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Moisturizaiton agent Gamma Polyglutamic Acid

Cas No: 25513-46-6MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price: / Kilogram

Gamma Polyglutamic Acid (γ-PGA) is a natural, multi-functional, biodegradable biopolymer produced from L-glutamic acid through a fermentation process with a Bacillus subtilis. PGA is a water-soluble homo-polyamide consisting of D- and L-gluta

Alpha Arbutin

Cas No: 84380-01-8 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Gram

We promise our customer following items 1.Reasonable price: We provide high quality products with competitive price in China, 2.Low MOQ: No worry about the low MOQ, our MOQ is 1 gram or lower. 3.Good and efficient Service, G

Cosmetics raw materials Isosorbide Dimethyl Ether CAS 5306-85-4 with competitive price !

Cas No: 5306-85-4MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price: / Kilogram

1.Cooperate with research institutions, we strictly control the process from raw material to finished product. 2.The customer comes first, we provide reasonable price, high quality product and prompt shipment. 3.We can send the goods to

High Purity Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate (SAP)

Cas No: 66170-10-3 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate (SAP) is a stable vitamin C derivative, it is white or off white crystal powder. SAP property stabilize has excellent antioxygen effect, has both all the efficacy of vitamin C, and overcome the vitamin C fear of light,

High quality alpha Arbutin

Cas No: 84380-01-8 Min.Order: FOB Price:

1. Advanced Factory Building and Equipment 2. Competent technical team 3 .Strong R & D support 4,high quality products with high stability 5, Competitive price 5.Customer tailored service Appearance: White or off-white powder Sto

Xi'an Herbland Tech Inc.

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Cas No: 55535-58-5 Min.Order: FOB Price:

taosign TaoSign Corporation specializes in research and and manufacture of Ethyl Lauroyl Arginate HCl(LAE),CAS:60372-77-2 Product Name :ETHYL LAUROYL ARGINATE SYNONYMSLauric arginate ethyl ester, lauramide arginine ethy

high quality Hyaluronic acid with best price

Cas No: 9004-61-9MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price:

1, High quality with competitive price: We are manufacturer and can provide high quality products with factory price. 2, Fast and safe delivery 1) Parcels can be sent out within 24 hours after payment. Tracking number is available. 2)

CAS: 52829-07-9 Bis(2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-4-piperidyl)sebacate

Cas No: 52829-07-9 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Specifications UV stabilizer UV 770 CAS NO: 52829-07-9 We provide graular type and powder type UV stabilizer UV-770 granular 1. Chemical Name: Bis92,6,6-tetrametyhl-4-piperridinyl)sebacate 2. CAS No: 52829-07-9 3. Introduc

imidazolidinyl urea

Cas No: 39236-46-9 Min.Order: FOB Price:

As a professional chemical company, we devote to the development, production and trade of Fine Chemicals, Organic Compounds, Intermediates, APIs and Customized Chemicals for more than 20 years and have passed ISO9001 quality management system certi

Sodium hyaluronate HA powder

Cas No: 9067-32-7 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Sodium Hyaluronate is very important for skin because it improves moisturization, maintains skin resilience, and reduces damage in the lower part of skin when the skin is damaged. It also acts like lubricant by causing collagen, a main constituent

Lanolin Anhydrous Pharm/Cosmetic USP35/EP7/BP2013

Cas No: 8006-54-0 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Metric Ton

Lanolin USP36/EP5/BP2013 (X-tra Deodorized Grade) is produced from the multi-stage refining of wool grease, a natural, renewable raw material, which is obtained from the scouring of raw wool. The product has very strict requirement in color, odor a

Propyl paraben

Cas No: 94-13-3 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Superiority 1,High quality with competitive price in China market 2,Fast and safe delivery,goods can be sent out immediately after payment. Tracking number is available. 3,Our products are with mature Technical support. 4.Packing as your re


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High Quality 100% Natural Rosemary Extract Ursolic Acid

Cas No: 77-52-1MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price: / Gram

