn from extreme excitement to extreme depression. As a result, the metabolism of the human body can be disturbed and the blood vessels can be seriously stimulated. At the same time, the blood circulation can be accelerated and the burdens of blood vessels can be increased.

    Except the mixture of wine and coffee, other beverages containing caffeine like functional drinks should also be paid attention to by people in everyday life. Some people think that they can add tea into wine to decrease the density of alcohol. Some people also like to dispel the effects of alcohol by drinking strong tea. In fact, tea also contains caffeine. The integration of caffeine and alcohol can seriously hurt the human body. Therefore, in order to prevent the harms caused by caffeine, the medical experts advise people to dispel the effect of alcohol by eating fruits like pear and watermelon. The most important key is that people must avoid drinking wine and beverages containing high content of caffeine together.

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