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  • Identification and expression analysis of alpha Tocopherol (cas 1406-18-4) transfer protein in chickens fed diets containing different concentrations of alpha-Tocopherol (cas 1406-18-4)

  • Add time:09/26/2019    Source:sciencedirect.com

    Among the eight forms of vitamin E, the liver preferentially releases α-Tocopherol (cas 1406-18-4) into the circulation and it is distributed to the non-liver tissues. In the hepatocytes, alpha tocopherol transfer protein (TTPA) specifically recognizes α-tocopherol with 2R-configuration and facilitates its intracellular transfer. The identification and characterization of TTPA expression have not been demonstrated in avian species. Therefore, the objectives of this study were to identify avian TTPAs, to compare the sequence conservation, phylogenetic relationship, protein interactions, and disease associations of chicken TTPA with those of human and vertebrate TTPA, and to characterize the tissue expression of the TTPA gene in chickens fed diets supplemented with different amounts of α-tocopherol. Our results suggest that the chicken TTPA was highly conserved with the human and vertebrate TTPA, and consisted of a cellular retinaldehyde binding protein and TRIO guanine exchange factor (CRAL_TRIO) domain. Feeding diets supplemented with increasing amounts of α-tocopherol (25 IU/Kg, 50 IU/Kg, or 100 IU/Kg) to broiler chickens had no effects on growth performance compared with feeding basal diets containing no supplemental α-tocopherol. The expression of TTPA gene was detected high in the liver of chickens in response to dietary α-tocopherol concentrations, whereas its expression was very low or undetectable in the non-liver tissues. In conclusion, the chicken TTPA protein sequence is highly conserved with other avian and vertebrate TTPA protein sequences. The higher expression of TTPA gene in the chicken liver in response to dietary α-tocopherol concentrations may suggest its crucial role in transporting α-tocopherol in the chicken liver.

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