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 Bad Living Habits Cause the Sub-Health of Bones
  • Bad Living Habits Cause the Sub-Health of Bones
  • The sub-health of your bones can be caused by drinking, smoking, excessive intake of salt, etc. You must form correct attitudes toward the bad living habits and quit them to keep your bones healthy. Generally speaking, seven bad habits can destroy your bones. 

    1. Drinking liquor excessively
    The excessive intake of alcohol can stimulate the activity of bone cells and accelerate the dissimilation of bones. At the same time, alcohol can accelerate the discharge of magnesium. When the liver cells decompose alcohol, the synthesis of vitamin D can be seriously affected. The experts advise people to drink liquor moderately.

    2. Smoking
    The metabolism of calcium and the growth of bones keep a close relationship with the internal secretion of hormones. However, the nicotine, carbon monoxide and tar contained in cigarettes can restrain the secretion of hormones. As a result, smoking can seriously hurt the human bones.

    3. Drinking too much coffee
    The caffeine contained in coffee can be integrated with calcium in the human body to produce a kind of unique substance which can not be dissolved. If people drink too much coffee, the growth of bones can be affected. At the same time, drinking coffee can increase the density of parathyroid hormone. Therefore, people should strictly control the intake of coffee in their daily life.

    4. Drinking carbonated beverage excessively
    Many people like to drink carbonated beverage. However, carbonated beverage usually contains phosphoric acid. The density of phosphorus and calcium must be maintained at a balanced level in the human body. If the body absorbs too much phosphorus, the content of calcium will be decreased. In addition, carbonic acid in the beverage can be integrated with calcium ions to accelerate the discharge of calcium from the body.

    5. Absorbing too much salt
    The excessive absorption of salt can accelerate the discharge of calcium. The experts have already proved that moderate intake of salt can be regarded as a special way to supplement calcium for the body.

    6. Eating a certain kind of grains
    The grains like whole wheat and oat contain a high content of phytic acid. Phytic acid can be integrated with calcium in the intestines. The insoluble fibers contained in grains can even disturb the absorption of trace elements in the body. Therefore, people can not just eat grains.

    7. Eating the vegetables containing much oxalic acid
    The vegetables like spinach contain abundant oxalic acid. Oxalic acid can be integrated with calcium to produce calcium oxalate, which can affect the absorption of calcium and cause calculus.

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