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78-07-9 Usage

Chemical Properties

clear colorless liquid

Check Digit Verification of cas no

The CAS Registry Mumber 78-07-9 includes 5 digits separated into 3 groups by hyphens. The first part of the number,starting from the left, has 2 digits, 7 and 8 respectively; the second part has 2 digits, 0 and 7 respectively.
Calculate Digit Verification of CAS Registry Number 78-07:
59 % 10 = 9
So 78-07-9 is a valid CAS Registry Number.

78-07-9 Well-known Company Product Price

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  • Alfa Aesar

  • (L16495)  Ethyltriethoxysilane, 96%   

  • 78-07-9

  • 25ml

  • 361.0CNY

  • Detail
  • Alfa Aesar

  • (L16495)  Ethyltriethoxysilane, 96%   

  • 78-07-9

  • 100ml

  • 1063.0CNY

  • Detail
  • Aldrich

  • (440574)  Triethoxy(ethyl)silane  96%

  • 78-07-9

  • 440574-50ML

  • 747.63CNY

  • Detail



According to Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) - Sixth revised edition

Version: 1.0

Creation Date: Aug 12, 2017

Revision Date: Aug 12, 2017


1.1 GHS Product identifier

Product name Triethoxyethylsilane

1.2 Other means of identification

Product number -
Other names Silane, triethoxyethyl-

1.3 Recommended use of the chemical and restrictions on use

Identified uses For industry use only.
Uses advised against no data available

1.4 Supplier's details

1.5 Emergency phone number

Emergency phone number -
Service hours Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm (Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +8 hours).

More Details:78-07-9 SDS

78-07-9Relevant articles and documents

Hydrosilylation reaction of ethylene with triethoxysilane catalyzed by ruthenium halides and promoted by cuprous halides

Liu, Ling,Li, Xiaonian,Dong, Hong,Wu, Chuan

, p. 454 - 459 (2013)

The hydrosilylation reaction of ethylene with triethoxysilane catalyzed by ruthenium halides and promoted by cuprous halides, iodine or ferrous chloride tetrahydrates was conducted at temperatures ranging from 30 to 80 C under a mild pressure of ethylene gas. Ruthenium chloride trihydrates and cuprous chloride are proved to be the best catalyst and promoter for this reaction. With the addition of 6.8 × 10-5 mol ruthenium chloride trihydrates per mole of triethoxysilane together with over 3 times of cuprous chloride per mole of ruthenium chloride trihydrates, the reaction can conduct rapidly at temperatures ranging from 40 to 60 C under a pressure of ethylene gas lower than 0.35 MPa with over 96% yield of ethyltriethoxysilane within 6 h.



Paragraph 00152-00154; 00157; 00160; 00155, (2019/02/06)

A catalyst having a specific structure and a method fop rearing the catalyst is disclosed. A composition is also disclosed, which comprises: (A) an unsaturated compound including at least one aliphatically unsaturated group per molecule, subject to at least one of the following two provisos: (1) the (A) unsaturated compound also includes at least one silicon-bonded hydrogen atom per molecule; and/or (2) the composition further comprises (B) a silicon hydride compound including at least one silicon-bonded hydrogen atom per molecule. The composition further comprises (C) the catalyst. A method of preparing a hydrosilylation reaction product and a dehydrogenative silylation reaction product are also disclosed.



Paragraph 0215-0217, (2016/12/01)

Provided is a mononuclear iron complex that comprises an iron-silicon bond that is represented by formula (1) and that exhibits excellent catalyst activity in each of a hydrosilylation reaction, a hydrogenation reaction, and reduction of a carbonyl compound. In formula (1), R 1 -R 6 either independently represent an alkyl group, an aryl group, an aralkyl group or the like that may be substituted with a hydrogen atom or X, or represent a crosslinking substituent in which at least one pair comprising one of R 1 -R 3 and one of R 4 -R 6 is combined. X represents a halogen atom, an organoxy group, or the like. L represents a two-electron ligand other than CO. When a plurality of L are present, the plurality of L may be the same as or different from each other. When two L are present, the two L may be bonded to each other. n and m independently represent an integer of 1 to 3 with the stipulation that n+m equals 3 or 4.

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