Our Advantage: Rich experience Our company have a history of over 10 years and branch offices all around China. Top quality All products are carefully tested and most of the purity can up to 99%, COA

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM) 99.9% Min CAS 67-71-0

Cas No: 67-71-0MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price: / Gram

1. Our company is a professional production leading factory in China in pharmaceutical area of many years. Delivery areas of our products:US, UK, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Russia, Portugal, Latvia, Switzerland, Iceland, Ukraine, Germany

99% Natural Pharmaceutical Grade Lanolin Anhydrous 8006-54-0

Cas No: 8027-33-6 Min.Order: FOB Price:

1.99% Natural Pharmaceutical Grade Lanolin Anhydrous 8006-54-0 Product Details: Lanolin CAS: 8006-54-0 Customized: Customized Suitable for: Elderly, Children, Adult Purity: >99% Alias: Lanolin Anhydrous; ; Degras; Degras, Neutral;

BP/USP standard Propyl paraben CAS 94-13-3 supplied by manufacturer

Cas No: 94-13-3 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Kilogram

1. Guaranteed purity; 2. Large quantity in stock; 3. Largest manufacturer; 4. Best service after shipment with email; 5. High quality & competitive price; ...... Appearance:White crystalline powder Storage:0-6°C Package:25kg/drum

Bemotrizinol CAS 187393-00-6

Cas No: 187393-00-6MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price:

Quick Details : Manufacturer of Bemotrizinol ProName: Bemotrizinol CasNo: 187393-00-6 Molecular Formula: C38H49N3O5 Appearance: light yellow powder Application: sun care cosmetics, personal care, sun... Deliv


Cas No: 21661-97-2MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price:

Minimum Order Qty. 10 Gram

Cysteamine hydrochloride99%min

Cas No: 156-57-0MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price: / Kilogram

Haihang Industry Co., Ltd. ("Haihang") is a global chemical industry manufacturer and supplier of pharmaceuticals and intermediates, food and feed additives, herbal extracts, agrochemicals and fine chemicals etc. We also customize high va

Kojic Acid 99% CAS NO.501-30-4

Cas No: 501-30-4MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price: / Kilogram

Superiority What is kojic acid Scientific name 5-hydroxy-2-hydroxamethy-1,4-pyrone. A weak-acid of organic compound which fermented by a kind of microorganism.,called Kojic acid. Kojic acid is white or cream colored acicular

Mineral oil CAS NO.8042-47-5

Cas No: 8042-47-5MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price: / Gram

lowest price,highest quality,shortest delivery! 1.Rich experience We specialize in this filed for many years,our steriods and hormones exported to all over the world and established long friendly relations of coroperation with them. 2.Gre

High purity VB6-IP

Cas No: 564478-51-9 Min.Order: FOB Price:

【Product Name】VB6-IP 【INCI Name】Pyridoxine Tris-Hexyldecanoate 【CAS NO.】564478-51-9 【Molecular Formula】C56H119NO6 【Molecular Weight】938 【Appearance】Colorless transparent oil liquid 【Package】1kg/bottle 【Storage Condition】Keep airtight

99% Tranexamic acid 1197-18-8 Prevent Excessive Blood Loss

Cas No: 1197-18-8MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price: / Gram

Advantage of Our Company (1)Fast discreet delivery with great shipping success! (2)Pictures with your order & details! (3)We will provide you the tracking number! (4)Keep track of your goods untill the goods are s

Kojic acid

Cas No: 501-30-4 Min.Order: FOB Price:

1,10 years exporting experience; 2.Competitive price and quality; 3,Free sample can be provided; 4,We are sincerely responsible for the"sample quality" , "product quality" and "After Service"; 5. prompt del

High quality and low price Copper Pyrithione

Cas No: 14915-37-8 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Metric Ton

