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 The Importance of Vinegar
  • The Importance of Vinegar
  • Vinegar is a kind of common flavoring. It can be used to enhance the good tastes of many foods. The nutritional value of vinegar is very high. Vinegar plays an important role in our daily life. It can effectively protect the nutrients in foods and improve the health of human body. 

    1. Protect the nutrients in vegetables
    Vinegar can accelerate the solution of calcium, iron and phosphorus in vegetables and restrain the loss of vitamins. At the same time, it can improve the absorption of nutrients for human body. When you boil pork ribs, you can add vinegar into the soup so as to protect vitamins and increase the utilization rates of calcium and iron.

    2. Retain freshness of meat
    As a kind of acidic substance, vinegar can prevent alkaline foods from going bad. In summer, meat can easily go bad. You can dip a piece of cloth into vinegar, and then use this cloth to wrap meat. Thus, the valid period of meat can be effectively prolonged.

    3. Kill bacteria and toxins
    Many people like to add vinegar into salads. This is because the addition of vinegar can not only adjust the tastes but also eliminate bacteria and toxins in the dishes. Vinegar is very effective in eliminating bacteria and stopping the reproduction of bacteria.

    4. Decrease blood pressure
    Vinegar is regarded as a good food to decrease blood pressure for human body. You can add crystal sugar into a spoon of vinegar and drink the vinegar after dinner every day. Thus, both blood pressure and cholesterol can be effectively decreased.

    5. Beautify the skin
    Vinegar can effectively nourish the skin and accelerate the normal metabolism of sugar and protein in the body. A major component of vinegar is acetic acid. Acetic acid can effectively kill bacteria to protect the skin and hair. You can add vinegar into clean water to wash your skin and hair. Thus, you can nourish the skin and enhance the elasticity.

    6. Resist cancer
    The medical research has pointed out that the active substances contained in vinegar can effectively resist cancer and tumors. What’s more, vinegar has important effects of clearing away heat, eliminating toxins, stopping the formation of nitrosamines, accelerating the metabolism of human body and strengthening immunity.

    7. Alleviate fatigue
    The moderate intake of vinegar can decrease the content of lactic acid in the body and soften muscles. Thus, the fatigue of muscles can be effectively alleviated.

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