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  • Photosolvolysis of 9-FLUORENOL (cas 1689-64-1) derivatives in aqueous solution—exploratory studies of reactivity of photogenerated 9-fluorenyl cations

  • Add time:09/25/2019    Source:sciencedirect.com

    The photosolvolysis of several 9-FLUORENOL (cas 1689-64-1) derivatives (–7) substituted at the 9-position has been studied in aqueous CH3CN and CH3OH solutions. The purpose of the study was to examine structure reactivity for photodehydroxylation of 9-fluorenol derivatives, giving rise to 9-fluorenyl cations, and subsequent chemistry of these photogenerated cations, which are formally anti-aromatic in the ground state. Derivatives 4–7 all photodehydroxylated efficiently, as measured by quantum yields for methyl ether formation. The photogenerated 9-fluorenyl cation from compound 4 also undergoes efficient E1 reaction, to give alkene 10. However, the corresponding pathway for compound 6 was inefficient due to the inabililty of the adjacent proton to line up in a periplanar arrangement with the empty pz orbital, as indicated by molecular mechanics (MMX) calculations. Photolysis of 9-vinyl-9-fluorenol (compound 5) in aqueous CH3CN gave 9-methylenefluorene derivative 20 via a simple isomerization, showing that the initially photogenerated 9-fluorenyl cation is significantly delocalized.

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