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of chemicals in China, Globalchampionship chem not only supply popular chemicals, but also Globalchampionship chem’s R&D center offer custom synthesis according to the contract research and developme

best quality Factory price AKB48ch 1445580-60-8

Cas No: 1445580-60-8MSDS/COA Download Min.Order: FOB Price: / Kilogram

Product Name:5F-ADB /5F-MDMB-PINACA CAS:1715016-75-3 MF:C20H28FN3O3 MW:377.46 g·mol−1 About Us We are ChemIn Biological Technology Co.,Limited.Our company are professional engaged in supplying and exporting many kinds of Or

3,3'-[Oxybis(2,1-ethanediyloxy)]bis-1-propanamine (2Z)-2-butenedioate (1:2)

Cas No: 1629579-82-3 Min.Order: FOB Price:

We have most reliable quality, competitive prices and full documents for this APIs 1. GMP WORKSHOP 2. DMF Appearance:White to off-white powder Storage:2~8℃,protected from light Application:Bis-Aminopropyl DigIycol Dimaleate

Snap-8 Serilesine Acetyl Hexapeptide-3

Cas No: 868844-74-0 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Gram

snap-8acetyl glutamyl heptapeptide copper peptide GHK-Cu, pal-GHK Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 palmitoyl hexapeptide palmitoyl pentapeptide palmitoyl tetrapeptide-3 serilesine hexapeptide-10 snap-8 acetyl glutamyl heptapeptide-3 we dedicated in cosmetic pe


Cas No: 83-72-7 Min.Order: FOB Price:

★.Best quality according to requirement ★.Competitive price in China market ★.Mature Technical support ★.Professional logistic support ★.Shortest delivery time . Appearance:Light yellow crystals Storage:Store in dry, cool and ventilated place P

Hot selling Food/Cosmetic Grade Sodium Hyaluronate powder

Cas No: 9004-61-9 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Name: Sodium Hyaluronate Specification: ≥99.0% Appearance: White powder CAS No.: 9004-61-9 Storage: Store in cool & dry place, Keep away from strong light and heat. Shelf life: 24Months when properly stored.


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Argireline Ac-Glu-Glu-Met-Gln-Arg-Arg-NH2

Cas No: 616204-22-9 Min.Order: FOB Price: / Gram

Functions of Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 1. Argireline reduces existing facial wrinkles. 2. Argireline is effective against the development of new wrinkles. 3. Argireline decreases the depth of facial wrinkles caused by the contraction o

Cosmetic raw material peptide powder Dipeptide-2

Cas No: 24587-37-9 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Chengdu YoungShe Chemical Co.,Ltd is a dynamic and progressive cosmetic peptides supplier in China. We are dedicating to be a professional, efficient,and reliable partner for global customers on cosmetic peptides. You can select more than 170 kinds


Cas No: 9004-65-3 Min.Order: FOB Price:

HEC-Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose HEC is nonionic water-soluble cellulose ether, used as thickener, protective colloid, water retention agent and rheology modifier in different applications like water-based paints, building materials, oil field chemi

buy dermal fillers wholesale

Cas No: 15541-56-7 Min.Order: FOB Price:

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Cas No: 8002-09-3 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Other Name: Fractionated coconut oil Origin: Thailand Appearance: Colorless to Pale Yellow Liquid Purity: 100% Pure Plant Used: Fruits


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BOTOX 100IU, 50IU Allergan

Cas No: 93384-43-1 Min.Order: FOB Price:

We sale and supply Cosmetic such as Allergan BOTOX and many other Allergan product such as Myobloc(rimabotulinumtoxinB), Dysport(abobotulinumtoxinA), Xeomin(incobotulinumtoxinA) used to improve the look of moderate to severe forehead lines, crow&rs


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Hyaluronic Acid

Cas No: 9067-32-7 Min.Order: FOB Price:

1,Independent Research and development term,seven years of production and sales experience 2,the use of Germn imports of equipment,To ensure the purity of each batch of products 3,the use of animal Streptococcus fermentation technology,no anima

high quality,Sunscreen materials

Cas No: 90457-82-2 Min.Order: FOB Price:

Our company is a manufacturer, we can provide a variety of packaging: grams, kg, tons! Application:cosmetic

Zhongshan Rui Si Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

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